Exclusive: Zacharia Anani Quits the Walid Shoebat Foundation


This morning, we received a comment from Zacharia Anani stating that he was no longer one of the “Three Ex-Terrorists” and that he would NOT be attending the upcoming scheduled Walid Shoebat Foundation (WSF) event in Florida on Monday, the 25th of February.

After verifying his story with a phone call to Keith Davies (the Director of the WSF), I contacted Mr. Anani on the telephone and had a pleasant conversation with him. During the course of which, I inquired as to why he was leaving the Three Ex-Terrorists. Here is my summation of his reply in the order of importance it had on his decision to quit:

First, and of the utmost importance in his decision, he is a Spiritually charged Christian and felt the WSF was not addressing his spiritual needs and goals. Instead, the WSF (from Mr. Anani’s viewpoint) was centering more on materialistic achievements.

Secondly, he has a point of contention concerning the use of the word Terrorist to describe himself. He views himself more as a soldier; in his day, a suicide bomber more accurately described what one became when fighting an enemy on the battlefield and all hope was lost, so one would be forced to kill as many enemy combatants as possible in a suicide mission. He never believed in the killing of innocent men, women, and children. So, the term Terrorist does not accurately describe his self-perception.

Finally, he mentioned that there were some financial reasons, but stresses this was the least important reason of all.

So, there you have it. Zacharia Anani has decided to quit touring as a speaker with the Walid Shoebat Foundation. I enjoyed our conversation over the phone and firmly believe that God has commissioned him to do great works in the future.

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6 Comments on “Exclusive: Zacharia Anani Quits the Walid Shoebat Foundation”

  1. jmb Says:

    I don’t understand what the 1st reason means. Why and how is WSF supposed to meet his spiritual needs?

  2. jmb,

    Mr. Anani did not really elaborate on that. What I got from it was that Mr. Anani wanted to use the platform more for proselytizing than anything else. And, he didn’t feel that the format was conducive to that end… That’s just the feeling I got when I was talking with him.


  3. Barbara Says:

    What a man..

    If Mr. Anani wants to spend most of his time spreading the “TRUTH” , he must see the world situation in dire straits.
    Walid Shoebat does teach Bible Prophesy, and it is wonderful.
    But not to secular groups.

    Next question..
    What does Mr. Anani “know” that would influence this decision.
    Are the “ends of days” here sooner than we think?
    G-d Bless both Mr. Shobat and Mr. Anani

  4. 1389ad Says:

    Agreed with Barbara on this!

    Both deserve our prayers.

  5. d sinclair Says:

    Pity. We need a lot more ex terrorists.

  6. […] fact, one of Shoebat’s former partners in crime (who has since left the con game) and von Campe have shoveled this drek together in […]

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