U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice; military apologizes

Ok, first lets set the record straight, while I shoot every chance I get I have never shot a koran. Not because it is holy or I think it is an act that can only offend muslims. I do not shoot them because they make piss poor targets. Most recreational shooters attempt to make as small of a shot grouping as possible. The koran to be an effective target should first be marked with small circles so proper shot grouping can be recorded and the aim point or weapon sights adjusted if needed. The koran is simply too big and I find using preprinted targets quicker and easier to use. If a koran is the only target available, then knock yourself out but I think you can do much better. Now that that has been cleared up, let me explain why the soldier was wrong but his chain of commands actions (meant to stabilize and pacify the locals) were worse.

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — A soldier used the Quran — Islam’s holy book — for target practice, forcing the chief U.S. commander in Baghdad to issue a formal apology on Saturday.
-I doubt this was the only silly thing a soldier did that day but it did make international news, so congratulations soldier, your ten minutes of fame has started.

Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Hammond, commander of U.S. forces in Baghdad, flanked by leaders from Radhwaniya in the western outskirts of Baghdad, apologized for the staff sergeant who was a sniper section leader assigned to the headquarters of the 64th Armored Regiment. He also read a letter of apology by the shooter.
-A letter the soldier was no doubt ordered to write.

It was the first time the incident — which tested the relationship between U.S.-backed Sunni militiamen and the military — was made public since it was discovered May 11.
-Meaning the locals are using it as an excuse and demanding favors to help them get over it.

“I come before you here seeking your forgiveness,” Hammond said to tribal leaders and others at the apology ceremony. “In the most humble manner I look in your eyes today and I say please forgive me and my soldiers.”
-A Major General cowering should sicken every American. An “apology ceremony”???? WTF, is that about? The kid should have been punished according to the UCMJ. NO special treatment was warranted because a bunch of tribesmen were insulted. The purpose of our military is to project power not to kiss ass and grovel.

Another military official kissed a Quran and presented it as “a humble gift” to the tribal leaders.
-A well meaning but stupid gesture. All the two have done is shown a bunch of third world rejects they can bend the US military to their own will. This act of submission will come back to haunt those soldiers and weaken not strengthen US efforts.

The soldier, whose name was not released, shot at a Quran on May 9, villagers said. The Quran used in the incident was discovered two days later, according to the military.

Hammond also read from the shooter’s letter: “I sincerely hope that my actions have not diminished the partnership that our two nations have developed together. … My actions were shortsighted, very reckless and irresponsible, but in my heart [the actions] were not malicious.”
-He would have received cultural awareness training and I think he knew exactly what he was doing and his actions were malicious. He wanted to get caught and leaving a bullet ridden koran were iraqis could find it was intentional.

A tribal leader said “the criminal act by U.S. forces” took place at a shooting range at the Radhwaniya police station. After the shooters left, an Iraqi policeman found a target marked in the middle of the bullet-riddled Quran.
-Lol, I bet ackmed went into a roaring rage.

Copies of the pictures of the Quran obtained by CNN show multiple bullet holes and an expletive scrawled on one of its pages.
-Hidden deep in the article you find proof this kid knew exactly what he was doing.

A military investigation found the shooter guilty and relieved him of duty; he will be redeployed to the United States for reassignment away from the 1st Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division, a U.S. official said.
-F up and move up, some things never change
“The actions of one soldier were nothing more than criminal behavior,” Hammond said. “I’ve come to this land to protect you, to support you — not to harm you — and the behavior of this soldier was nothing short of wrong and unacceptable.”
-So was the massive iraqi ass kissing that followed this incident. The soldiers punishment and apology should have ended this.

Officials said the soldier claimed he wasn’t aware the book was the Quran. U.S. officials rejected the claim.
-He was just another kid acting out to get noticed, he got his wish.

Tribal leaders, dignitaries and local security officials attended the ceremony, while residents carried banners and chanted slogans, including “Yes, yes to the Quran” and “America out, out.”
-The American answer should have been quick and decisive, we have already apologized and consider this matter closed, if you are serous and want us out we will mount up and move to another village. All your infrastructure repair and safety issues are now yours alone.

