“Peace Bride” Activist Raped and Murdered in Turkey

Activist, meet reality…

Update: The suspect’s name has been released: Murat Karatas.

Italian ‘peace bride’ raped, murdered in Turkey

Naked body of artist hitchhiking in bridal gown on Israel peace mission found in forest; 33-year old Turkish man detained after confessing to crime

Associated Press – via YnetNews

A 33-year old Italian artist, Giuseppina Pasqualino, also known as Pippa Bacca, was found dead in Turkey on Saturday, after having been raped and murdered. Paqualino was hitchhiking towards Israel dressed in a wedding dress in an appeal for peace.

The woman was last seen on March 31 in the mainly industrial city of Gebze, while hitchhiking to Israel in the wedding dress as part of her “Brides on Tour” project aiming to plead for peace in conflict areas. She disappeared after using her credit card around noon. Police found her naked body hidden in bushes in a forested area near Gebze, after questioning the man suspected of the murder late Friday, the governor’s office said.

Police tracked down the suspect when he switched on Pasqualino’s mobile phone, having inserted his own SIM card, an Italian Embassy official said. The official asked not to be named because he was not authorized to give information on the police investigation.

The suspect, identified only by his initials M.K., Had previously been convicted of theft, Anatolia reported. He was being questioned in police custody and no charges had been filed.

According to reports, M.K confessed to having picked up Pasqualino in his car, after which he drove into the forest, where he raped her and strangled her to death. Afterwards he attempted to bury the body.

Determinedly working for art

Pasqualino’s fiancé said in an interview that the artist was “very loyal. Unfortunately, she happened to meet the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.” He also commended the Turkish police on a job well done.

The artist’s mother said, “We were hoping she had been kidnapped by the Kurdish. We were trying to contact Muslim officials until we found out she had been murdered. We weren’t particularly worried because she had been hitchhiking for a lot of time, and thus was capable of avoiding risky situations. She was a determined person when it had to do with working for art.”

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25 Comments on ““Peace Bride” Activist Raped and Murdered in Turkey”

  1. Ronin Says:

    Play with fire and you get what?

    • Theodore Ellinas Says:

      A Bride for Peace

      The stefanic dove flew past you.
      Alighting in a conifer close to your last breath.
      Wedding bells still ringing in your mother’s ears.

      Where is your groom ? Bride
      where is your serene moment of happy unity?
      Can it be lost eternally
      in a sylvan grove of oak and conifer
      flying like an errant veil
      lost to the cold wind?

      “You look so beautiful..”

      A proud mother lifts your lace.
      Cups your tearful cheeks and
      kisses your blessed forehead.

      “Serene and hopeful, Dear child.
      The world’s hopes go with you.”

      Find your impatient groom.


      What shall I wear
      to compliment your virginal white.
      Fedayeen scarf;
      or Tuxedo black?
      Stood amidst the silent ashes you wished to banish.
      No one would care;
      as long as you appeared
      radiant as the snows of alpine Italy. (love this line!)

      Smiling in excited hope
      I would cease tap tapping my white kalashnikov shoes.
      Eager for your vow.
      Dressed in my best fedayeen green and my sea blue yamulka.

      I would have loved you Pippa ,
      I would have adored your hope
      and (smiled) like our first born.
      I would have gently cradled your love.

      You never came.

      And I still stand.
      Still waiting.
      Checking my calendar.
      Is this the day?
      Tap tap tapping in my bright kalashnikov shoes
      and fidgeting with my velvet yamulka
      waiting for you;
      the The Bride of Peace.

  2. Gramfan Says:

    I just saw this over at Velvethammer’s site.

    Speechless. Maybe not a smart thing to do. Maniacs everywhere.
    Poor soul. It’s sad. But it is sadder than so many people just don’t “get it”.

  3. What an appropriate metaphor for the whole Mideast Peace process… Israel, the bride, wants only peace, yet she is surrounded by those wish to rape and murder her.

    • Theodore Ellinas Says:

      it goes both ways – where is the love .Only the violence wins here . She aill artists give their lives for us to see , feel, love . understand …she gave her’s in one single artistic statement.

