Open Season – CAIR Remix Video

An interesting video for your entertainment:

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8 Comments on “Open Season – CAIR Remix Video”

  1. Ronin Says:

    Hmmmm, first I would have to say I am surprised at Doctor Bulldog’s choice of Music styles but I think Stuck Mojo did a good job. The comments on the video shows even our younger generations are starting to awaken. Our most powerful weapon against Islam is the truth.


    Nice video-best rap song I’ve heard in a while. Now, if we could just take the jihadists over into the hood…….

  3. One of the best songs about the filthy Muslim jihad against the West. We need more of these. . .ON THE RADIO!

  4. Ronin Says:

    I agree it needs to get out. Not my style of music but it will resonate with those that do enjoy it. The truth is our greatest weapon against Islam and the translations of the videos send a powerful message. As this one spreads more will follow.

  5. ImNoDhimmi Says:

    I have never liked hiphop music, but love this message……..we have to educate our youth and this may be the way to reach them. Did you notice black and white kids in that video unified against the common enemy ?

    Isn’t it ironic that muslims, who outlaw music, are now using jihadist rap music to try to convert young people to islam ?

  6. Ronin Says:


    I showed that video to the teens who live near me, it was given high marks by all of them. They down loaded it to their little electronic music things and are going to share the video at school. They are also going to blast it across my-space. You can’t stop the flow of information or the truth. These kids will some day run this country we might as well help them prepare. It is not like our schools are educating them to this threat.

  7. ImNoDhimmi Says:

    Ronin –

    Whatever works ! And you’re right – this will be the next generation’s battle, more than ours. Let’s hope all the fight hasn’t been “educated” out of them at left leaning schools, by socialist teachers. Teachers here in Canada are mostly touchy-feely leftist PC idiots, the ones I have known anyway.

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