Sheikh Hamadi al-Qirtani, in a speech on behalf of all tribal sheiks of Radhwaniya, called the incident “aggression against the entire Islamic world.”
-All muslims are victims, yawn.

The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq also condemned the shooter’s actions and the U.S. military’s belated acknowledgment of the incident.
-We care why?

“As the Association of Muslim Scholars condemns this heinous crime against God’s holy book, the Constitution of this nation, a source of pride and dignity,” the groups statement said, “they condemned the silence by all those who are part of the occupation’s agenda and holds the occupation and the current government fully responsible for this violation and reminds everyone that God preserves his book and he [God] is a great avenger.”
-God’s book? Did the kid also shoot a Bible? The koran is actually mohammeds book. You remember hearing about him right? Short, troll looking man with a bad disposition and an aggressive attitude. Ring a bell now?

Update:  Ronin tracked down the actual photos of the “target” at SheikYerMami’s blog:

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48 Comments on “U.S. soldier uses Quran for target practice; military apologizes”

  1. Joe Dude Says:

    Geez I wonder what they will do to me, the average American citizen, who uses the Koran to clean his rear-end after taking a dump! I keep Korans next to all the toilets in my house!!

  2. MrSouthAtlanta Says:

    When I read this story yeesterday, I shrugged and said to myself, “Oh well……just another incident; it what America does to other people. I served over 20 years of military service and what happened with this Quran has already happened time and again since we started imprisoning those we labeled as our enemies. This isn’t the first time the subject of abusing the Quran came up (Guantanamo) and we denied it. I however had a strong sense that much of it was true.
    I’ve witnessed time and again how some of us Americans operate while in other people’s countries – and especially under war-like conditions. Many of us have very little respect for lands that we visit and especially invade. The ugly part of our character is no secret to the rest of the world. They see it all the time and NOT just on TV and the Internet. This Soldier I expect will get his ass tanned good because he got caught and spurred an international incident. Our apologies to Iraq fall partially hollow. We didn’t love them before 9-11 and we REALLY don’t love them now – nor do we respect most other religions that are different from Christianity. SAD – but true. That’s America!

  3. Crystal Says:

    United States Constitution. Maybe the soldier can’t shoot the Koran because he’s in the service and has to follow the code of conduct. Fine, but for an American General to KISS the Koran, for a foreign country to demand a U.S. Citizen be punished? I’m beginning to think it’s time to move from U.S., but where? The nutty extreme Muslims are taking over the world. If I want to shoot a Koran, a Bible, a roll of toilet paper, I have every right to because I’m a U.S. citizen. Period. I would never do it because I don’t want to, but I have the RIGHT to. My blood is just boiling over this. The soldier is an American. Period.

  4. MrSouthAtlanta said:

    “nor do we respect most other religions that are different from Christianity.”


    If there is ONE religion that is trashed above all else, it has GOT to be Christianity!

    But, then, they don’t normally go around killing people just because someone makes a “social commentary.” – unlike the religion of peace…

  5. Oxbobend Says:

    This is just another sign of the ignorance and the lack of education that is rampant in the middle-east.. And you tell me we can teach these ignorant b****ds democracy? Without tolerance, no society can understand or practice democracy.
    We went there because of WMD, and now we are teaching them democracy. What a pile of crap.

  6. Mike Till Says:

    sure would be easier to use live iraqis or any other people of the raghead persuasion as target practice. maybe if we had a national day of koran book burnings then all the muslims would fresak out and blow themselves up.

  7. FU Says:

    which moron wants to charge our soldier with a hate crime. you empty headed terrorist loving devil worshipping unedumicated dirt muching bug eating incest result. how stupid are you?

  8. Mike Says:

    We have people in this country getting their panties in a knot because this solider shot at a Quran, yet it is OK for people to burn the US Flag as “freedom of speech”?

