Halal KFC in Dearborn, Michigan

Just more Creeping Sharia from those dhimmis in Michiganistan besmirching the good name of the Colonel (PBUH)…



Halal food lands on menus
It reflects growing interest by Muslims


Growing up in Dearborn, Zeinab Chami often was tempted by ads for Col. Sanders’ original recipe, the finger-lickin’ meal sold by fast-food giant KFC.

However, Chami was an observant Muslim, and the restaurant’s chicken was not halal, meaning it wasn’t prepared according to Islamic law. Her choices usually were limited to what her immigrant parents cooked or the occasional takeout from Middle Eastern restaurants.

But now she’s able to get a taste of KFC. Last month, the restaurant’s east Dearborn restaurant began selling halal chicken, a change that reflects the growing demand for halal products among metro Detroit’s sizable Muslim population.

Underneath the colonel’s bearded face, the store’s sign reads “Now serving halal original & crispy.” The juxtaposition of an American icon with Islamic tradition is a striking display of the changing landscape of southeast Michigan. Halal meat is not new to Dearborn’s butcher shops and Arab restaurants, but a growing number of national chains have been accommodating the local demand for Muslim food in recent years.

“A lot has changed just in the past decade,” said Bilal Dabaja, 22, a Dearborn resident who eats halal. “More people want these products.”

The change is similar to how the growing Jewish population decades ago led to kosher becoming part of the American food industry and vocabulary. The kosher symbols “K” and “U” can be seen today on everything from Heinz ketchup bottles to Fruity Pebbles cereal boxes.

Muslims hope to create a similar market for halal products.

In Dearborn, two McDonald’s restaurants are the only ones selling halal Chicken McNuggets and sandwiches among about 13,700 McDonald’s in the country. Ram’s Horn, a local chain of diners, and Big Boy restaurants also serve halal meat in the city. And a manager at a Subway restaurant in Dearborn hopes it soon will become halal, but it is facing difficulties because of the chain’s insistence on using uniform meat suppliers.

Many in the Muslim community welcome the restaurants’ changes, but some are still reluctant to eat there because they haven’t been vetted by Islamic scholars.

Halal is an Arabic word that generally refers to “what is permitted.” Its opposite, haram, refers to what is forbidden.

Like Jews, Muslims don’t eat pork. Halal also requires that during the slaughters, the animal must face Mecca, its blood be totally drained, and the butcher has to say a prayer invoking God.

Drinking alcohol is also considered not halal, and so some Muslims would refuse to eat at the now-defunct La Shish chain because they sold beer and wine.

There are varying interpretations among Islamic leaders as to what exactly is halal. And individuals make personal decisions on how to eat halal depending on strictly they observe Islam.

One challenge is determining if the meat is truly halal.

“A sign saying it’s halal is not always enough,” said Imam Mohammad Elahi, a religious scholar who heads the Islamic House of Wisdom in Dearborn Heights. “There needs to be other evidence.”

A general rule is that if the preparer is Muslim and says the meat is halal, it’s OK, But if the preparer is non-Muslim, you have to dig further to back up the claims.

In some cases, halal slaughterhouses are now using recordings of a man saying an Islamic prayer that repeats itself each time an animal is killed so that it’s halal.

Chami, 23, wants to try KFC’s chicken, but is reluctant because she hasn’t seen how it’s prepared. One concern that she and Dabaja have is whether KFC uses separate fryers for its halal and non-halal meat, because using the same fryer contaminates the halal. When Chami eats tuna or vegetarian sandwiches at Subway restaurants, she always asks the sandwich preparer to don another set of plastic gloves because they might have the taint of non-halal meats on them.

Store employees at the KFC and McDonald’s in east Dearborn said they use separate fryers. At the Subway on Schaefer in Dearborn, manager Ramsey Hourani said he wants to make his store halal, but “it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds” because of the company’s insistence on restaurants using similar food suppliers.

In England, Subway is rolling out all-halal restaurants in up to 200 locations, according to Zabihah.com, a Web site that tracks halal restaurants around the world. Hourani hopes that one day, American stores can take a similar path.

For now, many Muslims often stick with halal products they find in Middle Eastern grocery stores such as halal marshmallow crispy treats.

But others are excited about the KFC restaurant in Dearborn. Tarek Baydoun, 23, of Dearborn, heard about the halal chicken through a friend’s text message. This month, he went there with his family.

