UK Muslim Threatens to Sue Transsexual Driving Instructor

Is is just me, or are Islamonazis just stupid? There is just no way this guy is going to win his case against a transsexual driving instructor – even the Liberal PC Multiculturalists know enough to back away from this one! Nope… No way… At least, not until they succeed in implementing Sharia Law…

H/T – Matamoros (how he finds these hilarious articles, I’ll never know. I don’t ask and he don’t tell)…

Muslim man threatens to sue driving school for sending transsexual instructor to teach his wife

By Chris Brooke
21 May 2008 –

For the past 12 months, she had proudly taken to the road as part of an all-female driving school.

But Emma Sherdley is not exactly all woman.

Until a few years ago she was a married father-of-two called Andrew.

She is, though, in the middle of treatment to change gender and has the legal paperwork to prove it.

But that wasn’t enough to satisfy one client who claimed he had been shortchanged when he booked a female instructor to teach his wife how to drive.

He phoned the Laugh ‘n’ Pass driving school threatening to sue after Miss Sherdley, 42, turned up for the lesson.

‘You have sent me a man. Send me a proper female. How dare you send a man with a deep voice,’ he told Joanne Dixon, who runs the school in West Yorkshire.

The man, a Muslim from the Meadowhall district of Sheffield who has not been named, claimed the company deliberately sent a man disguised as a woman.

‘His attitude and behaviour was outrageous and has upset me and Emma and everyone else who works here,’ Miss Dixon said.

‘We are not racist. We are not sexist-If anyone was being so it was that man.’

[Welcome to the hypocrisy that is Islam…]

She said no other learners had complained about being taught by Miss Sherdley, an experienced instructor.

As for Miss Sherdley, she is trying to develop a thicker skin.

She said the man’s comments had been ‘hurtful, offensive and deeply upsetting‘ and had even made her think of quitting her job.

[Waaah…. It’s like one of those, ‘he came at me in a threating manner and I feared for my life’, lines my wife has memorized just in case she happens to shoot someone… It’s a real nice touch, though! I like it! You go git ’em, girl !!! Err, boy… Err… Uhm… Never mind…]

His wife had apparently cut their two-hour lesson short after an hour, claiming she had to go home to breastfeed her baby.

Miss Sherdley said: ‘I always knew as a child that I was a woman stuck in a man’s body.

‘I tried hard to be a man, getting married and having children but it never worked and never would.

‘For the past six years I have been what is correctly called “transitioned”. I still have to undergo final surgery but legally I am a woman.

That is what my birth certificate says and that is what the gender recognition certificate proves. For that prejudiced and biased man to threaten to sue me and the driving school is totally and utterly wrong.’

There are currently 32 female pupils on the books at the school. Miss Dixon employs 20 female instructors who teach learners throughout Yorkshire.

The school, which has been running for ten years, boasts a high pass rate.

‘We say each of our female instructors promise to be friendly, professional and patient – that is exactly what Emma is,’ Miss Dixon said.

‘For her to be subjected to abuse and threats is simply intolerable.’

[Yeah! Intolerance will NOT be tolerated! *grin*]

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39 Comments on “UK Muslim Threatens to Sue Transsexual Driving Instructor”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    Lol! That is a hot Transexual eh?

  2. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    She came to teach my wife how to drive in her burka
    B U R K A burka

    I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Emma
    E M M A Emma

  3. Lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-


  4. Matamoros Says:

    This conundrum will impale the PC brigade, and their fellow traveller courts, on the horns of a dilemma; which protected minority group will the court favour?
    My bet is they’ll come down on the side of the Muslim plaintiff…….transsexuals don’t get violent when they’re miffed.

    I’m afraid tears before bed time are inevitable in this instance.

  5. adeavendetta Says:

    Ok, it ***could**** be funny, but given the extraordinary level of mindless stupidity and violent threats made against both the driving school and Emma, I hope this Mr. “I am a mononeuronal sexist scumbag” gets his time in court, if only to be taught a lesson on how a free society ought to work. I am a proud anarcho-leftist myself, but enough is enough! Multiculturalism is a load of crap, imho, and the defense of universal human values applicable to all should be our first and foremost priority amidst such levels of intellectual poverty and increasing manifestations of sexist, homophobic violence on the part of a minority that knows how to ask for rights, but never grants them to others.

    Got to your blog through WP’s featured articles. Congrats.

  6. Ronin Says:

    Glad you like the article adeavendetta, t

    Wait until I finish my comments on an upcoming article on honor killing, that really exposes islamic violence. If anything exposes inequality in islam it is the oppression of women. The blame the victim routine is sickening. I’m finishing it now, check back in a bit.


