Moral Equivalency Between Islam and Christianity.

By Ronin, 20 January, 2008
This subject always shows up when we point out the Islam is based around an evil and oppressive ideology. Moral equivalency arguments are easy to make, they are simple apple vs oranges comparisons but do not reflect reality. They are as simple and childlike as “I know you are but what am I”.

I will let one of the hundreds of Christians who visit this site daily correct the equating the violent passages in the Old Testament with the Koran. That argument comes up every time this subject comes up. Reality is that discussion is unimportant and distracting to the lager point of comparing the moral messages in the Koran and the Bible. The truths as I understand it is Christians study the Old Testament but attempt to follow the New Testament. Muslims follow the Koran. Open those books and read a few pages and clearly an equal comparisons of ideology is impossible, unless you wish to compare opposites. Love thy neighbor and forcibly convert or kill your neighbor have nothing in common.

There are violent people of all faiths but only one religion “Islam” mandates it, encourages it and condemns all others as inferior. Muslims simply follow one rule “it’s our way or the highway”. Claiming to be tolerant of others starts with setting the example to prove it. Nowhere in the Muslims world are Christians treated as equal. Even if such a place existed, the larger group would still set a clear example of Muslim treatment of others belief systems. The evidence is openly displayed for all and all anyone has to do is look with an open mind, not at claims but at examples.

Muslims are all guilty of arrogance, they see themselves as practitioners of the perfect religion, following the perfect example of the perfect man and his perfect book. They attempt to portray themselves as moderates, great inventors, masters of human rights and scholars. They are none of these things. They are closed minded and liars. The lies are both internal to Islam and outwards. Muslims blindly except Muslim claims while ignoring all evidence to the contrary. The historical record speaks for itself. Most Muslim “inventions” were stolen and Muslims were never champions of human rights, great scientists or tolerant. What few historical figures that tried to modernize and bring Islam out of the seventh century were persecuted. A quick look at today shows this trend continues. What few Muslims countries that are modern and peaceful owe that progress to non-Muslims. Any Muslim who attempts to restrain the legions of brainwashed minions are branded as heretics and punished. There simply is no-Not One-moderate Muslim spokesman with a sizable following.

True inward reflection can not happen until Muslims lose the arrogance and seek to compare examples. Muslims have to stop accepting claims from so called leaders and conduct an honest assessment based on the evidence around them. Muslims claim Jesus was an important figure to them as was Moses and other Biblical figures. With a simple search of the scriptures, any open-minded person will see the Jesus in the Bible and the Jesus in the Koran are not the same Man. The Muslim’s claim that, “it is so,” is actually an insult. Jesus would have been guilty of setting one example for Christians and another for Muslims. It is far easier for me to believe the evidence that they were and are different persons than to accept a heaven sent deity screwed it all up the first time and needed the help of a madman to fix it. Follow with me and consider the example set by Jesus and Mohammed.

Jesus never raided a caravan, raped a 9 year old child, murdered prisoners in front of their families or had multiple wives. Mohammed did all that and more. If he were alive today, he would be executed as menace to society. Measured on deeds and not words Jesus is easily the greater humanitarian, teacher and example for mankind. I’m sure a comparison of the other Biblical figures mentioned in the Koran would also show similar discrepancies.

Now compare today’s examples: Christians are continuously attacked in the media. Their symbols are mutilated and called art. They are insulted and mocked in the media and blamed for all sorts of evil deeds. Comparisons that all religions are equal are as common as they are wrong. Christians usually respond with compassion for their attacker. Turn the other cheek, pray for the attacker and forgive them. Quite a concept, but they do it and in fantastic numbers. We are all familiar with the normal Muslim response to mockery of their religion, Mohammed or his message.

All Christians are not great and wonderful people and not all Muslims are violent terrorists but each of them are in theory supposed to follow the examples set forth by their religious leaders. Some will make it and some will fail that is human nature.

Arrogance is encouraged in Islam and a sin to Christians. Any real comparisons between these two groups are a newspaper away. Judge them on deeds and not words.

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10 Comments on “Moral Equivalency Between Islam and Christianity.”

  1. Ronin,

    Wow! Excellent points!

    Good job!


  2. Ronin Says:

    Thanks Doc,

    I could claim a deity inspired me, start my own religion and encourage my followers to burn someone else’s stuff but I hate being a copycat.

    I just simply pointed out the obvious. I am glad you liked it.

    Ronin the non Prophet

  3. LOL.

    BTW – the “I know you are, but what am I” argument is called “Tu Quoque.” Just one of those big fancy shmancy words you can throw out to impress your friends… 🙂



    Brilliant. Time to present Ronin with a doctorate!

  5. Ronin Says:


    If I had a doctorate I would know where Doc learned to use words like “Tu Quoque” I’m not sure I am ready for that.

  6. d sinclair Says:

    Islam is a crime against humanity and a threat to the future of mankind. There is no equivalent to the barbarity that is islam.

  7. Gramfan Says:

    Great stuff Ronin!

    I am sick of hearing stuff like this. Islam doesn’t equate to any religion I can think of because it isn’t really one at all.

    (I am going to email you a piece I received today.I think it is too long for me to paste here. Warning: I couldn’t read it all).

  8. s_sgt7 Says:

    islam is a political movement that uses religion as a front – and it uses it quite well. It is able to gain a foothold in so many countries under the guise of a religion.

    If you take another look at this article you will see how closely islam is to communism, or fascist types of movements.

  9. shaitan Says:

    AMEN!! Preach it!

    Interestingly enough…. Christian aide goes into those Islamic countries to feed, cloth the poor in those countries…

    And what do muzzies do? Little or nothing….

    Better to be a Christian than a muslim!

  10. Hatsuneko Says:

    Wow, this is awesome. You’re the best writer 😀

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