Muslims sue over book’s birthrate warning

Hat tip to Changedforever for sending this in.
As a blogger I try and follow attempts to silence free speech. My gut instinct tells me that any group that has to resort to such extreme measures can not stand on its own merit. The weak IMHO understand what Islam really is but they lack the personal bravery to accept it or to take a stand against it. History has proven there will always be both free men and slaves in one form or another.

Islam is just slavery repackaged. Practitioners will make excuses about choosing to practice but reality is most of the worlds Muslims are cowards. They could easily over run crazed jihadi rhetoric spouting Imams and Mullahs if they pulled together but expectance is easier. It is also cowardice.

Muslims empower them selves with lies. A jihadi that set a bomb to kill children in a sneak attack sees himself as a warrior but he is not. A warrior goes through intense training and has a code of honor, they do not randomly kill or attack innocents. Warriors are calculating and professional, murderers are not. I have hunted enough jihadi to tell you I have never-not even once seen or heard of a brave one. Iraq is further proof, the jihadi have never one a force on force battle. They are incapable of it.

Muslim cyber thugs, apologists and sue happy want to be censors are even bigger cowards than jihadi. Scared to conduct sneak attacks on children they use threats and intimidation as weapons. In this case, I think it will work against them. This battle needs to be fought in court and once it is over it will be even harder to defend Islam.

Law suits work both directions, the bloggers will assure the defense has enough information on Islamic practices, strategies and defenses to crush any chance of winning this type of suit. I suspect the will to fight will quickly vanish as this comes to court, if not I’d bet counter jihadi bloggers will help round up some “experts” to help the defense.

By Barry Brown, January 1, 2008, The Washington Times
TORONTO — A Muslim group is suing Canada’s leading national news weekly for the right of rebuttal because it published excerpts warning of high Muslim birthrates in the book “America Alone,” by syndicated columnist Mark Steyn.

The Canadian Islamic Congress filed complaints last month against Maclean’s magazine with Canada’s national human rights commission and provincial rights commissions in Ontario and British Columbia, charging that Mr. Steyn’s writings promote hatred and contempt against Canada’s estimated 750,000 Muslims.

The commission in British Columbia accepted the case and has scheduled a hearing for early June.

Mr. Steyn, whose syndicated columns appear in The Washington Times, writes that rising birthrates in Muslim countries and the declining number of babies in Christian and Westernized countries represent a long-term security threat.

Mr. Steyn, in the excerpts used by Maclean’s, compared Muslims to Indians in the Old West infiltrating “the white cities” and suggested many Muslims are “hot for jihad” and favor a “bloody” war against the West.

The U.S. magazine Human Events published its own account of the Maclean’s article, highlighting this passage: “There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe — without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

The Human Events article goes on to say: “Just look at the development within Europe, where the number of Muslims is expanding like mosquitoes. Every Western woman in the EU is producing an average of 1.4 children.

Every Muslim woman in the same countries is producing 3.5 children.”

Mr. Steyn, who declined to be interviewed for this article, did not write the mosquito metaphor. The quote was from a jihadist mullah living in Norway.

In a written response published by the magazine, Mr. Steyn defended the right of everyone to be as “Judeophobic and homophobic and Steynophobic” as he or she wants.

Canada’s federal and provincial human rights commissions are under fire from some conservatives and human rights activists for considering the Canadian Islamic Congress’ complaint.

The commissions are probably best-known in the United States for expunging references to Jesus in public celebrations of Christmas.

In an editorial, Canada’s National Post newspaper condemned anti-Jesus rules as an attempt to please “overly sensitive post-Christian liberals” and atheists who file human rights complaints.

For his part, Canadian Islamic Congress President Mohamed Elmasry said the complaint is not about stifling free expression but ensuring large media outlets like Maclean’s provide a voice for minorities to respond.

The group is not seeking any monetary damages. It wants Maclean’s to publish its rebuttal, Mr. Elmasry said.
“We are for free speech and free expression, but it shouldn’t be exclusively for the rich and powerful corporate media,” he said.

Toronto lawyer Garry Wise said Mr. Steyn’s writings are not hate speech.

In 1990, Canada’s Supreme Court moved to prevent human rights tribunals from stepping into areas of free speech by requiring the offending material show an “extreme” amount of hatred allowing for “no redeeming qualities” in the targeted individual or group.

But if one of the human rights panels does rule in favor of the Islamic council, “this case could end up in the Supreme Court.”

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6 Comments on “Muslims sue over book’s birthrate warning”

  1. Senor Doeboy Says:

    I saw this commentary by Mr. Steyn about what he calls (and I like the label because it fits these Nihilist so well) the Cult of Multiculturalism.

  2. buckeyetom Says:

    The high birthrate compensates for those deemed “not Muslim enough” by their fathers.
    Reference to next post.

  3. tnr Says:

    In rebuttal: Squashing debate like mosquitoes
    Mark Steyn, For the Calgary Herald
    Published: Wednesday, January 02, 2008

  4. tnr Says:

    ««««There is a petition via Free Dominion to support Mr. Steyn and to suspend all so-called “human rights commissions” in Canada pending a full investigation thereunto, as these commissions are unconstitutional, discriminatory, ignore the rule of law and evidence, ignore the right to a fair trial and render summary judgement against accuses based solely on mere accusations from allegedly aggrieved parties.»»»»»

    If not mosquitoes, let’s say they really look like insects swarming around Allah’s tomb….

  5. tnr Says:

    O dhimmi Canada

    Muslims test press freedom:

  6. tnr Says:





    CAIR-CAN Applauds Ontario Rights Commission Statement on Maclean’s:

    The Canadian Islamic Congress:

    Ontario Human Rights Commission Acknowledges “islamophobic,” “xenophobic” And “destructive” Content In Relation To Maclean’s Articles :


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