  7. velvethammer Says:

    Mullah Lodabullah

    😆 U R 2 much! 😆

  8. adeavendetta,

    “Got to your blog through WP’s featured articles. Congrats.”

    Thank you. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t give credit to Matamoros for digging up such an outrageous article and for the patronage of all of our wonderful and loyal readers.


  9. Nen Says:

    That’s not about religion. Its about culture. And its not about that guy finding transsexuals weird or something. Its about the driving school not sending a ‘normal’ female to instruct his wife. Asians and Arabs are very protective of their women. An Asian or Arab of any religion would’ve got infuriated by this. Its about culture. Its a huge deal for them if their women get molested or something. So they can’t stand anyone with a manly physique, face and voice near their women.

    Please know more about the world before commenting on stuff.

  10. Leatherneck Says:

    I do not like the employee you have to perform the exam, GET me another employee said the moon god worshiper.

    Get the bloody hell out of the country, and get back to the turd world crap hole you are from if you do not like the British culture Mooselimb!

    Your kind make me sick!

  11. Nen,

    You are obviously deluded if you think it’s just about culture and has nothing to do with Islam – which some people actually consider to be a religion…

    You silly thing…

  12. Ronin Says:

    More islamoganda. Not about religion but so many muslims think women are property-their property. Not about religion but only islam treats women as cattle.

    Not about religion but:
    The koran orders men to beat women,

    allows them to cast them out,

    allows murder for a rumor.

    I could do this all night but I don’t think you care and you may already know this.

    Your other comments are equally wrong, muslims do not mind women being molested even at early ages as long as it is covered up and kept inside the family. As you already pointed out “please know more about the world before commenting on stuff”

    You may be right in that muslim men are intimidated by real men, I seem to terrorize them just by walking by them. I should add I pity them too much to hurt one.

  13. tnr Says:

    Yes know more about the world before commenting… It is not about religion.It is about culture…
    The first sex-change clinics opened in Casablanca (Morocco) in the sixties…. I guess Morocco is a Muslim country, isn’t? Then according to Khomenei sex changes are permissible:

    Ok, she is a man till her chromosomes are those of the opposite sex… or something like that but this is another story…

  14. Matamoros Says:

    Nen, perhaps people with such ‘cultural’ aversions and prohibitions should stay in their native countries where everyone shares a common view and stop coming to countries where their antiquated mores and opinions are not shared and trying to change the local majorities to their outmoded, backward standards.

    What arrant arrogance makes you think we will, or should, embrace your anachronistic social and ‘cultural’ attitudes. Eskimos leave their old folk out in the blizzard to die when they can no longer keep up with the group. Some Melanesians wander around dressed in nothing more than a gourd on their penises……..if they come to live in OUR lands do you want us to adjust to that as well?…….if not, what makes your oddities any more worthy of our tolerance than their’s.
    You all knew what the West was like before you immigrated.
    Get used to it !!!!!!

    And if you can’t get used to it, p*** off back to where you came from.

  15. ER Says:

    Then there are the Saudi women who themselves got sex changes so that they could drive.

  16. Archie Says:

    Man, I am confused. Is this guy a guy or gal? Is this gal a guy or gal? How about this> guy + gal = guyal. That’s something I can understand. The person is a guyal. Yeah. Quit arguing. Just refund the money and realize this new gender. The person is neither a guy or a gal. The person is a guyal. Quit bickering. The new age movement is taking over anyway and sex has no place in the new society.

  17. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    Archie said * The new age movement is taking over anyway …

    And part of the New Age belief system is a process of planetary cleansing, where those not sufficiently evolved are “cleansed” from the planet and sent to another plane where they may “evolve”. Meanwhile, the Age of Aquarius dawns to replace the Piscean Age represented by Christianity, and the world awaits the next “christed” individual as world teacher, to bring “peace” and “harmony” to the planet. Just another delusion, along with Homo Noeticus (search).

    [When they say, There is peace and no danger, then sudden destruction will come on them, as birth-pains on a woman with child; and they will not be able to get away from it.] 1 Thessalonians 5:3

    Nothing that “Allah”, or “Gaia”, or the UN or the EU can do to prevent it

  18. adeavendetta Says:

    Oh, c´mon! “It’s not about religion, it’s about culture”. So? How does this makes it any different? The whole incident reeks of mindless, stupid sexism. First, Mr. “I only have one brain cell but decided not to put it to use today” decides HE gets to decide which school his wife can attend. HE gets to call the school and bitch about the “incident”. And HE gets to speak to the press. As if this were not enough, he gets to decide whether Emma is “a proper woman” or not, which in itself is utterly ridiculous since transgender people, as their name indicates, transition from one gender to another. Gender is not just about biological sex, it is about the role that we take on as social beings. For instance, I once read a story on a guy in the Mid-West who had lost his penis in an accident. The guy was no transgender person himself: he simply had had the misfortune of losing his penis. Is he less of a man for having lost his penis? Should he be barred from male bathrooms, or dressing rooms, because he doesn’t have a penis attached to his body?

