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Author Bat Ye’or Toronto Lecture Transcript

2 July, 2007

Gates of Vienna has a transcript of Bat Ye’or speaking recently at an event sponsored by the Fraser Institute at the Sheraton Centre Hotel in Toronto. It is well worth reading.

CLICK HERE for Transcript

A big hat tip goes out to JMB for emailing in the link.

batyeor.jpgBat Ye’or is one of the best-known counter-jihad writers in the world. She has gained a place in history with her writings about the history of Islamic aggression against non-Muslims, for her studies of the condition known as dhimmitude, and for coining the term “Eurabia” for a Europe in thrall to its Third-World Muslim immigrants.

Niall Ferguson has written that “[n]o writer has done more than Bat Ye’or to draw attention to the menacing character of Islamic extremism. Future historians will one day regard her coinage of the term ‘Eurabia’ as prophetic. Those who wish to live in a free society must be eternally vigilant. Bat Ye’or’s vigilance is unrivaled.”

Barrett Kalellis: Muslim Societies Can’t Be Trusted

2 July, 2007

Pundit Barrett Kalellis has sent us a link to some of his most recent articles.  The following caught my attention and draws some interesting conclusions :

kalellis.jpgMuslim Societies Can’t Be Trusted
Barrett Kalellis
Not many in the media, much less in the general public, have a real understanding of what is incessantly and mistakenly called the “war on terror,” and for this reason, our military initiatives in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as peacemaking efforts in Palestine, have all come a cropper.

Our enemies are not just a few numbers of radical Islamists, committed to violent and subversive acts. They are only the activist vanguard of a sizeable population of Muslim sympathizers with an agenda: to establish Islamist states throughout the world, whether by subverting established governments, or by letting increasing Muslim demographics accomplish this for them, as in Western Europe.

In surveying the level of global revolutionary terror or threats of violence, with few exceptions one would find a reinvigorated jihadism at the root. The geography is frightening: from the Philippines to Indonesia, from Thailand to Bahrain, from Mauritania to Ethiopia, in all Middle East countries, in ethnic Albania and the former Soviet republics, and including the current strife in France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and now even in Switzerland. In the U.S., the jihadists remain more or less under cover.

Our policy benightedness in dealing with Islam has a long paternity — clueless politicians and diplomats, wrongheaded advisors; widespread ignorance of history, foreign cultures, languages and beliefs; and naïve acceptance at face value of adversary claims and promises — all wrapped in the feel-good but self-delusional world of multiculturalism. (more…)

Muslim Rapist Set Free

2 July, 2007

Terp Mole has alerted us to the following in which one of the members involved in the Bilal Skaf rape case has been released. You might recall that this is the rape incident that Australian cleric Sheik Hilali was alluding to when he made his now infamous sermon about women as uncovered meat.

Freedom for gang rapist who faced two trials
Jordan Baker Chief Police Reporter | July 3, 2007
Brisbane Times
ONE of the men convicted over the rapes perpetrated by the Bilal Skaf gang has walked free from prison, a year after he was refused parole.

The Department of Corrective Services said the man, who cannot be named, had been released last Tuesday. His non-parole period ended last year, but the State Parole Authority refused to release him, saying he had “failed to address offending behaviour issues”.

The man, now 23, was originally sentenced in 2002 to a minimum of nine years and a maximum 15 for the rape and abduction of an 18-year-old woman. His sentence was shorter than those of other gang members because Judge Michael Finnane said that while he had shown no contrition, he had some prospect of rehabilitation.

The following November the man was involved in a three-hour siege at Kariong Juvenile Justice Centre. He armed himself with a broken broom handle. His punishment – a three-month concurrent sentence handed down by Gosford Local Court – was described as farcical by the NSW opposition at the time.

In 2004 he was granted a retrial on the rape and detention charges by the Court of Criminal Appeal. The court ruled he had suffered a miscarriage of justice as a result of his trial being held straight after his co-accused, creating an atmosphere of hostility.

