Thanks to tnr for sending this in. If the Brits are willing to foot the bill for the up keep they will keep coming. Read about the minions and you might get sick, they are discusting.

In fairness, American politicians are just as weak and ineffective as their British cousins. I think all politicians must inbreed with themselves.

11 February 11, 2008, FROM THEOPINIONATOR:
Another muslim scrounger happy to turn his “talent” for pumping out children into a money making scheme. Even though he is a qualified and experienced teacher, Mohammed (what else) Salim uses his self imposed unemployed status to spend fulltime running his political party, Islam Zinda Badd, whose name means ‘Long Live Islam’ thus allowing him to rant and protest against the same people who pay for and provide his, and his family’s, every need.

THIS is what the policy of rampant muslim immigration into the UK has brought us. We are all stupid to let it continue. (authors comment)

He quit his £27,000 job teaching maths and science three years ago and is BETTER OFF claiming £29,096 a year in benefits.

And he has much more time to devote to his Islamic political party— which ATTACKS the British government, even though this country gives his family their food, clothes and house for free.

Mohammed is also busy planning his TWELFTH baby with wife Noreen, 35, but has no plans to get a job.

He grinned: “For many years I worked in Derby as a teacher, earning £27,000 a year, and Noreen would be at home with the kids.

“I would come home at weekends. Then I moved back to work in Manchester and took a pay cut to £24,000. It was a load of c***.

“I was teaching at a college and I’d be up at 5.30am with the kids then have to go to work.

“I just couldn’t be a***d with sitting in traffic. I’d be sat in traffic for hours and I felt like I’d done a day’s work by the time I got there, I was so stressed.”

“It’s nice to be at home with the kids and for Noreen to have a hand.”

That’s a luxury most hard-working taxpayers who struggle to support their families can only dream about.

The family we’re all supporting live in a comfy five-bedroom house on a quiet street in Rochdale, Gtr Manchester. They get £19,000 a year Jobseeker’s Allowance, £6,600 Child Benefit, £2,496 free school meals and £1,000 Council Tax Relief.

They have a minibus to swan around in, two TVs and a computer, plus a garden full of brightly-coloured toys. Noreen has never worked since marrying Mohammed—who is her cousin—when she was 16.

She said: “I spend all day clearing up after the children. As soon as you pick up one pile of crisps or mop up drink, there’s another.”

As she sits on the sofa nursing their latest addition—an as yet unnamed two-week-old girl—Mohammed explains: “I can’t stand condoms.


“I used a condom once. It was awful. Never again, it’s nothing like the real thing. It’s up to God whether we have any more kids.”

He chortles: “It says in the Bible and the Koran to go forth and multiply, and that’s what we’ll do. It’s Noreen, she finds me irresistible!

“I see my children as God’s blessing, as a gift from God. Some people out there pay to have children, through IVF or surrogacy. I feel so lucky that I can have as many as I want.

“I want to carry on my family name and for my children and grandchildren to remember me.”

The couple’s ten other children are Muhammad Aves, 16, Sarah Zenib Bibi, 15, Maryam Hajra Bibi, 13, Muhammad Bilal, 11, Muhammad Haider Ali, nine, Halimn Sadia Bibi, eight, Umayah Habiba Hadia Bibi, seven, Saadiqah Fatima Bibi, five, Muhammad Ibrahim Amter, three, and Muhammad Imam Ismail, 18 months.

But Mohammed worries about how he will send them to university —because it is not free.

He said: “I think it’s important for them to enjoy themselves and I make sure they have a good education.
“I don’t know how we’d afford to send them to university.

“It’s a shame really, because when I went it was free but you have to pay now. But it’s in God’s hands.”

Mohammed moved to Britain from Pakistan in 1966, when he was eight. He went on to university and qualified as a teacher. He then taught computer studies, maths and science at primary and high schools and a higher education college in Manchester and Derbyshire until three years ago.

Soon afterwards he stood as a candidate in the Rochdale constituency in the 2005 General Election, using an anti-war message.

