More Pious Muslims riot over Mohammed’s caricature


Poor old Mo, they riot when you do not accept him as a prophet. They riot when you point out he was a scum sucking pedophile and murderous bastard who would be imprisoned if he were alive today. They riot when cartoons are drawn about him. They riot when he is insulted. Here is a tip Mo-Can I call ya mo?

Dude you need better friends. Yours are Intolerant a-holes and you could do much better. I mean that in the most respectful way possible. I didn’t have a copy of the caricature which started all this so I picked the non offensive one above, enjoy it. You can tell from the picture Old Mo is enjoying himself.

Nice chatin with ya Mo, allahu ackbar, babe

8 February 2008, (AFP)
Three persons including a police officer were killed after Muslim students rioted over a caricature of Prophet Mohammed by their Christian colleagues, police and teachers said Friday.

Students of Government Secondary School Sumaila, some 76 kilometres (47 miles) south of the northern city of Kano, went on the rampage late Thursday, after a Christian student suspended for two weeks returned to the school.

He had been suspended for having drawn a caricature of the Prophet and posted it on a wall inside the school.
-How rude an outside wall would have been better.

“Two people and a police inspector have been killed in the violence while the divisional police station and everything inside including ammunition have been burnt by the rioters”, Kano police chief Aminu Yesufu told reporters outside the burnt police station.
-Tip to the coppers-SHOOT THEM!!!!

He said aAbout 20 others were badly wounded, including the divisional police officer, who suffered a deep machete cut to the head.

Police had arrested 25 people and opened an investigation, he added.

“The students began chanting Allahu Akbar (God is the greatest) when the Christian student returned and pursued him to lynch him”, Sadiq Haruna, a teacher at the school, told an AFP reporter who visited the town on Friday.
-Now that is no way to make friends. Mo never lynched anyone.

“The Christian escaped in taking refuge in the local police station but hundreds of angry Muslim students attacked and set on fire the premises after the police refused to hand him over,” Haruna said.

The whereabouts of the Christian student were still not known.

This is the second time in a week in the mainly Muslim northern Nigeria that an allegation of blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed has sparked violent protests and an attack on the police.
I’m glad I do not live in Nigeria even though I am way to respectful to insult Islam or my buddy Mo.

On Thursday last week police shot dead one rioter during rioting irate Muslim youth in the city of Yana (Bauchi state) over alleged blasphemy by a Christian woman.
-One? Did they only give Barney the one bullet?

According to Bauchi police chief, Adnan Tolman Gaya, Yana police shot into the crowd to disperse a mob that calling for the lynching of the women who besieged and burnt the police station. The woman escaped unhurt.

After the death of the youth, the other rioters went on rampage and looted houses of policemen in town and burnt shops belonging to Christians.

The police station was also burned down during the unrest. Officers arrested 44 people.

The tension between the Christian and Muslim communities is particularly high in the north of Nigeria and periodically flares up into violence.
-Really and we are always told they can live side by side in harmony.

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7 Comments on “More Pious Muslims riot over Mohammed’s caricature”

  1. LOL

    Mrs. Bulldog and I were just cracking up reading those comments of yours, Ronin. Thanks for smile.


  2. Ronin Says:

    Someone who makes you laugh is a comedian. Someone who makes you think and then laugh is a humorist.
    George Burns

    Doc I am glad that you and the lovely Mrs. Bulldog enjoy my feeble attempts to honor Islamic fundamentalists by exposing their failure to honor Islamic Fundamentalism.

    Happy Early Valentines day to you two and the puppies.

  3. Leatherneck Says:

    Your false god allah will be destroyed at Judgment day, and Mohamed will be seen for the murderer, and rapist he was.

    Thank you, and have a nice day.

  4. profet mohammed is the best human was born in the earth … see the site if u don`t belive

  5. Ronin Says:

    If mo ham med was the best human ever. This world should end. I’d like to live without murdering, raping or enslaving anyone. You can keep following the 7th century pedophile and his oppressive ideology I’ll stay in this one.

  6. GLM,

    Sorry, but Muhammed wasn’t the best human ever. That distinction and honor goes to Jesus Christ.

    Only Jesus Christ was without sin.


  7. jamelgo Says:

    The affirmation that only Jesus was without sin is just as infantile as the one that Mohammed was the best. How do you know? Were you there? This sounds like 5-year-olds telling each other that their respective daddies are stronger.

    In one point I agree to the Ronin: Let’s behave like people from the 21st century.
    Enlightened people don’t cut anyone’s head for criticizing a Religion and its representatives.

    This is the right we gained through French and American revolution were many lost their lives.

    Before that there were witch hunts and inquisition in Christianity, too.

    So guys, wake up! The key to a peaceful life today is not in old books like Bible and Qu´ran. It is in democracy, freedom of speech and equal rights.

    BTW: The cartoon should also feature Jesus. I’m sure he’d be just as pissed about many things one in his name.

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