At his second trial he pleaded guilty and was jailed for a maximum of eight years and six months, with a non-parole period of four years and six months.

Missing Soldier’s Wife Gets Green Card

2 July, 2007

Wytammic (Sunflower Desert) has emailed us the following article re-enforcing and updating the most recent letter sent in to us by Jimenez’s lawyer, Matthew Kolken.

P.S. – I’m sure that Leatherneck will have lots to say about this… 


Missing Soldier’s Wife Gets Green Card
Yaderlin Jimenez Earned Citizenship After Backlash Over Possible Deportation

A woman whose soldier husband is missing in Iraq has gotten her green card after authorities threatened to deport her for entering the U.S. illegally.

Yaderlin Hiraldo Jimenez walked out of a Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Buffalo, N.Y., on Friday with her permanent residency papers, her lawyer said.

“She was moved to tears,” attorney Matthew Kolken, who accompanied his client, told The Boston Globe for Sunday’s editions.

“Her immigration problems have been solved in their entirety and now her focus is completely dedicated to her hope and desire that she’s going to see her husband again,” Kolken said.

Army Spec. Alex Jimenez, of Lawrence, Mass., has been missing since his unit was attacked in Iraq on May 12. (more…)

Secret Report Warns of Spectacular Al Qaeda Attack this Summer

2 July, 2007

If it’s a secret, then why is the press releasing bits and pieces of it???

Secret Document: U.S. Fears Terror ‘Spectacular’ Planned
Official Cites Resemblance to Warnings and Intelligence Before 9/11

July 1, 2007 —

A secret U.S. law enforcement report, prepared for the Department of Homeland Security, warns that al Qaeda is planning a terror “spectacular” this summer, according to a senior official with access to the document.

“This is reminiscent of the warnings and intelligence we were getting in the summer of 2001,” the official told

U.S. officials have kept the information secret, and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said today on ABC News’ “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” that the United States did not have “have any specific credible evidence that there’s an attack focused on the United States at this point.”

As reported, U.S. law enforcement officials received intelligence reports two weeks ago warning of terror attacks in Glasgow and Prague, the Czech Republic, against “airport infrastructure and aircraft.”

The warnings apparently never reached officials in Scotland, who said this weekend they had received “no advance intelligence” that Glasgow might be a target.

Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff declined to comment specifically on on the report today, but said “everything that we get is shared virtually instantaneously with our counterparts in Britain and vice versa.”

Unlike the United States, officials in Germany have publicly warned that the country could face a major attack this summer, also comparing the situation to the pre-9/11 summer of 2001.

Australian Study: Up to 3000 Radicals in Sydney Sleeper Cells

2 July, 2007

Yup, Australians have suspected a large number of Islamonazis.  Now, a new government-backed study confirms their suspicions:


(A female KKK member, err, Muslim wearing a hijab walks into Sydney’s Lakemba Mosque for midday prayer)

Australia a home for radical Islam: report
Mon Jul 2, 2007 12:37AM EDT
By Rob Taylor

CANBERRA (Reuters) – Australia has a bigger portion of Muslim youths at risk of turning to radical Islam than any other Western nation, with up to 3,000 in “ideological sleeper cells” in Sydney alone, a government-backed study said on Monday.

Between 2,000 and 3,000 youths, or about 1 percent of Sydney’s 200,000-strong Muslim population, had already been targeted by radical Islamic teachers, with some at risk of making the jump to militancy, the research said.

“The radical teaching base here is relatively stronger than you might expect it to be in the UK, the Middle East or the U.S.,” study author Mustapha Kara-Ali told Reuters.

“The youth community here is vulnerable and could be acted upon for recruitment and further radicalization.”

Australia has around 340,000 Muslims, or around 1.6 percent of the 21 million population.

But the percentage of radicalized Muslim youths was bigger than the United States or the UK, where the ideological pool was of similar size, but off a 1.6 million base, Kara-Ali said. (more…)

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