More Muslims acting like Muslims

Jakarta, 9 March (AKI) – A leader of the movement for independence of the Indonesian province of Papua has said that the Papuan people are in danger of being wiped out because of Indonesian rule. “We are at risk of genocide,” said Benny Wenda, a Papuan independence leader in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI) from Britain where he lives in exile. “I fear that in 30 years the Melanesian race will be wiped off Papua. The international community must force Indonesia to stop its military operation and leave Papua,” he said.

Papua is the eastern most province of the Indonesian archipelago. Papua, formerly known as Irian Jaya, has been a scene of secessionist violence since Dutch colonial rule formally ended in 1962 and Indonesia formally took control after a referendum conducted in 1969.

The pro-independence movement – mostly peaceful and led by activists and religious leaders – calls for historical reassessment and a new referendum. According to some estimates, some 20,000 to 100,000 people in the province have been victim of abuse by the Indonesian military. The Indonesian government does not allow foreign journalists and human rights organisations to enter the province.

The Reverand Socrates Sofyan Yoman, leader of the Baptist church of Papua, said that the risk of “genocide” also comes with the flow of immigrants that continue to arrive from other parts of Indonesia.

“Genocide is also seeing our culture and religion disappearing with the arrival of migrants,” the religious leader told AKI.

The Papuans are made up of 312 tribes of ethnic Melanesian people and Christians are a majority among the populations. The immigrants from other parts of Indonesia are of various ethnicities and are mainly Muslim.

At the time that Jakarta took over control of the province, Papuans made up almost the entire population. Today, it is estimated that they only account for half of the population.

Up until 2000, Jakarta had imposed a programme of internal migration, aimed at bringing those from more populated provinces such as Bali and Java, to Papua and other less populated islands. Today, voluntary migration continues.

Neles Tebay, a Catholic priest and local accademic said that the presence of immigrants is evident everywhere.

“There are mosques at every corner. Migrants are by far the majority in the main cities of the region,” Tebay told AKI.

A 2003 study conducted by Yale University, said that the migratory flow of people towards Papua could be considered “an act of genocide”.

The Indonesian government has denied these accusations. Jakarta has said that with respect to human rights, the situation in Papua has significantly improved in the last few years and that the desire for independence is not shared by most in the population. The government also said that the provinces in the Papua region – Papua and West Irian Jaya – are ruled by Papuans, as stipulated by a special statute giving these area provincial autonomy in 2001.

The government also said that in Indonesia, citizens can move freely from one island to another.

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    Sometimes I think the world was better off with colonialism. Back in those days the colonial powers didn’t suffer from PC-the people got out of line, they got arrested or even killed. No protesting, no hand wringing,nothing. Minorities were somewhat protected at least. Now all these countries are free and look what happens-the voracious Muslims swallow all in their path like locusts-not even the colonial powers acted like that. If you’re a minority in the ummah you might as well kill yourself, because the Muslims will sooner or later. What a disaster giving Muslims any freedom has been.

  2. surj1936 Says:

    This is exactly what Muslims are going to go to the Western World,believe you me.There is a book by author V.S.Naipaul called”Beyond Belief” please read and see what Indonesian/Muslims have been doing since their independence and also before.Do you know that prior to Islam Indonesia was all Buddhist and Hindu culture?
    There is another very good book “The Decline Of Eastern Christianity under Islam”by author Bat Ye’or please do read .Both these books tell you exactly what is happening in Papuan people in Indonesia.”The government also said that in Indonesia,citizens can move freely from one Island to the other”That is exactly how Muslims will out number Papuans.They(Muslim) do also breed like rats.Where is the”Amnesty International”?

  3. surj1936 Says:

    Sorry,correction on the first line should read”This is exactly what Muslims are going to DO to the Western World”

  4. Johan Says:


    the Muslims,their religion is a big thing to them.Its part of their lives.

    SO if they move in and set up communities in countries that are non-Muslim,that is what is going to happen.

    They migrate for a better live.Not to spread Islam.

    But like I said,the Muslims are very community like people.

    That is whats going to happen if you let them in a non-Muslim place.

    There will be more mosques,ramadhan thing,Eid-ul fitri celebration,Quran day,Prophet birthday holiday etc.

    Same thing if you get Hindus coming over and forming their own communities.

    Europe,the West has only themselves to blame.They were the inventors of racism,and then they were the ones to tell the world that all men are equal and have rights,and now a bunch of people with a very different cultural background come in their place,they say we have no room for your thing etc…

    The West should be clear that racial and religion should be used for determining people because thats what they still do!

    • Thegaulishthroat Says:

      The inventors of the human rights and racialism weren’t european christian people,but some europeans jews and atheist freemasons at the beginning.

  5. islams not for me Says:

    Wow am suprised no one answered ole libtard idiot like ‘jo-han’ back in 2007.

    Well jo lets counter your propaganda.

    Islam is not merely a religion but a Theocratic system. If you knew that moslems spread islam historically by jihad and military campaigns you wouldnt be so gulible with your comments.

    Since islam is a system it acts as a disease that spreads all over the world. Ill use some examples. Iran (Persia) was not origionally muslim the same can be said for Iraq, Egypt, Libya etc. And yet other religinos donot act that way.

    I have yet to find hindu, Christian or other ‘religions’ that propigate violence against unbeleivers like islam does.

    Islam is not a ‘race’ get over yourself. Moslems can also be racist, bigoted and worse… your excuse is meaningless.

    Do yourself a favor johan look up online how islam spreads. IF you dare…

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