“It’s a good value and it’s very tasty,” Baydoun said. “It was bound to happen because it just makes sense from a business perspective.”

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49 Comments on “Halal KFC in Dearborn, Michigan”


    Dearborn-no go zone of Michigan.

  2. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    * according to Zabihah.com (http://www.zabihah.com)

    National listings of halal places to avoid if not wanting to eat food sacrificed
    to idols and false gods (such as “Allah”). The UK halal Subways are substituting
    turkey for ham, but I reckon the Hog’s Breath Cafe would still be safe 🙂

  3. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    Best to avoid eating “beef” in Cairo – Mo’s faithful followers might be substituting
    a bit of donkey, cat, or dog …

    [Cairo] Donkey butcher ‘caught red-handed’

    Mohammed Mahmud Khalifa, 35, was caught red-handed as he butchered a donkey he had found by the roadside …

  4. […] Serving Sharia, Err Halal Chicken Hat tip to Doc Bulldog – check out his blog – this picture from […]

  5. tnr Says:

    Halal food comes to UMass:

    “…chicken and beef, must be sacrificed humanely in the name of [God] Allah to be halal.”


  6. Islamistruth Says:

    For all u Islam haters. We Muslims love u anyways.
    To u there is ur religion and to us there is ours.

    • Libertarian Says:

      You mean the kind of love your “religion” shows all the time? Like beheading Christians and other “infidels”? Your “religion” takes away the rights of the people given to them by GOD. Take your “religion” and go back to the Middle East for a 1000 more years until you can control your dogs.

  7. Leatherneck Says:

    Peace? Is that after you murder all the infidels and Jews, or before? On subways, in planes, with dozers, etc…

    I do not believe a word you wrote moon god worshiper. I think the religion of death,(Islam), is the enemy of mankind. Given to Mohammed,(a mad man, who murdered, and raped), by Satan himself.

  8. islams not for me Says:

    TO: islam is truth

    Psssttttt a little secret for ya kid.

    The truth of islam is that it is never for keeping all non muslims safe or giving them peace.



    Sorry your system is not about peace but war.

  9. a_muslim Says:

    check your history. There are people that have given islam a negative view, but if you read in the quran it states that God created us into tribes and nations so that we may co-exist together. I understand that you are upset with islam, just know that there are muslims in the world who pray for peace. Who wants to live in a world of violence.

  10. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    “Who wants to live in a world of violence.”

    “allah” and his false prophet, for starters.

  11. islams not for me Says:


    I have read the quran and it doesnt impress me much.

    If the ‘good’ muslims would defend non muslims in muslim countries, destroy the jihadists and so forth much could be avoided…

    but they don’t…

  12. sukayna Says:

    Salam – “Peace”,

    First of all, all this negativity is really unnecessary. Allah – God(swt) has given you all intellect to do your research, and find truths from falsehoods. All of this demeaning talk about our religion and our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is sickening. If this is the way you choose to use your intellect and your tongues then you are like the bottom feeders of the oceans.”very dirty”.
    To speak without knowledge, and to attach lies to Islam is very disgusting. Shall we base all the Christians, and Jews on a whole population? Should we look at every priest and think he’s a molester? No you have good and bad in all races, and religions!
    There are extremists in ALL religions! So before you condemn and speak ill of others and their beliefs, you need to advocate and fix the problems in your own.
    My Allah – God open your hearts, and free your mind!

    • Mullah Lodabullah Says:

      “Allah’s” response to your uninformed babbling is here:

      “Let the unbelievers not think that they will escape u. They have not the power to do so. Muster against them all the men and cavalry at your disposal, so that you may strike terror into the enemies of [allah] and the faithful, and others besides them”.

      So much for your “peace” – allah & its false prophet reject that concept. Here is someone who understands islam and allah and its false prophet:

      Dr. Azzam Tamimi(info@ii-pt.com)

      Islam is coming to drench all non-Muslim countries with blood. The blood-dripping sword of Islam is ready to chop off the heads of unbelievers (Koranic verse Anfal 8:12). Either convert to Islam or have your heads chooped off. Our suicide bombers are COMING very soon. (Dr. Azzam Tamimi, Director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought/London, UK (info@ii-pt.com)


    • “There are extremists in ALL religions! “

      Name me just 10 extremists in the Jewish religion. Then, name me just 10 extremists in the Christian religion.

