UK Muslim Threatens to Sue Transsexual Driving Instructor

Is is just me, or are Islamonazis just stupid? There is just no way this guy is going to win his case against a transsexual driving instructor – even the Liberal PC Multiculturalists know enough to back away from this one! Nope… No way… At least, not until they succeed in implementing Sharia Law…

H/T – Matamoros (how he finds these hilarious articles, I’ll never know. I don’t ask and he don’t tell)…

Muslim man threatens to sue driving school for sending transsexual instructor to teach his wife

By Chris Brooke
21 May 2008 –

For the past 12 months, she had proudly taken to the road as part of an all-female driving school.

But Emma Sherdley is not exactly all woman.

Until a few years ago she was a married father-of-two called Andrew.

She is, though, in the middle of treatment to change gender and has the legal paperwork to prove it.

But that wasn’t enough to satisfy one client who claimed he had been shortchanged when he booked a female instructor to teach his wife how to drive.

He phoned the Laugh ‘n’ Pass driving school threatening to sue after Miss Sherdley, 42, turned up for the lesson.

‘You have sent me a man. Send me a proper female. How dare you send a man with a deep voice,’ he told Joanne Dixon, who runs the school in West Yorkshire.

The man, a Muslim from the Meadowhall district of Sheffield who has not been named, claimed the company deliberately sent a man disguised as a woman.

‘His attitude and behaviour was outrageous and has upset me and Emma and everyone else who works here,’ Miss Dixon said.

‘We are not racist. We are not sexist-If anyone was being so it was that man.’

[Welcome to the hypocrisy that is Islam…]

She said no other learners had complained about being taught by Miss Sherdley, an experienced instructor.

As for Miss Sherdley, she is trying to develop a thicker skin.

She said the man’s comments had been ‘hurtful, offensive and deeply upsetting‘ and had even made her think of quitting her job.

[Waaah…. It’s like one of those, ‘he came at me in a threating manner and I feared for my life’, lines my wife has memorized just in case she happens to shoot someone… It’s a real nice touch, though! I like it! You go git ’em, girl !!! Err, boy… Err… Uhm… Never mind…]

His wife had apparently cut their two-hour lesson short after an hour, claiming she had to go home to breastfeed her baby.

Miss Sherdley said: ‘I always knew as a child that I was a woman stuck in a man’s body.

‘I tried hard to be a man, getting married and having children but it never worked and never would.

‘For the past six years I have been what is correctly called “transitioned”. I still have to undergo final surgery but legally I am a woman.

That is what my birth certificate says and that is what the gender recognition certificate proves. For that prejudiced and biased man to threaten to sue me and the driving school is totally and utterly wrong.’

There are currently 32 female pupils on the books at the school. Miss Dixon employs 20 female instructors who teach learners throughout Yorkshire.

The school, which has been running for ten years, boasts a high pass rate.

‘We say each of our female instructors promise to be friendly, professional and patient – that is exactly what Emma is,’ Miss Dixon said.

‘For her to be subjected to abuse and threats is simply intolerable.’

[Yeah! Intolerance will NOT be tolerated! *grin*]

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39 Comments on “UK Muslim Threatens to Sue Transsexual Driving Instructor”

  1. tnr Says:

    Changing times: How the trauma of the 7/7 bombings convinced a top GP to fulfil his lifelong dream of changing sex:

  2. tnr Says:

    Bad Gay Cross Dressing al-Qaeda Weapons Dealer Dead

    »»»When Coalition forces called out for occupants of the target building to surrender, several people came out but told the force one man was still inside. During a security sweep of the building, Coalition forces found the terrorist, dressed in women’s clothing and hiding under a bed with a rifle and military-style assault vest.««««

  3. […] change secular democracy must result in conflicts which range from the highly comical, such as the British partially transsexual male driving instructor who had a certificate from the UK Government s…who demanded that his wife get a female instructor for her lessons, to the outright suicidal where […]

  4. Frack Me! Says:

    Fracking Islams, the mulism men wear dresses and they complain if our transgendered ladies wear a dress also???!!!

    What the f*@K is wrong with mulism and islamic people in this world???!!!

    Accept our society or go back to whereveer you cammme frommm!

    Racist Idiot! Transgendered are harmless as opposed to mulism terrorists!

  5. Jemzz Says:

    If I purposely called up a female instructor firm , i would want a female!!! not a man with his balls cut off (which they aint even yet), he might dress up n put make up on, but it is a man!!! damnit, I would be pissed off too.

