Jihadists Attempting to Shut Down PalTalk Chat Room

ChangedForever sent us the following cyber-jihad email: 

A Million Muslim Petition is Launched to Intimidate a PalTalk Anti-Islam Chat Room

Our colleague Joseph Shahda has, in his monitoring of terrorist websites, uncovered a real shocker. On the Ekhlaas terrorist website there is a drive calling on fellow Islamists to sign a petition demanding that PalTalk shut down a site the Islamists find offensive to Islam.

What is shocking is that these very Islamists – who use the Internet to recruit jihadists, to spread hate, and to incite violence and terror – now have the gall to demand that a website that takes issue with their ideology of terror should be shut down! Americans must awaken to the fact that we face an implacable foe, an enemy that cannot be reasoned with, who sees the world in only one way — a world where Allah and Islam reign supreme, a world where all unbelievers must be converted, conquered or killed.

Stay tuned in the days and weeks to come for information regarding how ACT! for America plans to take action in this arena of cyberspace jihad.

By Joseph Shahda

On January 6 2008 the Ekhlaas terrorist forum, the largest terrorist forum on the internet, posted a thread asking the members of the forum to sign a petition to be sent to Paltalk.com asking them to shut down a chat room that they accuse of being anti-Muslim. The Petition is basically telling PalTalk to shut down the chat room because it is against Muslims and Islam. This is a link to the petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/Steyr/petition.html

The big irony is that the petitioners and PalTalk seem not to care about several Islamic terrorist chat rooms on PalTalk that spread terrorist propaganda, violent terrorist materials, recruit people for Jihad, teach them how to conduct terrorist acts, teach them to hate anyone who disagree with their 7th century sharia, and conduct live interviews with Al Qaeda terrorists the latest one occurred only few days ago. The most dangerous terrorist chat room on Paltalk is called “Al Ansarr Ansar Al Mougahedeen”

According to Ekhlaas terrorist forum, the Muslim activists were able to gather over one million signatures for the petition to close the PalTalk chat room that they claim to be anti-Muslim. According to the terrorist forum PalTalk told the petitioners to gather one million signature and they will shut the room that they are asking to be shut.


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13 Comments on “Jihadists Attempting to Shut Down PalTalk Chat Room”


    Just log this as Koranic hypocrisy incident number 42,688,212. The Koran frowns upon hypocrisy but its followers practice it shamelessly in all areas of life.

  2. Blackdog Says:

    Islam itself is hypocrisy by definition. It claims to be the religion of peace, yet it incites war, murder, hatred, and suppression.
    It should be called the religion of pig-love denial.

  3. aroma Says:

    *Blackdog*, it seems you HAVE NEVER read a book talking about islam, you are just judging based on what you see in NEWS, right? 🙂

    Just remember! Islam represents itself, it does not mean that if I am muslim, then I represent Islam! may be I am a bad muslim who don’t obey the instructions and rules of islam! it seems you see alot of these kinds of muslims around, right? 🙂

    If islam incites war as you said, then could you please tell me what america is doing in muslims countires? 🙂 aaaah, yeah! Islam incites war so the OTHERS come to us for war! they (muslims) don’t even bother to go to the OTHERS countries for the war! it seems Muslims have sent an invitation letter “Hey, america! would like to start a war? don’t forget to pass by!!”.

    and DONT SAY that Muslims started the war! the muslims countires are suffering, and don’t even have the vitals that qualify it to start a war 🙂 the OTHERS just want the petroleum from Muslims countries, and all the wars you see in Iraq, the intentions to attach syria, Iran, and Lebanon, is just a reason for them to stay in muslims countries so they can get petroleum as much as they could!

    Think again, and I would recommend you to read and investigate more about islam untill you reach the truth 🙂

    P.S: I searched through Paltalk and could not find that chat room, could you please send the link to that room to my email if possible? 🙂 thanks


    • haze Says:

      aroma…I don’t know what you were before you converted to islam..but let me tell you this.
      All of this…every last bit of it…comes down to one place on earth…one central point.
      That place is: Jerusalem … Israel.

      No matter how you cut the cake, aroma…there is but one Gd…who gave the Law at Sinai….who also gave THE Covenant. It is everlasting.

      Go back to scripture…read the story of the Covenant. Read what comes after…THIS is what we’re seeing.
      Islam is not peaceful…islam wants the “Covenant.”
      It won’t be successful…this will all culminate in to the worst and last battle/war that this world has ever seen. You are in the belly of the beast…swallowed up by islam.

  4. Ronin Says:

    A common but persistent myth, America is at war with Islam. That lie is great for the apologists but please explain why we defended portions of Africa, Saudi, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo and now Iraq. BTW, we only get oil from one of those so that’s not the reason.

    As far as poor little Muslims and their impoverishment talk to your Imams. They keep building Mosques and not feeding poor Muslims. They let the worlds Muslims starve (some African Muslims eat only one meal a day) while the oil rich Arab and Persian Muslim Sheiks and nations spend lavishly on the global jihad (and partying their asses off) non-Arab Muslims suffer.

    Muslims have much more suffering to ask themselves about before pointing fingers at the west.

  5. T.J. Says:

    I don’t think the jihadists will be very succeful in shutting down pal talk. And who do they think they are anyways to shut down a chat just because they don’t agree on what people are saying. Like muslims arent ractists, and bash Christians and Jews or our reigious books. LONG LIVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. T.J. Says:

    Muslims pratice double standards, and are the biggest hyprocites around.

  7. kevin Says:

    Mr Ronin decided that I was an idiot and should watch my mouth. He is so wize, everyone likes Ronin.

  8. islams not for me Says:


    Gee how much about islam do you know?

    I dont know what blackdog has done in researching islam… But so far they seem to be on target.

    Muslims do incite violence on thier websites and in person. Or are you just dreaming…

  9. islams not for me Says:

    I just visited the ‘petition’ and it seems to be un-signed… It looks like islam fails again.

  10. say no to Islam Says:

    I do not understand why you give so much importance to what Muslims think or say,they can say whatever they want,but at the same time we also can do whatever we like the U.S. Constitution gives me that right and that right is within the law the opposite of what the Muslims do which is to eliminate your right to expression and that is against the law and anti constitutional, so if you do not like our constitution go away and piss off to the country you came from.

  11. islams not for me Says:

    Most moslems will go back to those sharia run hell holes they come from. Meanwhile better to use our laws to keep the jihadists and shariaists at bay…

    Meanwhile our American rights give the same rights to moslems to try to ruin our laws and ways of life. Better to counter thier ideology, theology and propaganda with facts, truth and counter opinions.

    Thanks for doing your part…

  12. William Steven Carender Says:

    Shut down Paltalk and cripple the Devil, I say Amen!

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