  4. earl buller Says:

    She was killed by a nut in a country friendly to Jews and Italians. She could have been killed by a Jewish nut in Israel. Leave it to a Jew to spin her tragedy to and anti-Islam message.

  5. earl,

    Put down the crack pipe and just walk away from it…

    So, since no one mentioned Islam, I guess you are just confirming in a round about way the truth of the matter. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me…

  6. Ronin Says:

    The rape of a woman without a male escort is common among muslims. It doesn’t seem to matter to some of them if the country is sharia based or not. She could have been murdered anywhere that part is true. The sad part of this story is she really thought her stunt would somehow help the peace process.

  7. earl buller Says:

    I suppose a trusting hitchhiking woman doesn’t get raped and killed elsewhere but in the Muslim world. Ronin in Japanese meant rogue. Doctorbulldog is what the name says, a “dog”. I wish you people knew the meaning of a guilty conscience.

  8. earl,

    I see you are still nursing on your crack pipe…

  9. earl buller Says:

    Beats the heck out of what you nurse on.

  10. Ronin Says:

    Actually that is not what “Ronin” means but lets skip that as I want to know what in your life went so wrongly that you feel the need to stop in just to insult me?

  11. tnr Says:

    If a hitchhiking woman is dressed the way she was in any country she might get in trouble pretty soon …. Everything is wrong from the start in this story, no wonder it ended that way…

    Have look at the provocative Pippa waiting on the highway ….(You simply don’t dress that way in a foreign country and especially in a Muslim country, unless you are insane…. the symbolism is completely wrong and tells every psychopath that you could be the potential victim they are looking for):

    Her “trip” in pictures:


    If you want you can leave a message of condolence on this page:


    And here is the video she made just before leaving:


  12. earl buller Says:

    You started with the crack pipe. But you’re just not worth it. Keep on trashing what you consider your enemies at America’s expense. Have a nice life.

  13. Ronin Says:

    I can see from your answer that reading and comprehension are not skill sets you have mastered.

    Warning people of an evil, oppressive and extremist power masquerading as a religion is not a threat to America. Close-minded appeasement at all costs types like you are. Out of politeness, I should return your wish for a nice life but the anger in your posts is an indication that you are a very miserable man and my good wishes will not change that.

  14. earl,

    “But you’re just not worth it”

    It was obvious to all that you were not here to engage us in intelligent, or even thought-provoking conversation, thus, you were never worthy of a legitimate response.

    “Have a nice life.”

    Thanks, I will.

  15. Leatherneck Says:

    Troll alert!

    Do not feed the Troll.

  16. earl buller

    She was killed by a nut in a country friendly to Jews and Italians. She could have been killed by a Jewish nut in Israel. Leave it to a Jew to spin her tragedy to and anti-Islam message.

    really? And where do you get your info?

    • Rebecca Smith Says:

      Muslims are rape machines who treat women like garbage to be used and cast aside.

      By critical christian – do you mean critical muslim ? Because only another mudslime would hate jews & give a shit about musilms….or ARE YOU NOT AWARE of the christians murdered daily and raped daily and persecuted, oppressed, and shit upon daily all around the world?