  6. Steve Dorey Says:

    Well if this guy is so offended about the way ENGLISH people are doing ENGLISH things in ENGLAND….. maybe he shouldn’t BE here!

    I have NOTHING against people moving to new countries as most of my friends are totally different places and of totally different religions but there is NO need to come to a new place and start abusing others in the day-to-day way they chose to run their lives.

    If he didn’t want her to teach he could have just phoned up the company and said POLITELY no need at ALL to be offensive!

    This just seems to be the Islamic culture, be rude and think it is ok?
    Do we really want that in Britain?

  7. az_conservative Says:

    “…gender recognition certificate.” ????

    Is this a joke? When it gets to the point where one must be issued a gender recognition certificate in order for their gender to be recognizable, society is in big trouble….I’ve always thought breasts or lack thereof were sufficient gender recognition devices….ahhh, the good old days.

  8. Steve Nicholls Says:

    This instructor should know that his actions might create a problem with some pupils. Whilst I support his choice if we take away the right of the muslim to complain we end up with something resembling ‘sharia law’. I dont think we want that do we?

    My way of dealing with is this. Let them complain and then get rid of them. Some muslims dont have any tollerance for western ways. They dont want to integrate they think we are ‘infadels’. When in my car they leave their religion at home. In my car ‘steve’s religion rules. If I dont like you I ‘aint takin any shit from you’. I have rights too.

    • Ronin Says:

      I understand your point but nothing in western law mimics sharia. One law for all is the only fair solution. Your temporary contol of one muslim at a time while you teach them to drive protects no one. Sharia is about control not religion, the UK can live in the seventh century again all they have to do is let sharia stick. You could also reverse the wave by holding everyone to modern standards. That my friend might allow those that left the UK to return home.

  9. Yas Says:

    I’m an immigrant, I immigrated from Costa Rica to the US many years ago. I believe that if you want to move to another country, then you have to understand that you can’t live 100% like you did back in your country. This guy wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants everyone to adjust to his religious beliefs, rather than the other way around. I’m not saying that he should stop practicing his religion, not at all, but he needs to stop acting as if the people of his new country needs him there or owns him something. They don’t! You have to adjust to your new country. If you want to act as if you were back in your country, then go back.

    • tgusa Says:

      You are the kind of immigrant America has traditionally welcomed. Too bad they can’t all follow your example. Glad to have you as one of us.

  10. islams not for me Says:

    Why should the ‘tranny’ be suprised at a moslem trying to sue them when moslems end up killing gays and ‘gender’ challenged folks in thier home countries.

    IF moslems dont like the weirdness of the gender benders and gays they should stay in mecca and not leave.

  11. Wendy Says:

    Interesting. This article’s comments left in the year 2008, clearly demonstrate a media and politically induced hatred towards a particular religious group, Islam. This American social viewpoint is actively encouraged by politicians and the media especially, and is a thought pattern produced by a repetition of messages, some subtle, others less so. The purpose behind this promotion of “hate” for lack of a better word, seems to be economic in general. The trigger happy comments posted above this one, can be analyzed as as a clear appeal to the “popular” viewpoint.

    Logically, if the driving school allows one to select the gender of instructor, it is itself permitting the customer to make a judgement and a selection. To then backtrack and to shame the customer for the selection made, is quite contradictory. To put it lightly, if we order an ice-cream Sunday without nuts, and yet it comes with them, as a paying customer our business contract has been violated. It is inconsequential, however offended and upset the nuts on the Sunday may be. The man is within his rights as a customer, whether he be Hindu, Muslim, Christian, or martian.

  12. wendy,

    While our comments offend you they are generated by the responses of moslems against various ‘groups’ that have ‘social’ and legal protections whether they are gay, lesbian, transexual or other deviancies from their own writings on many moslem websites.

    We as skeptical commentors respond with such descriptive and negative comments because of what we know of islam as a religion / theocratic system.

    Perhaps it would be better for you to research islam yourself to see that it is against everything you hold dear.

    As for the article yes we can agree that the ‘customer’ is ‘right’ in the sence of wanting a female instructor due to complicated cultural needs that pose a problme for that previous transexual instructor. And yet his ‘intolernace’ of the subjects chosen lifestyle doesnt make him ‘right’ for rejecting that person.

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