Tax Dollars to Pay for Foot Washing Stations at University

The multi-CULT-uralization of the University of Michiganistan is moving along quite nicely…

So Long Church/State Separation
By Debbie Schlussel

Forget about the Constitutionally mandated separation of church and state . . . at least when it comes to mosque and state.

When students return in the fall, the University of Michigan-Dearbornistan is set to have Muslim footbaths in at least two locations.

And your tax funds are paying for it.

Last week, Kay Pepin, University of Michigan-Dearborn Director of Facilities Planning, and Terry Gallagher, a U of M-Dearborn spokesman, confirmed to me that plans are in the works to build Muslim footbaths (they refer to them as “foot-washing stations”) in both the University Center and Fairlane Center buildings at the university.

When I asked why the footbaths were being installed, Gallagher told me that this is “an accommodation to a significant portion of our student body and their friends and visitors in accordance with our mission.” He said that it is a growing trend with Boston University, Cal State-Fullerton, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Washington University of St. Louis, all installing footbaths. “We wanted to be part of that trend in accommodating Muslim students.”

But when I asked Gallagher what portion of the U-M Dearborn is Muslim, he said that the most recent information the school has is from a 2004 survey of incoming freshman. The survey only identified 11% of students as Muslims, whereas 37% of incoming freshman were Roman Catholic. When I asked if there was any accommodation or money spent on Catholic students, he could not identify any.

Gallagher said the foot baths are the result of “years of ongoing negotiations with the Muslim Student Association.” The Chicago Tribune exposed the radical Muslim Student Association (MSA) as an American branch of the Egyptian terrorist group, Muslim Brotherhood, which took part in the murder of Egyptian President Anwar El-Sadat as well as the shootings at the Temples at Luxor.

Gallagher insists that he’s confident that “none of our Muslim students is involved in terrorism.” But last year, I received numerous death, rape and torture threats against me, my parents, and grandparents from University of Michigan-Dearborn student Lola Elzein, a Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim. Ms. Elzein was visited by the FBI and admitted to making the threats. Mohammed Fouad Abdallah, another Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim, used University of Michigan-Dearborn computers to send me rape, torture, and death threats in the name of Hezbollah. His home was raided by four FBI agents, and he admitted to making the threats.

And last week, Syed Maaz Shah–a student who was Secretary of the Muslim Student Association at the University of Texas-Dallas–was convicted of illegally possessing firearms when he attended a Muslim terrorist training camp and sought to kill Americans.

The University of Michigan MSA has a Muslim Accommodations Task Force, which was headed by Nadia Bazzy of the infamous Hezbollah-supporting Lebanese Shi’ite Bazzy family. Many Bazzys have been involved in Hezbollah there–and here. And the MSA Muslim Accommodations Task Force has more goals in mind:

Ramadan Iftar Accommodations; Eid Holidays; Prayer Room and Break Accommodations; Faculty Sensitivity Training; Jummah; Surveys / Advocacy; Halal Food

The MSA of U of M-Dearborn says that a “Reflection Room” was established for Muslim students, at MSA’s request. I wonder what would happen if Christian or Jewish students went there to pray or hang out.

Gallagher confirmed that University of Michigan-Dearborn Vice Chancellor Robert G. Behrens made the decision to install the footbaths. Behrens was the sole decisionmaker. He did not have to go before a committee of University Regents to get the approval or consult with anyone else.

Behrens refused to speak with me regarding this Unconstitutional waste of tax dollars on behalf of the “Religion of Peace,” but his secretary, Judy Modelski, had some interesting talking points to try to dissuade me from thinking this was a Muslim footbath. “It can also be used for changing diapers of and washing babies,” she told me. “And there’s a third use, but I can’t remember what it is.”

But spokesman Gallagher confirmed that there is no other use for the footbaths, other than for Muslims to wash their feet before prayer. You’d think they’d get their stories straight at the University of Michigan-Dearborn. Regardless, what mother would wash her baby in a deep bath where people washed their feet and the baby could drown? And what person would wash their feet in a bath where diapers had been changed? It simply doesn’t make sense.

In a letter to an angry alumnus, Vice Chancellor Behrens wrote that the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor construction, in 1841, of a chapel makes these Muslim footbaths okay. But that was a non-denominational chapel where anyone could go for any reason, even for non-religious purposes. As U-M/Dearborn spokesman Gallagher acknowledged, these footbaths are being built as an accommodation to Muslims and no other religion uses them.

When I asked Gallagher why a religious accommodation was being made for Muslims, he informed me that if another religion approaches U of M-D, it will consider the request. But universities are constitutionally barred from endorsing a religion or even two religions.