      SUDAN – over 2 million murdered in the last 20 years
      SOMALIA – any christian found, is executed on the spot, or stoned to death – if they leave Somalia militia members FOLLOW THEM OUT, track them down and kill them. They claim they will not allow ANY SOMALIAN ON EARTH TO BE CHRISTIAN and it is the ONLY thing the president of Somalia and the AL SHEBAAB terrorist organization AGREE ON – THEY BOTH SAID THEY WILL HUNT DOWN AND ‘BUTCHER’ (their words, not mine) ANY CHRISTIANS IN SOMALIA.
      AFGHANISTAN – claim 100% muslim population, however christians are found, and when found are either murdered by mobs or ARRESTED AND LEGALLY EXECUTED for apostasy.
      PAKISTAN – when partition of Pakistan was created (i.e. when the land was stolen from India by muslims in 1947) Pakistan was 20% Christian (also 20% Hindu) today it stands at 1.69% Christian and (zero)0.76% Hindu (less than 1%) WHERE DO YOU THINK THEY ALL WENT? There also were plenty of sikhs, but, I won’t lie and say I have been able to find the stats of how many there were, but, there are ZERO there now.
      Christian girls as young as 2 are raped, christian girls are kidnapped and force married to musilms, 11-12 year olds- one christian family was able to rescue their daughter and has been ordered by a JUDGE TO RETURN THEIR 12 YEAR OLD KIDNAP/RAPE VICTIM DAUGHTER TO HER HUSBAND, NOW CONSIDERED HER LEGAL GUARDIAN, ruled her marriage LEGAL and her ‘forced conversion to islam” LEGAL – even though marriage under 16 without a parents consent is ILLEGAL in Pakistan & the girl does NOT WANT TO GO BACK. OH YES when Paki’s tell you the minimum age for marriage is 16 in Pakistan, they FORGOT to tell you the WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT part – WITH parental consent – there is no minimum age.
      EGYPT – Saudi nationals pay out millions of dollars for the conversion of Egyptian Christian women by any means possible, the higher the standing in the Christian community the more money is paid – the women (ahem, most often teenagers under 18, but, frequently MARRIED WOMEN WITH CHILDREN) are KIDNAPPED, GANG RAPED, and force married. VIDEOTAPED ‘having sex’ and threatened with being reported as prostitutes if they won’t ‘convert’. HUNDREDS of christian teenage girls are missing in EGYPT – the police, usually involved, will not give aid to the families and even threaten them with death, etc. CAUSE THEY’RE JUST LOUSY CHRISTIANS, WHO GIVES A DAMN.
      IRAQ – after the invasion of NATO FORCES, a rule was made by NATO ‘not to get involved with religious…whatever, I never understood exactly why or how they were not to get involved’ BUT WHAT IT LED TO was the outright murders of over 50,000 Iraqi Christians, entire neighborhoods emptied, churches standing empty. It started just like NAZIs (how do you think Hitler got many of his ideas?? FROM PALESTINIANS AND TURKS) with flyers posted up saying “either move out of the neighborhood and Iraq or we will kill your family” MOST OF THE VICTIMS were women and children. IRAQ was home to the OLDEST CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY ON EARTH. CHURCHES are burned, parishioners shot and bombed
      LIBYA – no peoples of other religions remain in Libya – old christian and jewish cemeteries are destroyed and desecrated.

      AAAAATGH crap~! you’ve done made me lose my mind, up in here – up in here.

      piss off you lousy muslamic apologist

      • theskepticalchristian1971 Says:

        And just who the hell are you becky?

        I AM A ISLAMaPHOBE you stupid idiot!!

        Please actually READ MY POSTS ON MY BLOG before you shoot off you mouth again!

        I was replying to ‘earls’ comments no less than 4 YEARS AGO!

        Feel free to read up on ALL MY POSTS as “Islams not for me” I HAVE NO USE FOR ISLAM, MUHAMMAD, THE QURAN, HADITHS and the rest of muzzie propaganda / crap!

  17. Anwar Says:

    Doctorbulldog and Ronin, I have read your commenst and desided that you are right f-mohammed and islam. Mohammed was scum, just human trash. I profess him to be slime and dare any muslim to discuss this with me, late at night. Screw all muslims.

  18. Rhonda Says:

    She had actually been found hanging upside down in a downward v, with two flesh hooks; one in each buttocks, having been raped and strangled to death.

  19. Edward P Campbell Says:


    The Turkish president Abdullah Gül called the Italian president Giorgio Napolitano to express his grief.[9] A commentary in Today’s Zaman, while expressing sadness for the woman’s death, criticised the supposed obsequiousness of Turkish politicians to “foreigners” in the Bacca case, writing: “Let’s face it, if Pippa were a Turk, some people would feel free to say that a hitchhiking woman deserves to be raped.”


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