Study: Saudi girls mostly sluts

So much for the moral equivalency arguments. It seems saudi girls could care less who they fool around with. 99% is one heck of a percentage, the other 1% were probably liars.

Now, I really could care less why they do it – I just posted this so I can remind saudi men-your wives sleep around.

Some 85% of girls in the ultra-conservative kingdom of Saudi Arabia use the Bluetooth feature on their mobile phone “in an indecent manner,” a recent survey by the National Human Rights Association revealed.

According to the survey, 99% of mobile text messages amongst girls “break social taboos and violate customs and traditions,” the Saudi edition of London-based Al-Hayat newspaper reported.
-Shocking, honor kill them all, right now, tonight. Ok, I am having fun at the expense of saudi men but I am serious about this: saudi men can not please their women so in desperation the women all look elsewhere. Still unsatisfied they do it again and again and again. It’s not just the low moral standards of the women that make this process work the men are also guilty. While saudi women are out cheating, so are their husbands.

Using Bluetooth is prevalent in public places, traffic jams, restaurants, and cafes. A guy or a girl writes their name in a romantic text message or with an attached picture of a flower bouquet and includes his or her contact details. People within reach are able to get the message and contact the sender.
-This wouldn’t happen if they were with a male relative at all times. Keep those sluts on a leash before they start corrupting the values of western women. What the hell is wrong with you muslims?

According to Reem Abu-Eid, head of the campaign the Association launched under the title “I am human,” 22% of the girls surveyed sent “taboo” messages, while 45% sent messages using aliases.
-I really need to learn how to receive bluetooth messages so some saudi tramp can send me some free porn.

Abu-Eid pointed out that the study included sending half a million messages to cell phones and e-mail addresses to trace the negative influence of the internet on families. It was revealed that divorce rates among pornography surfers are on the rise.
-Why not? A saudi male just needs a phone and he can sleep with someone’s else’s wife, daughter and grandmother all in the same day.

Writing names on a piece of paper and slipping it to another person was the traditional way used by Saudis to get to know people from the other sex, something that is not allowed in normal circumstances. However, this method is now suffering a setback after technology made it easier and less risky.
-This was actually common during gulf war one, saudi and kuwaiti women corrupted the morals of many a young soldier with the old hand them a phone number trick. I will not get into how I know but I am not the one on trial here. One point that has to be made. If saudi women are so loose at home in an oppressive islamic state then it stands to reason they would sleep with anything that breathes in a more tolerant society.

So, take the hint infidels, start hitting on every musliamah you see. You never know what’s under the ninja suit and beside you can always claim she was attractive to your friends. Look at the bright side if you get her alone and find out she is uglier than road pizza just stick the veil back on her and dream big.

Maybe it is possible to build closer relations with the saudis. So guys take your shot at learning the ins and outs of saudi society allahu ackbar babe.
(Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid.)

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73 Comments on “Study: Saudi girls mostly sluts”

  1. mema Says:

    If saudi girl doing something wrong by using bluetooth or writing her number on paper
    at least she is human and she have needs & she want to be loved by someone nothing more and nobody is perfect
    but she know this is wrong & know when she have to stop
    anyway not al saudi girls doing this
    but saudi girl is not like Foreign girls who know 100 boyfriend and she proud then die because of Sexual diseases

    • izlams not for me Says:


      you at least have one comment right…

      NO ONE is perfect not muslima and Non muslim.

      Not every non muslim has poor morality. Not every young girl and woman do as you suggest.

      At least with non muslims we typically dont kill out women, wives & daughters when they do make a moral mistake.

      As for the muslims that is a different story…

      • Omar Says:


        You don’t kill your women, but your Texas judges really know how to beat the crap out of little girls…

        Real nice….

        • Ronin Says:

          Lol, do you really want to play the moral comparison game? I can post pictures of real muslims raping little boys taken by our recon guys, pictures of islamic women torn to pieces by male relative because they refused to marry some old reject. Lets skip the BS and be honest for every bad Texas judge there are dozens of imams with little sex boy toys. All I have to do to expose islam is open a newspaper.

          • Eyad Says:

            I am a goat humping, pedophile worshiping freak, who forgot that Ronin likes to mess around with messages. Stop posting on old out of date blogs and get a life.

