Federal Agents Raid the Martyrs Foundation in Dearborn, Michigan

Nice folks there at the Martyrs Foundation. I have to give them credit for being sneaky SOB’s. After all, they were illegally infringing on the trademarked name of Goodwill to swindle good-natured Americans out of their hard-earned money in order to finance Hezbollah.

Also interesting is the following editor’s note on Freep.com:

Freep.com editors have removed the forum on this story. The comments have become too offensive, making it difficult for us to monitor and maintain. We are sorry to halt the discussion, but believe it’s in the best interest of readers and the site to remove it.

Freep.com editors

I guess the “Islamophobes” came out in full force!

A big Hat Tip goes out to Leatherneck for alerting us to this situation (in fact, he’s probably the reason Freep.com editors closed out the comments section. Wooohoooo! That’s the way to “git ‘er done!!!”)

P.S. – Since Freep.com isn’t taking comments, you can send or telephone your “love” directly to GCO:

Goodwill Charitable Organization
P.O. Box 1794
Dearborn, MI 48121
Phone: 313-581-6113 or 313-581-0525
Fax: 313-581-1355


Office raided on suspicion of terrorist ties
July 24, 2007

Federal agents are raiding today the Dearborn offices of two charities suspected of having ties to terrorist groups in the Middle East.

A Dearborn police officer guarded the entrance to the office of the Goodwill Charitable Organization, a fund-raising office established by the Martyrs Foundation in Dearborn, on Warren Avenue, tucked between a grocery store and an import store.

The charity is not affiliated with Goodwill Industries, said Christine Bragale, spokeswoman for Goodwill Industries International.

Goodwill Industries International has sent the Muslim charity a letter in the past to get it to stop using the Goodwill name, Bragale said.

In Dearborn, several uniformed and plainclothes law enforcement officials shuttled in and out of the office, while bystanders and neighbors stood by watching.

The Treasury said in a news release that it “targeted Hizballah’s support network by designating the Iran-based Martyrs Foundation, including its U.S. branch, and the finance firm Al-Qard al-Hassan.”

The government also has frozen the assets of the Goodwill Charitable Organization, according to the news release.

“We will continue to target those who form the financial backbone of Hizballah, Hamas, PIJ and other terrorist groups that are attempting to destabilize Lebanon and target innocent civilians,” said Stuart Levey, under secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, in the news release. “We will not allow organizations that support terrorism to raise money in the United States or to evade our measures and continue to operate simply by changing their names.”

A search warrant was executed at the Goodwill Charitable Organization office, according to Imad Hamad, regional director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee.

According to the Treasury, the Martyrs Foundation “channels financial support from Iran to several terrorist organizations’’ including “Hizballah, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ).”

Federal agents are also raiding the Al-Mabarrat Charitable Organization, which has a Dearborn office on Schaefer Road, north of Warren Avenue.

Agents with the FBI, IRS, and the U.S. Secret Service were seen hauling away files and placing them into a van outside the office. Al-Mabarrat, whose headquarters is based in Lebanon, has held fund-raisers in metro Detroit in recent years.

Also, the FBI is holding a meeting this afternoon with Muslim leaders at the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights to discuss the raids, according to Dawud Walid, head of the Michigan branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

The meeting will include Imam Mohammed Elahi, who heads the mosque, and Walid.

A man who answered the phone at Al-Mabarrat said he could not comment.

On tax records, Goodwill Charitable Organization Inc. lists its address at a location on Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. No one from the charity could be reached at the site and nearby businesses said they were unaware of the charity.

According to tax records, Goodwill Charitable Organization received $167,628 in contributions in 2005, and $202,500 in 2004. Leaders of the group could not be reached for comment.

Hamad said that the allegations are just allegations for now, and that the groups should have their due process.

The Treasury Department’s designation means that the government has frozen the groups’ assets and prohibited any transactions with them by people in the United States.

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12 Comments on “Federal Agents Raid the Martyrs Foundation in Dearborn, Michigan”

  1. cavmom Says:

    Good find! I thought about writing to them but feel they will not even read my words. (I hate wasting effort and being ignored)

    I would like to write to the Federal agents in Dearborn and give them a big pat on the back.

    For Leatherneck I should send a letter to GCO, dipped in pig pooh.


  2. Infidel Parrot Says:

    Way to go gentlemen, we need to set the precedent that religious organizations and mosques are not safe havens for fundamental extremism. Lets hammer these guys.


    Aw, another branch office of the Bank of Jihad is closed. I guess those poor orphans of the martyrs will have to fend for themselves while watching the killer bee on TV.

  4. Leatherneck Says:

    Thanks for looking into this subject Dr., and Ronin. I think the State Department should be sued for allowing so many muslims into this country who really hate, and have nothing but treason in thier hearts for America.

    I am sick of waiting for law enforcement to slap these moon god worshippers around. If we had somelone like Gen. Patton, I know these mooselimbs would not be coming here to help the terrorists in so many ways.

    The State Department, and Homeland Insecurity are full of CFR pussies!

  5. Steve Says:

    The entire country is (mostly) full of pussies, some talk the talk, but most won’t walk the walk. It’s gonna take more than a bomb or two to drown out the compassion & love that the left and other PC pricks have for the “huddle masses” that invade our nation.