    Boo-hoo get over it…. one guy (albiet severely dumbassed guy) taking a shot at your supposed “holy” book does not constitute an attack on your religion. If I can tolerate Muslims burning the US flag as a statement of their views on America, I think we need a heck of a lot more bullet ridden Qurans floaring around the world. Maybe then you will get it through your hears that the rest of the civilized world doesn’t buy in to your 7th century fanatical brainwahsing.

  9. Elaine Mays Says:

    Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. Let’s say Iraq or some other country attacked the US and toppled the president and killed him, then occupied our country killing 100’s of thousands of civilians, destroyed artifacts and antiquities, (the Washington Monument let’s say) cities and towns and then started to shoot up the Christian bible. How would you take it? I see so much ignorance here it is pathetic. But that is why we are in this mess in Iraq today. Ignorant people voting for ignorant people and crooks to run our country.

  10. MrSouthAtlanta Says:

    Elaine – you hit the nail on the head. I won’t even get into dialogue with those listing ignorant and uneducated comments here. Glad to find some sanity in here. Our country is faltering from a lack of respect for others, while bombing others if they don’t bow down to us. We need to get a grip and realize we are NOT a superior species to others. All our blood is read and we breathe the same air and we all die. We should learn to harmonize better (first with each other as Americans) and spread that to the rest of the world.

  11. Yeah, NO respect for other people and are just blowing them up left and right for not bowing down…

    Oh, I’m sorry… I thought you were talking about IslamoNazism…

    Say what you will about the U.S., but we do our best to reasonably respect other cultures. And, I’m a little confused as to where it is written that an occupying force MUST respect the culture of the land they are occupying… I can understand respecting international laws, but culture? The U.S. is just one of only a handful of nations that actually do their best to respect others…

    Granted, the soldier’s actions were misguided, if not suicidal, but the calls by the religion of peace for the killing of all U.S. “infidels” over this is nothing short of insanity!

    Multiculturalism doesn’t work. Unfortunately, as much as we wish it were to be true, not all civilizations and religions are created equal. Islam is an Imperialistic Religion, i.e.- it discriminates against all other religions because one of the central doctrines of Islam is its need for the rest of the world to bow in submission to it and its teachings. The apologetic actions taken by the U.S. Military complex is seen as a sign of submission to the authority of Islam; not respect…

    There is no doubt, now that the U.S. Military has shown its willingness to “submit” to Islam, the local Imams will demand further submissive humiliation by claiming the soldier’s apology was not enough and that he should be made an example via some sort of harsh punishment; which, if the Imams have their way, will probably be some form of a public beating to show the infidel’s submission to the authority of Sharia Law – whose main jurisprudence comes from the Qur’an and its associated Hadiths. I doubt the Military will comply with such a request (unless I am horrendously mistaken). So, back to square one…

    Here’s a little experiment for you: Take a Haj to Saudi Arabia and bring along a little cross necklace….

    Or, a Bible…. Or, some pork rinds…

    How far do you think you are going to go before Saudi Airport Security takes you into custody?

    (BTW – They (Muslims) BURN Bibles that are confiscated… )

    Yup… No respect for other people’s religious beliefs…

    And, as an afterthought, the Iraqi’s consider the U.S. as an occupying force controlling (or annexing, if you prefer) Iraq. If that is so, then one can make the argument that Iraq is U.S. property…

  12. Leatherneck Says:

    It reminds me of the time, way back when I burned the Koran, and had to go back to compassion and sensitivity training.


  13. Matamoros Says:

    Elaine Mays Said:

    19 May, 2008 at 10:38 am
    “Let’s put the shoe on the other foot. Let’s say Iraq or some other country attacked the US and toppled the president and killed him, then occupied our country killing 100’s of thousands of civilians, destroyed artifacts and antiquities, (the Washington Monument let’s say) cities and towns and then started to shoot up the Christian bible. How would you take it? I see so much ignorance here it is pathetic. But that is why we are in this mess in Iraq today. Ignorant people voting for ignorant people and crooks to run our country.”