  2. ??? Says:

    a stupid not real translation if you ask me

  3. Miswas umar farooq Says:

    Its all hatred, pure hatred on saudis & on islam. There may be very, yea very few percentage of such girls in saudi society but its obvious any one can be sure not 100% but atleast 99.9% of saudi girls & women are pious & Chasity that any christian society can imagine to be so chastity in dream only. Saudi women are example to all women who want to lead very moral life in the world. What a joke is that if a bit of message exchange is the bigest sin, then what we call these christian girls who always wish to be sexy in all naked even before their fathers & brothers, living in the ugliest life of incests, saying being naked as liberty & modern. These filthy christians first of all at least try to learn how to dress to hide their naked bodies even before their fathers & brothers.

    • Ronin Says:

      We are already familiar with the muslim practice or moral equivalency and distraction. Your rant against Christians was off point and had absolutely nothing to do with the article. This issue at hand is the high number of muslim girls who are acting out against oppression. It is not clear if they are acting out against husbands, fathers or islam. What is clear is they are violating the tenets of islam and are doing so in large numbers. Stop looking for answers by blaming non muslims and ask your self why the girls are doing this and where muslim society has failed them. If this was an anomaly you could just blame the girls but with such large numbers it is clear there is something driving them. It could be a thirst for freedom, a deep resentment of the male power over them, a quest for modern values, principals and most importantly equality.

  4. islams not for me Says:


    Your ill concieved rant against ‘christian’ societies is indeed misplaced. Christians choose to not dress sexy and your insistance that we committ incest if without proof.

    However we can easily find many places online where muslim men have had incest with thier children and are protected my islamic law.

    If islam was a ‘perfect system’ then obvious this shouldnt happen:

    Islam and Sexual Violence: Marital Rape
    By Debra Mubashshi… – Posted on June 4th, 2006

    Pimp My Daughter: Iraqi Women and Prostitution March 23, 2009
    Posted by Yusra in Cinema, Culture/Society, News, Politics.
    Tags: Iraq, prostitution

    The horror of rape and tribal customs
    6/21/2005 – Social – Article Ref: IV0506-2719
    Number of comments: 24
    Opinion Summary: Agree:12 Disagree:8 Neutral:4
    By: Kelly Izdihar Crosby
    Iviews* –

    • Omar Says:

      I don’t think the argument lies in whether or not Islam is the PERFECT SYSTEM. I doubt that it is (and I’m a Muslim) and I also doubt that Christianity is perfect either. Keeping in mind that most of the articles you’re referencing have no scholarly basis to them. You’re picking a lot of what people have VIEWS on.

      I can start throwing links in that have no relevance to any subject matter.

      For instance, Satanic Ritual Abuse…emanated in the US in the early 1980s…relevant..? no…


      Oh, look, another article that is a viewpoint about the HORRORS of American incest:



      There’s even a whole BOOK about it!

      FYI, before you start running your mouth inappropriately (and I really mean no offense by that, it’s just that your comments really have been pissing me off…especially in the article you “commented” on above, how you’d like to have your phone on to get porn…real enlightened) statistically speaking more than TWENTY MILLION Americans have been victims of incest (whether by the mother or the father). A SHOCKING 46% of children who are RAPED in the United States have been raped by their FAMILY….

      If you want the proof:

      So before you start hitting up Saudi cafes with your bluetooth on with the screen name “Tiny Penis, Can’t Get Some, Need Some Burkah Ladies To Get Me Off” maybe you should go check out your cousins or your sister or something…

      • Ronin Says:

        Starting with islams first pervert mohammed and ending with the stories I could pull from today’s newswires I am betting no other ideology in the history of humanity can come close to the number of sex crimes committed by mohammeds minions. This is not a fight you can win, pedophile worshiper.

        Chances are good someone in your own family abused a child. You can end this cycle, leave islam. Save your next generation.

