Muslims Slit the Throats of 3 Christians then Burn Down 3 Churches and a Village

Once again, Muslims have decided to do some ‘proselytizing’ of the Christians. And, of course, only proving the point that Islam is not a religion of peace but a murderous, Imperialistic Religion.

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Indonesia Muslims “Burn” Christian Village; Four Killed, 56 Injured

JAKARTA, INDONESIA (BosNewsLife)– Nearly all Christian families in a village on Indonesia’s Seram island, in the religiously volatile Maluku province, were homeless Wednesday, May 21, after a Muslim mob burned their houses and other properties as well as killing four believers and injuring dozens others, investigators told BosNewsLife.

The remote, mainly Christian, village of Horale was attacked in the evening of May 2 by a mob from the neighboring village of Saleman, which is predominantly Muslim, said Barnabas Fund, a well-informed group investigating the plight of Christians in Islamic nations. ”

“Three of the four [murdered] victims had their throats slit, but all were attacked in other ways as well,” the group said in a statement. “Mrs. Welhelmina Pattiasina, 47, was first tortured, and her grand-daughter Yola, 6, had her stomach cut open.”

An elderly man, Edward Unwaru, 84, was “burned to death after his throat had been cut,” said Barnabas Fund, which is in close contact with allegedly persecuted Christians. A fourth victim, identified as Josef Laumahina, 39, was allegedly cut and then burned.


The Muslim mob also “burnt down 120 houses, three churches and the village school,” during the attack, in which also 56 people were wounded, Barnabus Fund claimed. In addition, fifteen hectares of crops were destroyed as well as 20 fishing boats and two motor-cycles, the group added. News of the attack apparently just emerged, in part because of its remote location.

Horale village is home to 175 families, a total of around 2,300 people, according to estimates.
Barnabas Fund’s International Director, Patrick Sookhdeo, said Horale was “situated in a remote area on the island of Seram” and therefore a relative easy target for extremists.

“Such areas have seen a number of similar incidents over the last five months,” he added. Maluku province experienced “intense anti-Christian violence between 1999 and 2001, and it is alarming to consider that this may be starting again,” Sookhdeo claimed.

Indonesian authorities have however send special police forces to guard the border between the two villages, reports said. In a letter to supporters, his group urged Christians to “Pray that the Christians of Horale will be given grace to forgive and love their enemies,” and that God would “comfort” the relatives of killed victims and survivors.

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6 Comments on “Muslims Slit the Throats of 3 Christians then Burn Down 3 Churches and a Village”

  1. Islam Dummies Says:

    Im from Indonesia but i didnt know about this stories

  2. senor doeboy Says:

    Now that all the Christians are all burned out of house and home, the “Indonesian authorities have however send special police forces to guard the border between the two villages”, to do what protect the Mohammedan from reprisals? The Indonesian government encourages this kind of behavior from the Minions of Mohammedanism, and then protects them or even rewards them like the Bali bombers. All western countries should with draw all embassy staff, because they are nothing more the future hostages for the Minions of Madness.

  3. Islam Dummies,

    Here is another article about the incident from another source:

    A quick search on Google News will help keep you informed about what is going on in your country. Oh… Wait… You guys are getting censored by your government to help protect you from “pornography.” Gee… I wonder who spear-headed such a thing? Oh, wait… It was the Muslims in YOUR government!!!

    That’s why you haven’t heard about this…


  4. Islam Dummies:

    Here is an article I posted a couple of months ago that explains why you and all of Indonesia are getting your news filtered through Muslim censors:

    Welcome to Islam in the 21st Century….


  5. Islam Dummies Says:

    Doc thanks for the link….

  6. Islam Dummies,

    No problem. Always glad to be of service to the censored.


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