    The question is not whether this is about “religion”, “culture”, or Polish peckles in a jar. The question is that one individual feels self-entitled, by virtue of his attachment to the utterly ridiculous nonsense that religion is (I could not care less if it’s islam, christianity, or the flying spaghetti monster) to dictate to others whether they can work, breathe, or walk around the Earth without his permission. I am a staunch atheist, a leftist, and a lesbian myself, and I say: enough is enough of religious wackos trying to impose their ridiculous worldview onto others. As it happens, Islam today is one of the most important threats to secularism and freedom FROM religion in the world, so it’s only fair that we decry this for what it is: yet another form of Islamic “me-me-me-centrism” trying to impose its will unto others.

  19. adeavendetta Says:

    And the comments on sex-change in the Islamic world are simply out of context. Yes, imam Khomeini approved of sex-changes in the 1980s in Iran, but only because his thought is entrenched in the whole idea of the two sexes being “mutakaamil”. Takaamul is an Arabic concept which could be translated as “compmlementareity”, that is: Nature, as God’s creation, is perfect because everything in it is perfectly balanced. The existence of 2 sexes (male / female) attest to this, so if one person feels he or she was born “in the wrong body”, much Islamic legal teaching allows for sex reassignment surgery, including the Gulf countries.

    However, this sound beautiful on paper, but becomes a real threat to people who are not strictly transgendered, particularly homosexuals. In Iran itself, homosexuals are often forced by their doctors to undergo hormone treatment in hopes that they will “transition” to the “right” gender, this stop being homosexual. As you might know, homosexuality is punished by death in Iran. So yes, transgendered people might have it a little easier in Iran, but certainly only because transgenderism can be fit into the complex Islamic legal system and it’s rigid compartimentalization of genders into two. People who are in-between, and homosexuals certainly have no respite because their loving on of the same gender is an attack against the principle of “takaamul” or complementareity.

    * I’ve been in the biz of Islamic studies and gender and sexuality studies for over 10 years, so yeah, I do know what I’m talking about, and again: it ain’t no Polish peckles in a jar!

  20. creeping Says:

    this lawsuit is not stupid at all, to Muslims that is, it’s just another aspect of jihad – in this case litigation jihad or lawfare…

    shameless plug time – we reposted an article on ‘islamic lawfare’ a few days ago that is a good primer on the topic and goes on to say that many of the lawsuits brought by muslims are frivolous and aren’t even intended for any other purpose than to break the will of non-muslims…since they get funding from the saudi’s via cair and others, money is no issue…but the infidel defendant, at this point, does not have a state funding it so it comes out of pocket and the result is submission to islam via litigation jihad…

  21. tnr Says:



    Insurgent From Alqaeda Dressing Like A Woman Captured By Iraqi Army In Baghdad

  22. tnr Says:



    Insurgent From Al qaeda Dressing Like A Woman Captured By Iraqi Army In Baghdad

  23. tnr Says:

    Transvestite suicide-bomber killed in Afghanistan:

    “When we took off her burqa we found she was a man with a suicide vest tied around his body.” :

  24. jenny Says:

    T/V-T/S-C/D-G/G –T/G Confused?? I should coco.

    Female Transexual ,That’s what I’m stuck with. The word Transexual implies SEX ,Transgender is a more gentle term. But transgender encompasses a great number of people (the majority in fact) transvestite’s drag queen’s and anyone that puts on there wife’s knickers. So I can not use the term Transgender. My birth certificate say’s female now although I was born male and lived as such for two many years. The term ‘gender dysphoria’ which is now the excepted medical JARGON for my condition was actually coined in a internet chat room in the late 80’s by a transsexual woman with no medical background. TRANSVESTITE definition, one who wares clothes associated with the opposite gender for sexual gratification. The EMPHASIS being on the term’ sexual gratification’ same with cross dresser’s. Any drag queens, C/D,T/V’ reading this PLEASE be aware of the damage you do by parading yourselves around in public. Transexuals need to be accepted by society not mealy tolerated. Suicide rate’s for male to female transsexuals is now up to 50% . There needs to be a line drawn between sex and gender.

  25. it’s only words
    and words are all I have
    to take your heart away…

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