But he only got 361 votes—less then one per cent of the total cast. Mohammed said: “It goes to show that we are not living in a democracy, because a democracy is supposed to reflect the opinions and the interests of the majority.
“The so-called democratic process has let down the Rochdale people, just as it let down the people of the entire country when the Blair government went to war in Iraq.”

Previously, Mohammed staged a hunger strike in protest at the publication of Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses—which some Muslims claimed was blasphemous.

He said: “The hunger strike was successful in that people saw I was prepared to make a sacrifice for what I believed in.”
Now he spends his time running his political party, Islam Zinda Badd, whose name means ‘Long Live Islam’.
He said: “I set it up to protest about the war in Iraq and the NHS, and we want to show that all Muslims are not terrorists.

“We use the Koran for guidance. We are not radical.
-True they are just normal minions going about idol worship.

We believe that we should look after each other, especially children and the elderly, and that wealth should be shared.

“That is what is great about Britain. In Pakistan the government does not look after you like in England. The government here is so supportive.

“It will help people out of work and it has a good welfare state. Islam teaches sharing of wealth. The people who put money in might complain, but the people who can earn need to look after those who can’t. The only people I object to are people who abuse the system.”

We know just what you mean, Mohammed.

And he has no plans to go back to Pakistan despite his party’s anger at British policy. He said: “I did want to move back at one point but now it is so unstable—and I don’t think we would be able to have the quality of life we have here.”

A neighbour in Mohammed’s street said he was disgusted by the Salim family’s cushy lifestyle.

The married dad of four—who did not want to be named—said: “I only earn £15,000 a year in a factory and my wife is a part-time cleaner. We would be better off chucking in our jobs and claiming benefits like him down the road.

“But we want to work because it gives you a sense of worth and purpose.

“He used to be a teacher and it sickens me that a man with such a good brain can just give it up and have everything paid for by the state. It shouldn’t be allowed.

“Why on earth is the state subsidizing him to sit at home doing nothing when he could be teaching kids, paying taxes and contributing to society.

“There is something very wrong with a society that allows this to happen. The benefits system needs changing.”

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  1. Interesting way to bleed the West of its resources and money while at the same time replacing the population of the UK…

    Arrogant bastard…

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    “Hello, we bred like rabbits on your tax dime, and some of my children will grow up and murder infidels.”

    “Allah be praised.” “I love this country. They are so stupid.”


    Only 11 brats? What a bad Koranist. Bin Loser has at least 40-now that’s a real he-man!

  4. Not all of us Says:

    Mentally he is knackered. But then ahain are you telling me there is no one white doing exactly the same thing. The other thing is this countries so screwed you let europe join and let them without even considering the implications. Oh a nd the other thing the ones from europe who couldnt get here well what did you do for them. Thats right you built em a fing tunnel to sneak through. What were you fing expecting.

  5. just the two of us Says:

    Its RubberDick + open all hours his partner (robocop + lewis)

    Prime directives are
    1. Breed
    2. Breed some more
    3. Keep Breeding.
    4’s classified but i think we know its got sommat to do with breeding.

  6. jeee z us Says:

    I think in our language you would say
    Oh jagh eeh penchoodah.

  7. just the two of us,


  8. Toyz R US Says:

    Why go out and teach when theres a FULL class at home. Just leave out the sex education yeah. THEYRE ONLY KIDZ.

  9. Burnout US Says:

    No.. reen more like yesreen. It was hard enough picking a name for my 1 child. Are you working alphabetically. Oh yeah all the names on this with us in it are all me.

  10. Anal Muz Says:

    Heres an idea Dr Do little but f*** more, why don’t you get a job at a local game store. A multi talented guy like you should’nt have no problems whatsoever. This way i won’t miss burnout 12. U’ve obviously pre-ordered your copy. Just to let you know, square enix are on final fantasy 13, sh** man they are 1 ahead.

