Female Circumcisions Cause Urinary Dysfunction and Infections

Yet another reason to eschew the insane Muslim practice of mutilating female genitals:


(Tools of the trade)

Mutilated females seek help

More than 250 girls and women have sought help from Oslo’s largest hospital in recent years, because of physical problems resulting from female circumcision, also known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The mutilation, which many of the female patients were subjected to as young girls in several Muslim African countries and Northern Iraq, has left the women with severe urinary dysfunction, infections and problems after their vaginal openings were sewn shut.

Sarah Kahsay, a midwife at Ullevål University Hospital in Oslo, told newspaper Aftenposten that she and her colleagues have tried to help around 260 girls and women during the past three years.

Kahsay, of the National Competence Center for Minorities’ Health at Ullevål, said that 90 percent of the girls and women are ethnic Somalians. Female genital mutilation has also been found, she said, among female patients from Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Gambia and Senegal.

The mutilation also seems to have spread to the Kurdish community, with Kahsay mentioning that Norwegian Church Aid has claimed it’s a problem for females from Northern Iraq. “Reports we’ve had from our health stations (in the Oslo area) involve Kurdish girls as young as 11 and 12, who’ve been circumcised,” Kahsay said.

The girls and women have almost always said the circumcision, which is illegal in Norway, occurred before they emigrated. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported over the weekend, however, that an alarming number of young girls born or living in Norway have been taken back to Somalia during school holiday periods and subjected to circumcision.

The agonized screams of one young girl being forcibly held down while her genitals were being cut shook Norwegian viewers and has led to a political outcry on the issue. There have been calls for increased enforcement of the law prohibiting female circumciscion, a fatwa against the practice, and regular medical checks of young girls believed to be at risk.

Aftenposten’s reporter
Arild M Jonassen

Aftenposten English Web Desk
Nina Berglund

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15 Comments on “Female Circumcisions Cause Urinary Dysfunction and Infections”

  1. Ronin Says:

    Once again it is up to infidels to save Muslims from their own families.

  2. […] House Link to Article iraq Female Circumcisions Cause Urinary Dysfunction and Infections » Posted at […]


    Nice ‘civilization” the ummah has. I’d rather be an infidel barbarian.

  4. mh Says:

    stop framing cultural practices under the heading of islam. female circumcision is not encouraged in islam at all, it may well be a cultural practice in africa and in some parts of asia but has no justification in Islam. in fact, it may well be discouraged or forbidden. i suggest we do some good research before we publish stuff on our BLOGS.

    • FGM

      Is unfortunately part of African Islamic culture. It can also be part of other cultures in islam from other countries.

      As a muslim or associate of them you should know which does it or not.

      Either way it is a horrendous act done upon all young girls outside of the West.

  5. mh,

    Oh I am Soooo sorry. I must have misread a word or two in the article. I could have sworn it said, “…in several Muslim African countries.” Gee, I wonder why the author felt compelled to mention the word Muslim… Gee, I am soooo stupid. It must have said, “…in several Moronic African countries.”

    Perhaps you need to do a little more research… I suggest you start here:


    I never said that all Muslims practice it, nor did I say that Muslims started it. I said it was an insane Muslim practice. Just as poisonous snake handling is an insane Christian practice. It goes without saying that not all Christians practice that belief, just as it goes without saying that not all Muslims practice female circumcision.

    So, bottom line, you are reading too much into my comments.

    I hope this helps to clarify things for you.


  6. Ronin Says:

    Of all the topics on this page, you decided to comment on muslims torturing of their own children’s private parts. What’s the matter? You think if that story got out it would embarrass all of Islam? As despicable as this activity is I am sure, muslims will find even more acts to discredit themselves and their pedophile prophet. They are after all and inventive group.

    It may well be our own business what we put on our blogs. If you find it offensive, try moving to Oslo and explaining to the victims that muslims who do not practice this “cultural practice” will demand western societies severely punish family members who do. Imagine the message to the few hundred million misguided muslims if the rest demand they be held accountable for their crimes to the full extent of the law. It would be a big relief to muslim females if all they had to worry about were abuse by family pedophiles, forced marriages and honor killing. Oh, I forget all those things are also against Islam, may be we should spread the word.

  7. Leatherneck Says:

    Here come the pitch, crrrrraaackkkk of the bat is heard throughout the stadium, as RONIN HITS A HOME RUN! There he goes folks around the bases with his arms held high in triumph, the croud on it’s feet in applause! YYYYYAAAAAA…

    The cameras pan to the pitching mound to view mh crying like a little girl knowing his team has lost. Only in America folks, only in America.

  8. DM Says:

    I don’t know if this is too crazy of an opinion,
    but until we all have read the Bible, the Qua ran, the Torah, and every other piece of religious scripture , can’t we all shut the f**k up about other people’s religions?
    For you to address Prophet Muhammad a “pedophile prophet” is disrespectful and it’s getting you and the rest of society nowhere.
    But go ahead, sit, bitch, and complain behind a monitor because it’s people like you that keep the world from advancing to something better

    Dropping a F-bomb is a quick way to get banned. I will answer your rude rant, next.

    • In Jewish and Christian religious texts there is no commandment for cutting a infant or young female childs privates.

      Obviously you have never read the NT or the Tanakh.

      As long as muslims write online Anti Christian materials we Christians or other religions will do our part to counter your propiganda.

      Muhammads perverted fixation on Aisha makes him a pedophile. No amount of apologetics will change that.

      The world is advancing best when the system of islam is no longer a threat.

    • Mullah Lodabullah Says:

      Addressing Mo as a prophet is inaccurate – he is a false prophet, one of many such false christs and false prophets who arise and deceive many – he traffics in the souls of both his followers, and his victims.

      “Pedophile false prophet” would be accurate and truthful. False prophets are not worthy of respect, let alone the fawning, spineless dhimmitude displayed by members of the British Parliament, various US Presidents etc.

  9. Ronin Says:

    I don’t know if this is too crazy of an opinion,
    -actually you know it is or you would not have asked.

    but until we all have read the Bible, the Qua ran, the Torah, and every other piece of religious scripture , can’t we all shut the f up about other people’s religions?
    -I have read all of them and by they way learn the difference between a religion and a violent cult. Your attempt to paint Jews, Christians and Muslims as similar just proves that your ignorance is only matched by your poor manners.

    For you to address Prophet Muhammad a “pedophile prophet” is disrespectful and it’s getting you and the rest of society nowhere.
    -Actually by islamic accounts he was also a rapist, a thief, a liar and a murderer. We did not record his history, muslims did. In addition, our warning the populace that islam is a violent death cult is the only way to protect them. If islam had nothing to hide we would not be needed.

    But go ahead, sit, bitch, and complain behind a monitor because it’s people like you that keep the world from advancing to something better.
    -You may really be ignorant enough to bury your head in the sand and ignore the tens of millions threatened daily by islam, we are not. This site is designed to bring awareness to any and all issues that threaten a free society and limit individual freedoms, islam is only one such threat. If you have a problem with us then go somewhere else.

  10. Name required Says:

    FGM is good for sick and feministic females.
    May be they whant that done with theys.

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