The footbaths, so far, will cost $27,000 to install. But count on it to cost more. Since only one set of footbaths is being installed at each of the two locations, Gallagher confirmed to me that each will be installed in only one bathroom. That means that, in order to comply with laws against gender discrimination, each sex will be entitled to a footbath in its respective bathroom. Expect the cost to double to at least $54,000–$54,000 of tax money spent for a religious accommodation in violation of the separation between church and state.

That money is coming from the University of Michigan-Dearborn general fund. That means, if you are a taxpayer, you’re paying for them, as the general fund is made up of federal and state monies and paid tuition fees.

$2,000 of that has already been spent, paying architectural firm Niagara Murano, LLC, of swanky Birmingham, Michigan to “design” the footbaths. When I asked why an architectural firm was needed instead of a plumber, Gallagher told me that an architect was consulted to make the footbaths compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Amazing. They care about compliance with all of the other laws, just not the most important one–the Constitutional prohibition of establishing a national religion.

I asked Gallagher if he’s aware that these footbaths are likely to be the subject of a lawsuit by some brave Michigan taxpayer, who detests being forced to fund Islam and the demands of an American manifestation of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He said, “We’re prepared to defend that if it happens.” That means more of your tax dollars at work for the “Religion of Peace.”

The question is: Where and when will a Michigan taxpayer finally say enough is enough and file suit? Will the ACLU take the case? (Fat chance.)

And when will America wake up?


Contact University of Michigan-Dearborn Vice Chancellor Robert G. Behrens to protest the Unconstitutional public funding of Muslim footbaths:

Office of the Vice Chancellor
Robert G Behrens
1090 Administration Building
Dearborn, MI 48128
Phone: (313) 593-5110

And, if you live in Michigan, contact your state legislators, as well.

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12 Comments on “Tax Dollars to Pay for Foot Washing Stations at University”


    What’s the fuss about? Shouldn’t these people have clean feet? Who wants to smell foot odor? We should be grateful I suppose- Islamania could have issued specific orders on the washing of genitalia requiring special washing facilities for that. Then who knows what uses such a facility would have accidently been put to.

    I think I found that forgotten third use of the foot washing basin. Someone might get thirsty.

    I might be moving to the ummah-there’s probably less Islamania there with all of them heading our way.

  2. Blackdog Says:

    Can these people bend over backwards any more than they are now?

    I have another use (were I a student there) – urinal.

  3. Frank Lanier Says:

    The use of tax dollars for this is not just a Michigan concern, there is little doubt that federal funds are also being spent in this case. The “Religion of Peace” is still a religion. If its wrong to post the 10 Commandments in court houses its just as wrong to install these foot baths.

  4. Joe Schmoelington Says:

    “There are other uses for them?” So that makes the footbaths ok?

    So if all the urinals are in use, people can pee in them, right? I mean, that won’t be a problem, will it? The footbaths aren’t religious.


    Since there are more than 3 times as many Catholics, I think that all the University’s professors should offer up the Eucharist before each class. It would cost practically nothing (a wafer of bread, a sip of sacramental wine?) In fact, I bet a church would donate the bread and wine for free.

    Oh, you might THINK that’s a religious activity by the State, but it does have “other uses which non-religious people can utilize” just like the way foot baths can be used.

    You know: The body and blood of Christ is also a tasty snack and beverage. On that level, anyone can enjoy it, so it isn’t really religious at all. Just have a policy that anyone can take the Eucharist, and everything is just peachy. [eye roll]

    With a little more creative explaining, we won’t even need that pesky Constitution at all anymore.


  5. Jose Schmoedriguez Says:

    Blackdog said: [Can these people bend over backwards any more than they are now?]

    Well, I could only hope so. If they do bend over just *one* more degree backwards, it’ll be a full-360. Then they’ll be standing upright again. Situation solved!

    : )

    But seriously… Government involvement:

    365 U.S. 715
    April 17, 1961, Decided
    ” … The State has so far insinuated itself into a position of
    interdependence with Eagle that it must be recognized as a joint
    participant in the challenged activity, which, on that account, cannot
    be considered to have been so “purely private” as to fall without the
    scope of the Fourteenth Amendment. ”

    In Burlington v. WPA, the State had a MUCH better case than U of M, et al do right now. In Burlington, the State actor was insulated by another layer of protection in the form of a private company which was merely renting space from the city. Still, the State LOST, as U of M will also lose. (especially considering that U of M is not insulated by a private company)

    U of M will be shown to have been a State actor for those very same reasons

    That, of course, only places them up at bat. They’d then need to “strike out”.