    [language de-fanged by Dr. Bulldog – No more warnings…]

  11. Matamoros Says:

    And he has no plans to go back to Pakistan despite his party’s anger at British policy. He said: “I did want to move back at one point but now it is so unstable—

    “So I’m determined that we’ll just stay here and destabilise Britain, you know, make this green and sceptered isle a sh**hole carbon copy of Pakistan; ….much easier that way”…….
    we’re constantly telling our kids; when you all grow up remember, never keep it in your pants, one you miss out on is one you’ll never catch up…..try not to run out of cousins.

  12. Doctor Love Says:

    Just to point out. White kidz are busy having kidz as early as 12 years of age. Dont think theyre working so im guessing theyre ALSO scounging from the state. The other thing im asian and i pay my taxes. So dont make it out like its just asians that are doing this. Its just that doctor salims made himself an example and a target.

  13. SEx doctor Says:

    Come on doctor salim. Youve been married 16 years. Youre supposed to drop at least one every year. Youre falling behind man.

  14. Asian doctor Says:

    You know the biggest crime is when you misunderstand your religion and what it teaches. Read again doctor salim and try and understand what it says not what you think or want it to say. By making the comments you want you are giving these people to target not only yourself but youre religion. This is the biggest crime of all.

  15. Born Ultimatum Says:

    Famous quote i thought dr salim may wish to recite next

    It is so weird I swear!
    People say that sex can get old. Not to me!
    It is the only “job” I have ever enjoyed working!!

  16. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    I posted this response on Winds of Jihad some time ago, & forgot about it:

    Ballad of Noreen and Mohamm’d

    Little ditty, about Noreen and Mohamm’d
    Two married cousins spongin’ in the Dar al Harb-land
    Mohamm’d the teacher latched onto a plan
    Noreen pops out li’l jihadis just as fast as she can

    Got a five bedroom house in Greater Man
    Two tellies, computer, and a minivan
    Brightly coloured toys for the kids on the benefit scam
    They get their guidance from the “holy” Koran

    Dhimmies provide well for Noreen and Mohamm’d
    2 muslim cousins spongin’ in the Dar al Harb-land
    Mohamm’d runs a Party called “Long Live Islam”
    To attack the system in the Dar al Harb-land

    (apology to John Mellencamp)

    • Lyrical gangster Says:

      Wow, all the fags on here are really pissed cause they’ve never sunk it in pussy and are jealous of “Saleem’s cream” (please note anyone can rhyme, it’s not difficult),

      • Leatherneck Says:

        Roses are red, violets are blue, Muhmmad raped little girls, and so do you.

        I’m a poet, and didn’t know it.

        • Lyrical gangster Says:

          Get your past and present tenses right,
          If you want an intellectual fight.

          • Leatherneck Says:

            Come on Lyrucal, you know that is some great poems we be sending out to ya with all our love.

            It is strange you brought up wanking. Is wanking on your mind son? You little wanker. You’ll grow hair on your palms.

          • tgusa Says:


        • tgusa Says:

          He will hurl mindless insults as he sniffs his own gas.
          But he’s and intellectual, so lets give him a pass!
          He’s not gay, that he’d tell you, its you that is fag!
          He is feelin much better since he jumped on that hag.
          He prowls skid row alleys in search of a squeeze.
          But most will avoid him cause he smells like bad cheese.
          He will disregard history as he pretends he’s got class.
          But the lyrical gangster is still,
          just an ass.

          • Lyrical gangster Says:

            Written like a true fag! who else would spend half a day writing poetry to a stranger? You prove my original point exactly. By the way that’s half a day of angry middle aged wanking that you won’t get back.

          • tgusa Says:

            Half a day, ten minutes, you dip$#!%. If I spent half a day it would have been better. What kind of strange and creepy person imposes its-self on websites where they know damn well they are not welcome? Do you treat women the same way? That might be a problem.

            I scraped your brother/girlfriend off of the bottom of my shoe just the other day loser.

          • Iwantachild Says:

            Joking aside I get the point we’ve been trying with IVF for three years now, if all men were potent as Saleem we would never have such a thing as IVF. Some people are just lucky.

