Russia told to pay Chechen reparations

I am sure that our Russian friend, Che, can shed some more light on this, so I will defer this article over to him in the comments section.


[The European Court of Human Rights] 

Rights Court Orders Russia to Pay Damages in Chechnya Killings

By Anton Troianovski
Special to The Washington Post
Friday, July 27, 2007

MOSCOW, July 26 — The European Court of Human Rights found Russia liable Thursday in the killing of more than 50 civilians in a Chechen village in 2000 and ordered the government to pay a total of about $200,000 to five relatives of those who died.

The court castigated the Russian authorities for failing to seriously investigate the “cold-blooded execution of more than 50 civilians” in the village of Novye Aldy. “In the Court’s view, the astonishing ineffectiveness of the prosecuting authorities in this case could only be qualified as acquiescence in the events,” said the unanimous decision by the seven-judge panel

The ruling is part of a series of decisions by the court this year finding Russian servicemen liable for atrocities committed in Chechnya, where government troops have fought separatists on and off since 1994. About 200 complaints related to the conflict have been filed at the court.

“This decision is very important because it recognizes the violation of human rights in the course of a large-scale operation,” said Oleg Orlov, director of the human rights branch of Memorial, a Moscow-based group that helped represent the families before the court. “Civilians were consciously, premeditatedly destroyed.”

Philip Leach, director of the London-based European Human Rights Advocacy Center, which also helped represent the relatives of 11 of the victims, called the court’s language on Russia’s failure to investigate “unprecedented.”

The operation at issue in the case, Musayev and Others v. Russia, took place Feb. 5, 2000, in the southern suburbs of Grozny, the Chechen capital. “Numerous houses were burnt down and civilians killed,” the court’s decision said.

The court found that Russian authorities did not begin their investigation into the killings until a month later and that it was fraught with “a series of serious and unexplained delays and failures to act.” Despite evidence that included eyewitness accounts and recovered bullets and shell casings, Russian authorities achieved “no meaningful result whatsoever . . . in the task of identifying and prosecuting the individuals who had committed the crimes.”

Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, whose special police forces were alleged to have taken part in the killings, had no comment on Thursday’s ruling.

Another decision handed down by the court Thursday found Russia liable in two other deaths stemming from the Chechen conflict and similarly faulted authorities for failing to carry out a thorough and effective investigation.

Rights activists said they expected Russia would pay the damages, which it is legally bound to do under the European Convention on Human Rights. They said Russia’s failure to effectively investigate rights violations demonstrates a lack of faith in the treaty.

Russian politicians have criticized the court, based in Strasbourg, France, as anti-Russian and politicized. Yury Sharandin, a leading member of Russia’s upper house of parliament, attempted to play down the rulings. “When a court, including the one in Strasbourg, makes a decision in favor of a citizen, it does not mean at all that the decision is made against his state,” Sharandin told the Interfax news agency.

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11 Comments on “Russia told to pay Chechen reparations”

  1. Infidel Parrot Says:

    The Russians only have to pay $40k per terrorist? Apparently we have a volume plan, we pay $12 billion per month and get to take all the terrorists we can shoot. Still, doing fast math, I think we’re getting screwed.


    How much will the Chechens pay for atrocities committed on Russians? All they have to do is ask their rich cousins in Tehran or Riyadh and the money will be right there.

    I can see why some Russians look back fondly at Stalin’s era-Islamania’s crimes are starting to make the Stalins and Hitlers of history look like angels by comparison.

  3. Che Says:

    I am sure that our Russian friend, Che, can shed some more light on this, so I will defer this article over to him in the comments section.

    – sorry guys, I can’t say much on the article, because this whole conflict can not be judged by common sense or from the human rights perspective. Especially it can not be judged by people who live in quiet, prosperous countries 8K miles away from Chechnya, and who had stabile and mostly predictable life. However I’ll try…

    Yes, it is bad to kill unarmed civilians. And, yes, the HR were violated in Ch. But every war has it’s own laws. How can someone handle correctly a situation when this very civilans give hideout to those who shoot in backs and torture POW russian soldriers, or those who are civilians by daylight and bandits by night? If you see a graffity saying: “russians (those who lived in Chechnya), stay here, we need slaves and whores”), what would you feel to this whole nation? Or if you meet an old russian woman who was raped and driven away from her house into a swineshack? Or if you find a soldrier’s body sculped with memebers cut off? And what would you do if you are a leutenant or even a major and can bring judjement on those so called civilians right here, right now?

    Besides that I can not disagree on that: “How much will the Chechens pay for atrocities committed on Russians? All they have to do is ask their rich cousins in Tehran or Riyadh and the money will be right there.”

    – The only thing is that their cousins live and prosper mainly in the same Russia.

    US is in a simillar situation. And your servicemen “overreact” many times. I personally don’t blame them. But all the Abu Grabe-like cases just reflect that people (russ./amer.) act the same. The question is, if some international court can really judge them?

  4. Ronin Says:

    I agree with Che,

    Second guessing and armchair quarterbacking from the safety of home is wrong. If the free people of the world are ever going to rid this planet of this evil cult, there are only two workable solutions. Genocide on a global scale or one side will be forced into conversation. Islam is not compatible with anything but Islam, learn it and understand that. Islam will not change or bend and I am not quite ready to suggest we murder them all. I am equally ready to fight my own conversion if the Muslims win. At this point, we have a global stalemate but they do not last. Someone will win eventually. I’m betting on us.

  5. 2008voter Says:

    this is stupid blunt anti- Russian reflex/ If West wants Russia on the side of Iran and Hamas this is the way to do it. I do agree with Che in general( i am from USSR as well and i know what I am talking about , besides i spent 15 years of my life leaving in Transcaucasia region, so i know the issue) However i do not agree with comparison with Iraq.There is huge difference. Chechens are citizens of Russia same way as Russians are. I think it worth to remember. iraq is a foreign country which technically was in the sate of war with the USa since the first Golf war.

  6. Che Says:

    2 2008

    …Abu Grabe-like cases just reflect that people (russ./amer.) act the same.

    – that was my point, that people act the same in similar conditions. And, yes, in other aspects Ch. and Iq. are different.

  7. It’s not often that most of us see eye to eye with Che, but on this one it looks like Che has hit the nail on the head.


  8. 2008voter Says:

    “Abu Grabe-like cases just reflect that people (russ./amer.) act the same.”
    i am not arguing with that and , again i do agree with you Che on your point in principle.Thanks for clarification

  9. Tammi Says:

    Someone will win eventually. I’m betting on us.

    Me too!

  10. Tammi Says:

    Dang Doctor,
    You make it difficult for someone who is a week behind reading blogs to get caught up! However, keep up the good work. 🙂

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