      Now, to help you out, let me name just a few extremists in the cult of Islam:


      1 Usama Bin Laden

      2 Ayman Al-Zawahiri

      3 Fahd Al-Quso

      4 Husayn Al-Umari

      5 Ahmed Mohammed Hamed Ali

      6 Anas Al-Liby

      7 Wadoud Muhammad Hafiz Al-Turki

      8 Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Mughassil

      9 Abdul Rahman Yasin

      10 Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim

      11 Muhammad Abdullah Khalil Hussain Ar-Rahayyal

      12 Saif Al-Adel

      13 Muhammad Ahmed Al-Munawar

      14 Adam Yahiye Gadahn

      15 Ibrahim Salih Mohammed Al-Yacoub

      16 Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Badawi

      17 Mohammed Ali Hamadei

      18 Ali Atwa

      19 Hasan Izz-Al-Din

      20 Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah

      21 Fazul Abdullah Mohammed

      22 Jaber A. Elbaneh

      23 Ali Saed Bin Ali El-Hoorie

      24 Abd Al Aziz Awda

      25 Isnilon Totoni Hapilon

      26 Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah

      27 Abdelkarim Hussein Mohamed Al-Nasser

      I’ll wait for you to gather your list…

      • Leatherneck Says:

        To bad it is not open season.

        • sukayna Says:

          what makes you think you are any better then them? i wonder do you even know if these men have been convicted of such a crime? since were on the topic of terror, do you not think that was a terrorist statement?you made? Open season aye!?! A terrorist is a person who terrorizes or frightens others.
          Now not that you frightend me or anything, but your not above the law!

          • Mullah Lodabullah Says:

            “A terrorist is a person who terrorizes or frightens others.”

            “allah”, the ultimate terrorist.

          • Leatherneck Says:

            Peace? The last thing Islam brings to the world is peace. Follow Mohammad, or get another religion boy.

          • Libertarian Says:

            Your intellect offends me. You have butchered my language.

          • tgusa Says:

            Now, not that you have frightened me or anything…

            Yeah, sure we don’t. Not one bit, no sir.

  13. islams not for me Says:


    I have read from the quran, muslim blogs and muslim websites… I have detected the TRUTH from islamic falsehoods.

    Since you consider it disgusting that we are critic of muhammads claims and actions then perhaps you dont know near enough about him from islams own sources.

    Look up the hadiths online and take note of muhammads actions and then research islams flaws and sins. And then consider if we critics are the real liars.

    Since you advise us to ‘advocate’ to fix the problems in races and other religions are you doing the same for islam?

    Come on back and tell us if you are or arent…

  14. sukayna Says:

    Salam “peace”,

    First of all yes I do advocate for my religion! However I will not waste my time and efforts, if this will go in vain. I don’t need to get into draining conversation and trash talk. If there are educated people here then yes, I will debate, but I wont listen to ignorant and disrespectful behaviour. You need to respect people.

    Secondly, if anyone is to reference Islam, then you need to give references from the Holy Quran. I am a Shia Muslim yes there are different branches of Islam i.e.: sunni, wahabbis, salafis, sufis, and more in between. Unfortunely there are divisions. What I follow is the Holy Quran, and the Traditions of Prophet Muhammad and his family. peace be upon them.

    Thirdly, there is a lot of lies and tampered information on Islam on the internet.
    So if you all are ready, I am here and hopefully this will be a learning experience for us all.

    In regards to the statement to give 10 extremist in the Jewish and Christian faith I will do my research and answer that one later, and don’t be fooled the fbi can put any name that list they “suspect” is a terrorist,(that means they don’t need proof)

    I look forward to this. Again have an open mind, and a clear heart, and be respectful!


    • Here’s what I heard you say, “I’m a Muzzie, so you better learn to respect me, dammit! Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… Waah, waah, waah, waah… Blah, blah, blah, blah…”


    • Mullah Lodabullah Says:

      “What I follow is the Holy Quran …”

      The koran that you follow is full of blasphemies against Jesus Christ, the Son of God. You follow it, allah, and the false prophet to your doom, and seek to traffic in the souls of men (and women) in your service of allah and its false prophet.

      Change your mind about Jesus Christ; be saved; be free!