  17. Honest hard worker Says:

    after sitting tonite watching cutting edge i was disgusted at the salim family. to stand in front of a crowded street and shout rascist remarks about the british public, omg wtf? i have 4 kids work 67 odd hours a week just to keep them! he does sod all and complains!
    i belive he should get what comes to him! i’m not racist, i have many close freinds muslim and sikhs and they are brilliant people, he just disgraces them all!
    Where will this stop!

  18. Allah Ditta Says:

    Give him a chance , IM sure there are many english familys out there with 12 or more than 12 children , but no one seems to be publicising them , Good on him Im behind him all the way! At least his children are British citizens , and have as much rights as all of us!

    • “IM sure there are many english familys out there with 12 or more than 12 children , but no one seems to be publicising them “

      Does “OctoMom” ring a bell?

      Admittedly, she’s not “english,” per se, but she does speak English and is living off the sugar teat…

  19. marti Says:

    It’s a disgrace! Decent folks will suffer for scrungers like these! Why should we pay on someone’s kids? This system is not fair!

  20. sickofitall Says:

    Most problems can be solved quite easily.Benefits scroungers should be made to work 40hours per week for their money no matter how little or how much they get.This way people on low benefits will soon find a real job that pays more money,and the ones with large families who get large benefits and keep telling us they cannot get a job that pays as much as they get on benefits well at least they will be working 40hours instead of lying in bed or going to the pub or bookies.Also any foreigners who come here to claim benefits and do nothing will soon go home.

  21. Jackie Says:

    Oh my god why should honest hard working tax payers pay for scroungers who obviously have no self respect.

  22. Lilly Fun Says:

    Don’t worry, the day we get the needle proper we’ll sort them out.
    Where there’s muslim there’s mess, they couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery. They’re totally useless.
    Let them enjoy our ‘stupidity’. It won’t last.

  23. Lyrical gangster Says:

    “Ouch” for you know who, up the rest of the day checking for my post, I don’t think you take my posts in the facetious spirit they were intended. Lol. I’m flattered by this but I don’t go on websites to deliberately take the piss, I want you to know a little about Islam, before you spout what you do against it.

    1. Talk to people at their level of understanding.
    2. Do not get angry as it increases the other persons power over you.
    3. This world is a mere deceptive illusion of form.
    4. People are asleep when they die they wake up.
    5. The most intelligent amongst people are those that think of their grave.
    6. If you kill one person it is as if you have slain humanity (because humanity has one soul) and it goes if you save one life you have saved humanity.
    7. Do not criticise other religions’ just say “to me my religion to you your religion”
    8. There are three types of Jihad, first battle with your lower soul (for practical purposes this is what most people in the west would call ‘ego’), second battle with word of mouth, and third and lowest form of Jihad ,you guessed it, is battle in war.
    9. Respect all the Prophets the same.
    10.Suicide is forbidden as it says in the Quran “do not destroy yourselves with you own hands”. Hence all murder or so called terrorism through suicide is not in the name of Islam, but is just murder because the sad fact is humans have always enjoyed killing each other, as primitive amusement.

    These are teachings of Muhammed (PBUH), who prophesied that his prophesy would not be complete until it was in every living room throughout the world, so imagine what wisdom you may learn from mediating on his teachings, that is before your next angry rant?

    • tgusa Says:

      Ok, I apologize.
      So you are a Muslim, why didn’t you just state that? There is nothing to be ashamed about.
      I frequent few web sites, comment on even fewer, this happens to be one. Is
      that ok with you?
      BTW, I agree with everything 1-10 that you wrote.

    • tgusa Says:

      Because if you are not interested in finding the One True God, don’t waste my time on Earthly bs.

  24. tgusa Says:

    These are teachings of Muhammad (PBUH), who prophesied that his prophesy would not be complete until it was in every living room throughout the world, so imagine what wisdom you may learn from mediating on his teachings, that is before your next angry rant?

    Too bad he copied that5from Christ!

    It is written that Christ will not appear until every person on Earth is aware of Christs existence. Very clever, perhaps devilish?

    Are you interested in the One True God, or not?

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