Muslims or newspaper editors offended by Opus?


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The comic strip “Opus” for August 26 has been withheld from publication by many newspapers for being offensive to Muslims.

I am offended by the shear arrogance of the editors.

How can they decide what will offend Muslims? Do they have a Muslim sensitivity meter? I see nothing offensive about the cartoon.

You can view a larger version of it at Needless to say I encourage all of you to contact your local paper if they do not run the strip and politely ask them to explain the decision behind the censorship.

In addition, if a cartoon offends a Muslims reader you really need to refocus. Your chosen religion has many things to embarrass it and almost all of them conducted by other Muslims. A little self-reflection would do you all some good.

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5 Comments on “Muslims or newspaper editors offended by Opus?”

  1. velvethammer Says:

    Preemptive submission.


  2. Chris Says:

    Maybe Muslims will be offended by the implication someone can CHOOSE to be a Muslim. In reality, few have that option, as the Shahada is whispered into their ears at birth. They will be further offended in a few weeks when Lola decides to leave Islam, somthing they CAN’T do. Meanwhile, what an opportunity for people to talk about Islam — if only the newspapers could see the potential there and publish the series.

  3. islams not for me Says:

    This is the difference between a sharia run nation and a nation with free press. We can (MOSTLY) say and create whatever we wish in media as long as we are within the Laws of the USA.

    That previous cartoon might be deemed ‘offensive’ to muslims but its on track with current law and the cartoonists whims.

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