Female suicide bomber wounds 7 U.S. soldiers

This is a pattern we have seen time and time again, Muslims rape a Muslim woman and force her to blow herself up to restore her honor. Only a sick culture could think up such things and encourage it.

Thankfully, none of the troops were killed.

November 29, 2007, AP
BAGHDAD (AP) — A woman wearing an explosives belt blew herself up near an American patrol northeast of Baghdad — a rare female suicide bombing that wounded seven U.S. troops and five Iraqis, the U.S. military said Wednesday.

More Iraqi refugees, heartened by reports of the lull in violence in Baghdad, were beginning to return and on Wednesday a convoy of more than 800 people was expected in the Iraqi capital after an overnight bus ride from Damascus, Syria. A government spokesman said that 60,000 Iraqis had returned in the past month and the country was expecting a similar number in coming weeks.

“The Iraqi government will do its best to protect these families,” the spokesman, Ali al-Dabbagh, said at a news conference Wednesday.

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