      Jesus Christ warned of false christs and false prophets (like Mo) who would appear and deceive many (like you)…

      “For there will come up false Christs, and false prophets, who will do great signs and wonders; so that if possible even the saints might be tricked.”
      (Matthew 24:24)

    • sukayna,

      Uhm… I’m still waiting on that list of recent Jewish and Christian terrorists who invoke God’s name while killing people. Having some problems with that, are we?


      • marney2012 Says:

        The list of Jewish and Christian people who kill innocent people while invoking the name of God is classified because most of them are still serving in the police and armed forces.

        • Leatherneck Says:

          The G-d Christians, and Jews worship does not anyone to kill for him. Only pagan gods like the one at the Kaabba need humans to murder for it. Old Knob loves Islam.

          Syria, Egypt, and Libya are great examples of moon god worshipers murdering their own for any number of reasons. They will murder the Infidels when they can.

    • Still waiting on that top 10 list… Anyday, now….

    • Libertarian Says:

      Still waiting on that list of 10 extremist Christians and Jews.

  15. islams not for me Says:


    Why is ‘respect’ so important to you?

    • Ronin Says:

      The problem is not that we do not understand islam, it is that we do. Like most of our muslims vistors, this will quickly get into threats and anger, then bannishment. All the lies in the wolrd and all the excuse fail when we just watch muslims acting like muslims and judge them on actions not words. Changing them is like asking the rain to go from the ground up, it will never happen.

  16. CavMom Says:

    Just wondering how well the halalalala (I know disrespectful) message would be taken on a KFC reader board here in the South.

    We are fairly respectful folks, but not as tolerant as some might hope when dealing with foreigners pushing us to change to fit their lifestyles, especially when it come to religion.

    Then toss in the fact that our sons and daughters are off fighting in an area which is predominately muslim… and you have a can of whoop azz just waiting for a place to open.

  17. From Dearborn Says:

    I have lived in Dearborn most of my life-which has a sizable Muslim population as noted since there are number of halal eateries here. This is by no means evidence of any form of sharia law being enforced or pushed on us at all. I am a practicing Christian and have grown up with Muslims and Christians who have all gotten along well. Manny of my greatest friends are Muslims. The Muslim minority here is large and a very important part of our community, but not the only element of this community. For the most part we all live together in mutual respect for one another and our kids go to school together, we work together and many of us are friends and some intermarry. The whole halal KFC is purely a function of capitalism-what America is all about. It is just the market responding to demand. These establishments are serving a niche market and are doing well as it is a market that is growing. In today’s economy, if your business is growing and providing jobs and generating income, that is about the most all American thing that you can do. I think you all have the wrong idea about this but if your previous posts speak for your mindset, I probably won’t be changing anyone’s mind. Stop being so afraid of what you are unfamiliar with. Yes there are elements of extremism in Islam and probably even here in Dearborn but these individuals do not represent the whole and certainly not Dearborn. Believe me there is no mass Sharia law being imposed here! Only a case of good ol’ all American capitalism.

    • Ronin Says:

      “I probably won’t be changing anyone’s mind” you got that right. You should read Robert Spencer’s book on the stealth jihad before you judge all muslims on your local group. If you were a real practicing Christian you would already know islam is as anti Christian as it gets. Educate yourself, stick around, read a few artciles and see how your muslim friends treat Christians when they outnumber them.


    • Mullah Lodabullah Says:

      “Manny of my greatest friends are Muslims.”

      Are they familiar with the instructions of allah and its false prophet, FD?

      “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. They are friends with one another.”
      (allah, via its sockpuppet false prophet, in Sura 5:51)

      Are you familiar with allah’s blasphemies against Jesus Christ, FD? Such as but not limited to:

      “They did not kill him [Jesus Christ], nor did they crucify him, but they thought they did” (Sura 4:157)

      “The Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary, was no more than [allah’s] apostle and [his word] which [he] cast to Mary: a spirit from [him]”. ((Sura 4:171)

      Warn your muslim friends that judgement is coming, should they reject God’s plan of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ, the only name by which man might be saved. Islam is doomed.

  18. islams not for me Says:

    from dearborn

    As Ronin already mentioned as a Christian you MUST be educated on what Islam is and is not. Although they play the ‘happy’ nieghbor just watch what happens when they out populate your fellow non muslims.

  19. Yasser Says:

    Let em eat pig.