    They will “strike out”, failing both the Supreme Courts preliminary test AND three-part test, a two phase method used to determine whether the State has improperly entangled itself with religion.

    ===Phase One:

    Did the State give a preference to one sect over another?
    If so, the state’s action must be NARROWLY TAILORED to promote a COMPELLING government interest.

    Compelling interest = “national defense”, etc – – – NOT “clean feet”

    …If (somehow) Phase One is overcome by the U of M, then on to Phase Two:

    ===Phase Two:

    i) Does the State action have a SECULAR PURPOSE?
    ii) Does the State action have a PRIMARY EFFECT THAT NEITHER ADVANCES
    iii) Does the action NOT produce EXCESSIVE GOVERNMENT ENTANGLEMENT with

    Failure of ANY of these three questions means the State loses. It is clear enough that even a drunk monkey could understand that the state fails all three questions.

    Secular purpose: For prayer. U of M loses.
    Primary effect: Advances religion. U of M loses.
    Excessive Entanglement: A no brainer. U of M loses.

    Note that they only need to lose ONE of these in order to lose the whole ball of wax. They lose on all fronts. As they should. I don’t give a damn if they’re setting up special booths so that people can pray to UFOs. Religion is religion, and this activity (although it might seem ‘trendy’) is patently unconstitutional.

  6. AmeRickan Says:

    To get a point across to these muslim students, all some Catholic student needs to do is rinse a few pork chops in these footbaths.

  7. cindy Silver Says:

    So Sad. I send my children to schools that I believe that are part of our religion, but now accomidations are made for A terrosist religion(on the most part),in a public school , on public school time. It should be turned into a religious school to Accomadate All the religions in the school. EDUCATION FOR ALL–STUPIDITY OR THE MAJORITY IN THAT STUPID SCHOOL SCHOOL DISTRICT.

  8. Ronin Says:

    Cindy, if enough people pulled their children out, the schools would cave. Muslims are less than 1% of the population and should not get special treatment. I have stopped some of this madness locally but I can not be everywhere. Simple searches on sites like this one will give you all the issues to bring to a PTA or some such group. The best weapon against Islam has always been exposure. The best weapon against self serving school boards is the same.

  9. I’m really angry at American Christians – when will we raise a fuss like the Muslims do so that our religious needs are met? If I see someone washing their feet in the public restroom sink I’m calling the janitorial team to come clean out and santize the sink before I wash my hands because that’s my right as an American. I’ll also use some very choice words on whoever is washing their feet in a hand and face sink. What JERKS! I want communion tables and baptismal fonts everywhere. When will the government put my religion on this pedestal?

  10. You know, the Jewish students have “hallel” houses, the Christian students visit local churches, why can’t the wealthy Muslim nations and Mosques built on-campus accommodations for Muslim Students at the expense of the Muslim Students and their parents and religion? We pay for our own stuff, why can’t they? Why are they so special? are we afraid they will blow us up? Why arent these places afraid of us? have we gone soft?????

  11. Why can’t muslims just wash their feet in the toilets? Why doesn’t the university just label toilets with a “dual” label: “toilet/footbath” – the toilets are usually kept very clean. They need to post a sign stating “please dry off the toilet/foot bath rim when finished, thanks”. This would save alot of money, and would be clear that the toilet/footbath is really for everyone. If this is not possible, why can’t Muslims carry around bottled water and a roll of paper towels? I had to do this when I cleaned my baby’s butt during diaper changes…I never put baby poo in the sink I knew others would wash hands and face in, or fill a drinking cup or infant bottle in…These people are very inconsiderate of our health. A sink is for hands face and mouth, not feet. Apparently the 3rd word does not know this. If they do, maybe they are deliberately spitting in our faces – a covert act of minor terrorism and hate against Americans that the University of Michigan supports?

    My kids are not going to go to school there, that’s for sure.

  12. Last comment, I promise – Muslims will go to hell if they touch pork. So….if they wash their feet in my sink I will put bacon in the sink. I have no problem carrying a lunch baggy of bacon around with me in my purse. It really is against Islam to even touch pork – for Muslims as serious as these, they would absolutely not touch pork or anything touched by pork. I have no problem tossing my last bite of ham sandwich in the foot bath either. Hey, I have a right to use what my tax dollars paid for, right? And there is no legislation against using it as a garbage disposal for my lunch, including ham sandwich. I want my 50K worth of my tax dollars for my own pleasure. I know, I’ll start carrying around a bottle of water and paper towles to wash my hands with from now on, I just can not stomach washing up where someone’s filthy, stinky feet have been. I vote for doing my own dirty work on the sinks. I’m pro-bacon in public sinks from now on, thanks. All please join me.

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