Kenya turmoil a test for Obama

Lynn Sweet wrote the article below about her perception of how Obama was received in Kenya. It is not a bad article and I couldn’t find anything I would find strange or bias. Written first person it shows the problem Obama has with his personal connection with Ralia Odinga and the Lou tribe. The press has painted the current problems as a political struggle with tribal ties between the Lou and Kikuyus tribes.

That explanation worked for me until the violence lead to burning a church with people inside. That act sounded a little too much like something a bunch of jihadi drunken Muslims would do. Therefore, I did a little digging. Obama’s friend Raila Odinga, has reportedly promised to implement strict Islamic Sharia law if elected president. This was supposedly to get the Muslim votes. This is troublesome because he is claiming victory and the election was fixed (all the normal whining you would expect from a politician)

Obama denies his Muslim connection at least on the religious side. Having no reason to question his faith or integrity I will point out in most Muslims eyes, once a Muslim always a Muslim. Dad was a Muslim so ergo Obama is considered a Muslim, in denial of his Muslim faith some will brand him an apostate to Islam. This could be a problem if he is elected President of the USA. His effectiveness as a statesman will suffer no matter how this plays out. Sweet talikng Americans will be easy compared to sweet talking Islamists. His connections to Kenya will be of no help.

So far, all that is certain is Kenya is a mess. I am not ready to make the leap that this is a religious battle as opposed to tribal one but the question remains and indications are that Islam has picked the Lou tribe to win. Some Muslims would celebrate a victory of Obama by attacking someone or each other. If he loses the election Muslims in some locations will riot and attack someone or each other. Obama finding himself stuck between Islam, Kenyan tribes and anything else really will not hinder his effectiveness except regionally. Radical Muslims will always hate whoever sits in the White House.

I personally could care less who wins as I have seen a few who I dislike and some who say the right things but have not proven they mean them. My only political advice is a simple one, vote out as many of the incumbents as you can, vote for the individual and not the party. Many of the old timers have only proven to be crooked opportunists. Name long-term politicians with integrity and you will be looking at a loner’s, no friends and no real power, let them collect food stamps and hang out in the unemployment office.

My outlook for the future is this: a lot of people will be in office and most are scum sucking dead beats. That has nothing to do with the article or the situation in Kenya but I felt like saying it. Enjoy the article.

BY LYNN SWEET Sun-Times Columnist, January 3, 2008
DES MOINES, Iowa — Now and then, I still ache from a couple of ribs I cracked when a stampede of men surrounded Sen. Barack Obama’s motorcade when it arrived at Kibera, a district in Nairobi, one of the worst slums in Kenya and maybe the world.

The driver of the press van slammed on the brakes when the mob lurched toward us, and I was thrown. It was an accident. The situation was not hostile, unlike today, when rioters since Sunday have been killing hundreds after a contested presidential election between Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki and opposition leader Raila Odinga.

On that day in August 2006, the crowd was just eager to catch a glimpse of Obama.

The Kenya leg of Obama’s four-nation trip to Africa was the highlight because it was seen as a homecoming for the Illinois senator, whose father was Kenyan. Obama got his first taste of being treated by a nation as a hero. The upbeat press he got in the United States from the trip helped set the stage for his presidential bid.

Obama is in a good position to win the Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses tonight, after an almost yearlong campaign in which his inexperience continued to be his major weakness. On foreign affairs, Obama argued that his judgment trumped his lack of resume.

He said his experience of living as a youth in Indonesia and having a blended family made him a figure who could reach out to the leaders of unfriendly Muslim nations, and therefore he was more qualified than chief rival Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.).

Now Obama’s claim of personal diplomacy is being tested.

The arc of the moral universe Obama refers to so often — a line from the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. — now stretches from the United States to Kenya. What can he do — what will he do — that is more than the radio message for Voice of America’s Africa service he taped Wednesday, urging the Kenyans to stop the violence?

“Despite irregularities in the vote tabulation, now is not the time to throw that strong democracy away. Now is a time for President Kibaki, opposition leader Odinga, and all of Kenya’s leaders to call for calm, to come together, and to start a political process to address peacefully the controversies that divide them,” Obama said.

I saw how Kenyans adulated Obama. I met his half sister, Auma, who lives in Nairobi and who has been in Iowa campaigning for him.

I was there when Obama delivered a lecture on corruption intended for the ears of Kibaki, a member of the Kikuyu tribe.

I watched Odinga, a Luo, as was Obama’s father, hover when Obama got an AIDS test with wife, Michelle, and then be part of the welcoming ceremony the day Obama visited his father’s homestead.

As Kenya boiled, Obama reached out to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to discuss the situation. I’m told it was Obama’s idea to put out the statement.

I understand Obama has to be careful because while he is one of the most credible figures the United States has to deal with Kenya, the dispute between Odinga and Kibaki is mired in tribal politics. Obama, very aware that Kenyans may see him as a Luo in this context, does not want to be seen as taking sides.

But Obama’s claim of uniqueness is being offered as a reason he should be president. The Voice of America statement is a good first step. What’s next? Obama can’t vote present on Kenya.

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10 Comments on “Kenya turmoil a test for Obama”

  1. Chris Says:

    There is an issue here that certainly needs more attention. If Odinga curried Muslim votes by promising Sharia, then his loss in a tainted election would certainly provoke Muslim outrage. If that outrage was behind the burning of a church filled with women and children, then the media should be talking about religious terrorism and not just a tribal conflict.

    The bloggers, the mainstream media, and Barack Obama all need to do their homework and sort out this mess in Kenya. This will be an opportunity to test the political intelligence and diplomatic skills of this potential future president of the U.S.
    If other candidates want to burnish their credentials as world class leaders, they can chime in, too.

  2. Chris,

    I suspect that the burning of the church was facilitated by the practitioners of the religion of peace. 10% of Kenya is Muslim, and they used this election to stir up the pot between the Luo and the Kikuyu tribes. Anyway, that’s my suspicion.


  3. Candor7 Says:

    Obama is a black natinalist and an Islamofascist. He hides it well, but actions speak louder tha words.

    If you want facts, take a look. Obama is very bad news for america. Ask yourself why Black America is generally ambivalent about Obama. They know the kind of creature he is.

    Obama is Odinga’s paternal first cousin.

    Check out the referenced web site:

    See the memorandum Odinga signed. See the time line under “Obama file”.

    Obama helped impliment Odingas plan. And it fekll apart, thank goodness. Kenya has been thrust into the verge of Civil war with the help of Mr. Obama. I believe he should resign his candidacy and his seat in the senate.

  4. Obama

    The race card.
    “There’s clearly a matter of heart going on here,” Bennett says after his morning radio show. “He’s a cool guy, a handsome guy, has a fabulous voice. A leading Democratic candidate, a black man in America, a…

  5. Yak Says:

    Thank You

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  7. oldwhitewoman Says:

    Obama needs to stay out of foreign affairs without permission of the US government because he is in violation of the Logan Law. He should be prosecuted for the two occasions he meddled..once in Kenya in behalf of his cousin Odinga, an islamofacist and again in Iraq when he attempted to pressure the Iraq government into postponing a drawdown agreement until after the election.

  8. My Blog Says:

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  9. My Blog Says:

    […] for the Presidency in the 2007 Kenya elections and who claims that he and Barack Obama are cousins, promised to implement strict Islamic Shariah law if elected. However, the majority of Kenyans is Christians. When he claimed that the election results had been […]

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