  6. Ronin Says:

    Steve I thought the same thing until I saw our young soldiers hunting Islamonazis. Lack of sleep, the heat and danger meant nothing. They are relentless, dedicated and lethal. They are every bit the warrior. The left makes noise but the power and future of the United States is secure. If the Islamonazis have a real warrior class I have yet to meet one and I have faced or trained my share of them.

  7. Steve Says:

    I stand by the “mostly” part of my statement. Yes, we have several million veterans (around 26 million or so), and I would venture that most would again (and did) serve with honor & distinction. Around 2 million of those veterans made the military a career (as did I), and I think most career military did pretty well over time, too.
    But as I look at our present demographics, most kiddies are either to fat, to slow, to unmotivated or on medicines that would not allow them to even enter the military. Why, ’cause our society is soft, hardness, being independent, being tough are just for the few.
    I just don’t see this from the MAJORITY of our citizens, certainly not to include the best of our nation who do serve, and serve with honor, while a “cult” of left-wing, Che loving, pie-in-the-sky fools gamble away the future.
    I will always salute those who now stand the watch, man the tower, etc. I just feel that that group of citizens is getting smaller every generation.

  8. Ronin Says:

    It doesn’t take as many to hold the line as fill the ranks. Where the islamonazis messed up is our youth. They understand the threat and what we need them to do. I have met General officers who do not. The people are the key; let Europe, the Brits and the rest of them roll over. America will never trade Daisy Dukes for a burka. If the islamonazis had waited they might have had a chance, their arrogance will finish them.

    In addition, the 1.2-5 billion muslims is a lie. They always count the name only Muslism who want no part of old imams attempting to get them killed. Their ranks are diminishing at a remarkable rate. Islam will end in my lifetime and I am not a young man. They traded their future for this fight. In less than 20 years it will dawn on these idiots they have no young men left to care for the elderly or their future. It looks like both the youth and oil will play out nearly at the same time.

    When these idiots started killing other muslims, I knew we would win.

  9. Leatherneck Says:

    These are the extremists moon god worshipers I have been writing about. They make me want to puke.

    I fully support those Muslims who worship the G-d of the Jews, who made heaven and earth as well as us, and hope for peace.

  10. islams not for me Says:

    I support those muslims who silence the mujahedeen.

  11. James Hammer Says:

    wow, here is more stuff we found on Afarin Maleki and reza behroozian. Seems these two have been running tis scam for ages
    Canada is nothing more than a joke for these guys. Check out terrorist and criminal Reza “Ray” Behroozian. A documented criminal in two countries (United Arab Emerites and warrants in Singapore), lied on his Canadian citizenship documents (stated he had no criminal record yet has a felony in Dubai , UAE and served 2 years in prison). He comes to Canada where he, his brother and wife continue to fund terrorist organizations and despite over a dozen documented complaints to various Canadian police , nothing has been done. And those funds all derive from scams and tax frauds they pull. Thanks Canada for watching after your citizens!!!!

    Canada is a joke. Read this and notice there are over a dozen complaints about this pair to the RCMP, Toronto Police and York Regional Police. Documented complaints at that.
    Re:Goodwill Charitable Organization
    “This “charity” have received money derived from scams from the following people:
    Afarin Maleki, Afarin Maleki-Raei – Toronto, Ontario
    Ray Behroozian – Toronto Ontario
    Moe Behroozian- California , USA
    These individuals run scams and funnel money to this organization. Moe Behroozian and his wife FRESHTEH FAYE BEHROOZIAN have accepted over 2 million dollars in financial aid (federal assistance) from the USA govt. Of that at least 25% has been diverted to this charity . His brother, Ray Behroozian re: Reza Behroozian and his wife Afarin Maleki-Raei have diverted at least $225,000 to this organization in Iran while his brother , Moe Behroozian, donates to the Michigan branch.
    All of the money is either derived from scams, narcotic sales and fraudulent financial / business aid claims.”

    Posted on October 13th, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    Jen Katz Says:

    It looks like the Americans have already gone after the Alavi Foundation. However where are the RCMP in all of this ?

    These two- Afarin Maleki, Afarin Maleki-Raei and Ray
    (Reza) Behroozian have laundered and “donated” over 2.5 million dollars to what is now a terrorist organization (and always was a terror organization). In fact Reza Behroozian ran his scam company ATA Canada Inc. Out of an Alavi Foundation owned building:
    ATA Canada Inc. (Stand for Afarin-Tara [his daughter] and Armin [His son]
    7368 Yonge St. Suite #305
    Thornhill ON, L4J 8H9
    Phone #: 905-886-8464
    Fax #: 905-886-6102
    Key contact: Reaz Behroozian , President
    Toll free #: 866-886-8464

    This building on 7368 Yonge St. also housing many Iranian owned companies including Air Iran. Much of this money goes to funding world wide terrorism and these agents of Iran (Afarin Maleki, Ray Reza Behroozian, Moe Behroozian) are known to the FBI and RCMP but yet their money launder and terror activity continues unabated. Typical Canadian PR until a tower or synagogue is blown up.

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