  20. Jade Says:

    It’s just sad to see your ignorance. If you all hate Islam so much, at least read the Quran and have valid reasons for hating it. Honestly, it’s just pathetic! Most of us just feel sorry for you because of your blindness to the truth and your lack of ability to properly investigate matters, such as true Islam. You would rather follow the media and others with false information, instead of cracking open the Quran or a reliable book about Islam or even talking to a Muslim person. There is nothing worse than blindly following something. Grow a pair and investigate properly…you idiots!

    • Jade,

      Yeah, I agree: 1) It’s sad to see your ignorance; 2) Read the Qur’an and have valid reasons for hating it; 3) There is nothing worse than blindly following something.

      See? We can agree on something!

      Before I sat down and truly read and studied the Qur’an from cover to cover, I was under the impression that Islam had been taken over by extremists. I even went out of my way to defend Islam. You might say that I was sadly ignorant.

      However, once I finished reading the Qur’an, I realized that the true extremists in Islam were those who were brazen enough to disregard Muhammad’s violent teachings of jihad. There are 164 jihad verses, most of which abrogate the often cited “peaceful” verses. Most of these jihad verses are open-ended, meaning that they still apply the same today as they did almost 1500 years ago.

      Also, the Qur’an says that you cannot reject any of its teachings, lest you be condemned to the fires of hell:

      “[..] Then is it only a part of the Book that ye believe in, and do ye rejects the rest? But what is the reward for those among you who behave like this but disgrace in this life?- and on the Day of Judgment they shall be consigned to the most grievous penalty. For Allah is not unmindful of what ye do.” ‎ (Qur’an 2:85)

      Therefore, a Muslim must follow even those verses which tell him/her not to befriend Christians and those which compel him/her into violent jihad against unbelievers.

      Furthermore, the Qur’an says, in effect, that Muhammad is the perfect example for Muslims to follow. (Qur’an, 33:21) Well, the Hadiths are the key to finding out how to live your life like Muhammad. So, I read the numerous Hadiths, along with the al-Tabari.

      In those, I discovered that Muhammad had people assassinated for merely criticizing him; promoted the raping of women; stole, robbed, looted; ordered mass executions; hit Aisha; was a sexual pervert; and, would be considered a pedophile by today’s standards. Naturally, this list is not all inclusive. I could go on, but you get the point: Muhammad is NOT a role model for any sane person. Anyone trying to duplicate Muhammad’s actions today would readily be sent to jail.

      So, I have extremely valid reasons for hating Muhammad and his fabricated religion, Islam.

      To quote you again, “There is nothing worse than blindly following something.”


    • Libertarian Says:

      Read it. Saw all the hatred. Wish I had been alive 1500 years ago to stop that pagan “religion”. Control your Quranimals before Christ comes back.

  21. Tsk… tsk… ‘jade’

    As you obviously not read the previous comments…

    I HAVE read the quran.

    Of the 114 surahs it is not similar to Christian or Jewish documents.

    It is not ignorance that leads me to ‘hate’ islam. I equally hate ANY THEOCRACY that has the ability to end Western life as I know it.

    For many years I studied islam FROM MOSLEMS and they do 1 or 2 things. 1 They make claims without evidence that allah = god, the quran comes from god, muhammad = a prophet. But cannot prove such claims.

    2 They lie, decieve or are brainwashed.

    “There is nothing worse than blindly following something. Grow a pair and investigate properly…you idiots!”

    Why thank you ‘revert’ wannabe Theocrat!

  22. tgusa Says:

    Every day, more and more Non muslims do not want to be around muslims because muslims have a propensity to infiltrate non muslims and then explode. The live muslims then go about making excuses, celebrating, the infiltrating murderous koranimals. If muslims do not get a handle on the koranimals there will come a day when the rest of human civilization begin to shoot muslims on sight. The people of these civilizations will also clean up the mess of traitors in their own ranks both male and female. Yeah, equal opportunity, no discrimination between the two. We in the west have never done this before so we will be in uncharted waters. It will be swift and merciless. Even if I wanted to I will not be able to stop it. It is you who are ignorant dear lady.

  23. Really marney?

    “The list of Jewish and Christian people who kill innocent people while invoking the name of God is classified because most of them are still serving in the police and armed forces.”

    Here let me help you…

    Roman catholics under the popes during the crusades…

    Beyond that no such list exists.

    (SARC OFF)

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