        • Qur'aniyun Says:

          Aisha daugter of Abu Bakr married Rasoul Muhammad a.s. in 623/624. (1./2. year after Hijra). Aisha had a sister Asma, daughter of Abu Bakr, who died when she was exactly 100 years old in 695. (73. A.H.). Almost all muslim and non muslim historians agree Asma was exactly 10 years older than Aisha… when was Aisha born?

          the story of a 7/9 year old girl was reported by people from Iraq who never saw or talked to Muhammad a.s. … Allahu A’lam

      • Gonzo Says:

        You doubt islam is a perfect system? – well, that would be considered blasphemy under sharia, making you an apostate, and thus ripe for extermination. It seems that islam’s main fear is that its people will leave it. Yep, islam cannot tolerate people thinking for themselves, recognizing the cultural horrors that islam propagates and the numerous contradictions (most of which are resolved by the satanic verses of muhammads utterings, lies, paranoia, and hatred in the later part of his life).
        Gosh, if muslims started recognizing how muhammads “revelations” occurred right when he needed them to support some self-serving lie on his part, (Aisha said it, not me), millions of muslims might start leaving in droves. And afterall, islam is all about controlling people, and not about people controlling their own beliefs.

        I congratulate you for partially pulling your head out of the islamic sand – now pull it up far enough to have an honest look around.

    • Blue Says:

      It’s great to find soeomne so on the ball

  5. islams not for me Says:

    There is also this:

    Muslim women are being harrassed by Muslim men, in Masjid, in Muslim gatherings, and Islamic Schools. And the community is doing nothing about it.

  6. Sara Says:

    This all is not true. Not every Saudis do this. Infact majority have morales and principles and the west simply wants us to adopt their demoracy and culture. Well sorry its not going to happen lol. Saudi and Muslim girls are very respectful & moral. Am a Revert to Islam and lived in Saudi Arabia so i know. Plz stop lying and making up false info. Least Saudis and Muslims have less rape abuse, peidphilia,sexual dieases , crime, divorces, affairs, domestic voilence etc then westerners and non-muslims!.

  7. islams not for me Says:


    Muslims dont have to adjust thier lives to follow western culture.

    And we dont have to adjust our lives in the west to live under unfair sharia laws.

    As for your comments.

    You got statistics to back up your claims?

    No of course not…

    We non muslims are aware of our failures in our society and muslims should be aware of thiers.

    No one here is lying or making false accusations.

  8. agnieszka Says:

    aaaaa! i seriously can;t stand the backwardness and insanity of human beings. The truth is you ;re simply afraid of the way female body affects your minds, you’re afraid of the fact that women have right to decide for themselves, have sexual needs, and have a right to CHOSE their lifestyle- that’s why you created a sick ideology that makes women wear a tent on the top of their heads. i m disgusted by the societies where femininity is demonised, and people still consider sexual activity as a tool for valuating others instead of minding their own buisness. and yes.. nudity is LIBERATING! because this is the way God and nature created me.. and there is nothing evil about it!

  9. islams not for me Says:


    Well said…

  10. ayman tamano Says:

    to whoever wrote this: the usage of bluetooth and paper slips to get in contact with the opposite sex might be right but it doesnt mean all saudi women are sluts. I know that you are right about my mother and my sisters, they are sluts. I had um, dad had, hell most of the neighbors had um. But not all saudi women are sluts, they retire, true late in life but they stop selling thesleves in the 80’s or 90’s. Only a few saudi sluts are still practicing after their 100 year mark. If a slut is not around my little brother and I (he is 5) will be a woman for a day. I get sore but I am good at it. My brother doesn’t like it much so sometimes I take a few extra turns.

    There are a few things I am not good at. An example is not realizing Mr Ronin, would change my post from a stupid rant to the cold hard truth, all saudi women are sluts as am I. Thank you Mr Ronin for exposing me.

  11. islams not for me Says:

    For those of you whjo care to read the origional article please see here:

    99% send “taboo” messages to opposite sexSaudi girls use Bluetooth “indecently”: report
    Sunday, 09 March 2008

    The wireless technology lets members of the opposite sex flirt serepticiously

    DUBAI (

  12. Rumm Says:

    i would like to say that yes the muslim community does make thier woman feel and believe they are not equall and i just want to say thier are some respectable muslim girls in thsaudi i talk to one almost every day and shes very much into her religion and respects her parents but just talking to me she feels she betraying her parents trust and she told me she feels bad i also think the problem is that most saudi men are married to woman half thier age

  13. Actually omar…

    Christianity is far better than islam. But of course you wouldnt know that because your comments reflect your absolute liberalism involving islam. I suppose your a cultural moslem and not a regular attender in a mosque.

    Despite your insults you have proven to me as usual that you moslems cant defend islam.

    Its just so silly isnt it.

    Beliefs in jinn, houris, a ‘paradise’ that involves sex with said houris and so forth.