    The simple answer to the points you make is:
    THEY would do all you describe ( and much worse) to us if THEY were able to.

    I can only conclude that you are either a Muslim, (in which case logic is wasted on you) a very shallow thinker or someone who hasn’t bothered to study the history of Islamic imperialism and the sheer barbaric brutality it included.

  14. Dick Says:

    This last comment is so off the chart its not even funny. Have you ever been described by others as one who takes something to an extream? Seriously, have you sent foot on another country, other than Canada? Take it from a guy that has seen what you are talking about. We did not come over to Iraq and blow the entire place up, murder, rape and pillage. Actually we did exactly what we needed to do in order to get the job done. Then we risk our lives each and every day to rebuild the country, yet you have groups that will go to no end to see our brains streaked across the pavement. Ever thought about that? No because you sit in your home, with your tv that watches CNN once in a while and only hear of the horrible things that they broadcast. Then move on to E! where you hear of Britney Spears and all the others. I ask you to not take a shower for a month, be afarid of the water that is there due to the fact that it might be poisoned. Try seeing the after math of an IED or an EFP. Seeing the blood and guts everywhere or what might be left of you best friend. Try that on for size. So sleep tight. Me and my buddies are gonna go make sure that you stay safe tonight in that bed. Oh and can you tell my wife that I havent seen in forever that I said, I love her. Thanks.

  15. Leatherneck Says:


    I do not think Matamoros was writing anything bad about the U.S. He appears to have been showing the above statement how Muslims would act if they had attacked the West.

    I am confident Matamoros supports our military. BTW, some of us have stood a post to ensure the freedoms the left takes for granted stay in place. Most of us do not watch CNN due to they are full of crap left wing pussies.

    Most of us, if not all would thank you for your service to our country, and wish you G-d’s speed to return to us safely. I was gone from home once for two, and a half years.

    Keep your head down,


  16. Dick,

    Matamoros was just quoting Elaine Mays from a previous comment, and then criticizing it, as you, yourself have done.

    But, misdirected attack aside, We thank you for your service to our country.

    I wish I were young enough to be allowed to go over there and help you guys out!

    You Rock!!!

    P.S. – Matamoros is from Down Under.


  17. Jack McMillan Says:

    Well, I can think of many uses for a Koran:

    1) target practice ( always done)
    2) toilet paper
    3) kindling for a fire
    4) paper towels when we’re out of “Brawny”
    5) picking up doggy doo

    Oh, the list goes on!

  18. islams not for me Says:

    For Elaine mays

    Despite the fact Im about 2 years too late to reply to your comment…

    You do realize (Or not) that islam is a system. A system you may or may not agree with. Since you are one of these boring leftists who think that living in peace with anyone despite the mulitude of attacks by islamic terrorists without and within the USA.

    Will somehow stop by your liberal morality good luck with your arrogance.

    Take the time to read up on islam and see how your philosphy, liberalism, socialism and whatever other ‘isms’ you lay hold onto would be destroyed by moslems following shaira laws while you are simply thier slave under the ‘protection’ of dhimmitude.

  19. islams not for me Says:

    For mr south atlanta…

    Yet another sorry liberal too caught up in the great lie of ‘respect-isms’.

    Do you honestly think your liberal / socialistic philosophy works well under Sharia laws or anything else that islams system would destroy…?

    Take the time to read up on islams system and read up on the historical reports on how moslem leaders treated Jews, Christians, Atheists and others that were unattached to thier culture / system.

    Take the time to read up on islams own ‘intolerance’ of non muslims from the death of muhammad till now. Or are you too scared to defend the good, bad, and ugly of your own culture and your philosophy against those whom would happily use your body and soul and kill you simply because you arent like them.

  20. the big papa hitler Says:

    I love you guys

  21. […] about the qur’an with bullet holes at Dr. Bulldog and Ronin. We survived the Nazi’s, Communists and others but unless we stand up and fight we will lose […]

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