    My previous links involve another part of islam that reflects its culture. After all… islams is a ‘complete system’. A system of theocracy and falsehood.

    If you give a damn about your ‘religion’ fix it.

    As for the multitude of problems in the USA Im working on fixing those. A day at a time.

  14. Sajin said muhammed Says:

    Saudi’s laws are working on the principle of sharia’h, so the ladies are using fully covered cloathes,and more things , but if they making boyfriends,viewing pornography,and doing immoral activities, then they must be punished by there country’s law sharia’h, hard punishment and life like a real muslima , is the solution for that

  15. islams not for me Says:

    Really sajin?

    Its always the muslimas fault. Despite the fact that sharia is made to benefit the moslem man and not the muslima.

    • Taubah Says:

      It’s Saudi law makers’ fault for letting the Hadith override the Qur’an. And even worse, letting their own opinion override both.

      All sexual sinners should treated equally or in the best manner. Whoever fails to judge by the light of Quran is no different than a disbeliever. The solution is to know and follow the Qur’an 25:68-70.

  16. ........ Says:

    lot of rage here i am dissapointed by everyone do you think only saudis are real muslims there also lakhs of people other than sUdis who arw muslims and people read the quran before sayinv these things and do remember all these discoveries you people made were mentioned in the quran 14000 years ago go look at islams hist ory nuh(AS) ship found a ship tbat big that titNic is a mosquito in fron’t of it Nd i have seen 1000 or more signs of Allah(SWT)and his prophet Μhammad(SAW) every dYs thousands of non muslims convert into muslims after hear8ng just one verse of the quran. There is this video which was removed from youtube again and again cause it converted thousands of people into muslims.

  17. No thanks …. I have no use for the quran

  18. “…..” your comments are a mess.

    1 ‘real’ moslems are those who use the Islamic system based off of muhammads bizzare culture. That same cult-ure in Saudi.

    2 islam started at least 1400 years ago and not 14,000.

    3 I prefer actual evidence that islam is true. This means that you have to prove it historically, scientifically and with archeology. So far you moslems have proven nothing.

    4 I’ve seen those youtube vids of ‘allahs signs’ and it is quite a joke. After all a pagan god that rejects both jews and Christians in the quran is the same God? HA!! NOT!

  19. طامي المطيري Says:

    I have banged more Saudi women in Kuwait than any other nationality

    • Taubah Says:

      Hope to repent before death. All this wild Arab body indulgence is not worth eternal punishment. We’re not that far from The Day of Judgment. It’s getting too late to prepare for it.

      Please help each other follow Qur’an Chapter 25:68-70. Hell is more fair than refusal. Gd’s words have a greater right of proof than ours.

  20. Ronin Says:

    After all these years, I see the blog still pisses off the pedophile worshipers. That make old Ronin feel even better than proving to those goat humping freaks that I am still around.

    • Yaaaaayyyyy Ronin is back!

    • Nice to hear from both of you, Ronin and “Islams not for me.”
      Hope things are going well with you two.
      If you are wondering what happened to me, I became disheartened after Obama won re-election. With work consuming so much of my time and my heart not in the game, I just lost my will to fight. Then, my computer was destroyed by a lightning strike and I lost all my passwords and such. Then, my mother had a stroke and passed away a few months later. (Ronin, she always asked about you and prayed constantly for your safety). (Islams not for me, she always loved your comments and you never failed to make her smile).

      Anyway, after Trump’s magnificent victory over the commies and NWO elites, I am slowly re-gaining my spirit and faith in the American people. It’s a process, but with President Trump in full gallop right out the gates, I am actually beginning to feel REAL Hope again for America.

      God bless you both and thank you for being such loyal online friends.

  21. Virgin means no sex sin, not hymen. Sincere means do not hide sin. No lyin.

    Saudi is the way of culture. Islam (true submission) is the way of virtue. Don’t confuse.

    This tragic end is what the Arab world has again come to. Ignorance is Iblis til the Day of Judgment makes it Hell’s bitch.

    US’ or Saudi’s evil is no excuse. Only self blame is in the Hell Fire. Only true repentance. Sex is not worth the price of certain AFTER DEATH. Nor is idol worship or rejection of Quran/real freedom.

    We have been kindly warned to follow the Qur’an Chapter 25:68-70

  22. No thanks taubah
    The quran is not holy or useful
    islam is a mess and it will eventually destroy itself.

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