Homophobic Muslim Gang Attacks Gay Man in Amsterdam

Muslim gang attacks gay catwalk model

By Tony Grew – 6Jun08
Gay people in Holland have been shocked by a public attack on a gay man in Amsterdam.

Model Mike Du Pree was taking part in a fashion show to promote tolerance towards gay people when a gang of ten Muslim youths dragged him from the catwalk and beat him.

A Dutch MP has called for the youths to be deported.

Mr Du Pree’s nose was broken in the attack, which was motivated by homophobia.

The fashion event was held last week on a public holiday marking the birth of Holland’s late Queen Julianna.

Newspaper Gay Krant reports that a bystander intervened as the model was being beaten and a fight erupted.

Fashion show organiser Jennifer Delano told the paper that the atmosphere at the event was tense, and that the violence shows Amsterdam is no longer a tolerant city.

“Mike got dragged down by his arm,” she said.

“They pinched him, he defended himself and then the guys of immigrant background started to hit him.”

Police arrived on the scene but it is unclear whether the ten homophobic Muslim youths were arrested or charged.

MPs have raised the incident in Parliament.

“This shows how strong the Islamic gay bashers feel they are,” said Party of Freedom MP Martin Bosma.

“Even at daylight, on Queen’s Day, in the heart of Amsterdam, they strike.

“Only the hardest measures could turn this sick trend.

“The Dutch nationality of the gay bashers of Rembrandt Square should immediately be taken from them and they should be expelled from the country today.

“The Netherlands can show no mercy for these people who damage our society in this way. Either they will win, or we will win.”

In December the mayor of Amsterdam commissioned academics to study a spate of attacks on gay people in the city.

A substantial increase in homophobic attacks in the capital has been reported over the last few years.

More than half of Dutch gays feel less safe than they did a year ago, a survey carried out in August by current affairs programme EenVandaag revealed.

Sixty-four per cent of anti-gay incidents were verbal but 12 per cent resulted in physical abuse.

Amsterdam’s image in the Netherlands as the ‘gay capital of the world’ is also under threat as the survey revealed gays there were more fearful than in other parts of country.

Of the 23,000 people questioned, including 1,980 gays and lesbians, 61 per cent still maintained the Netherlands is a gay-friendly country.

The government of Holland has committed itself to the active promotion of acceptance of LGBT people in the light of several high-profile homophobic attacks in the country.

In a memorandum on the 2008 Budget, the coalition government’s Cabinet said that respect for difference is a basic condition of Dutch society.

They committed millions of euros to fight homophobia and promote acceptance.

The University of Amsterdam has been commissioned by the city’s mayor to carry out the research into homophobic attacks.

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12 Comments on “Homophobic Muslim Gang Attacks Gay Man in Amsterdam”


    “…Amsterdam is no longer a tolerant city”.
    It used to be-that’s how the Koranist fiends got in. Once they got in, they slammed the door shut on tolerance. Now behold the results.

  2. Screamin' Demon Says:

    I think that the Netherlands should stop immigration process for people of those cultures intolerant to such things like Homosexuality. Why should these people be allowed into the country to ruin its liberal lifestyle. If any of them have a problem with it, kick them out!

  3. islams not for me Says:

    Amsterdam’s people should write up laws that would enforce tough penaltes on islamic imams and the imams followers for teaching ‘hate speech’ this includes physical violence.

    Immigrant muslims should make a choice go back to mecca or join our modern mechanized life and become secular.

    More than likely we will simply fill up mecca because muslims perfer thier culture and way of life than ours.

  4. Screamin' Demon Says:

    Support Geert Wilders, he’s Europe’s last hope and will bring an answer to stuff like this.

  5. Jack Says:

    Reading this sickens me! Are you f**king kidding me? 10 pieces of human trash dragged the handsome model off stage and beat him up? Netherlands please, either imprison the trash for a very long time if they are citizens, or deport them straight away if they are not! They are deserving of the same respect they have given the rights of those people they look down on: NONE! Same goes for those women who attacks the man: lock them up, or ship them out!

    • tgusa Says:

      Little if anything will be done Jack. There is a new protected group that is replacing homosexuals, muslims. We have tried repeatedly to warn you all about these dangers but many homos are unable to see beyond their hatred of us. In the future homos will not be being married they will be hunted, unless homos get their heads out of their asses. Oh I know the DC leadership has convinced you that we are the real threat but there are worse things out there than us. When it comes time to choose between 1.5 billion maniacs and a few thousand homos, homosexuals will end up under the bus so fast they won’t even know what hit them. WTHU!

  6. islams not for me Says:

    I have a better idea jack.

    Simply gather up the ‘gay’ portion of Hollands society and use some bondage and S&M on the perps as punishment and send them back to those islamic hellholes so they can tell thier muslim and muslima bro and sis that gays beat the sh** out of them.

    Maybe if the gays of the world beat back thier islamic abusers it would show that they can stand up for themselves.

  7. Robbie Says:

    F****** muslims. ruining everything. The last thing anyone wants to see is Europe to become Eurabia. If these primitive people don’t wish to assimilate they should go back to their primitive countries of origin. As an American wanting to move to Europe, this makes me quite worried. I hope things will eventually change in the future. This just goes to show religion is indeed the opium of the masses.

  8. Islam is not a religion that you would understand ‘robbie’ it is a theocratic system that has changed and destroyed the Middle east and now this failed system is being pushed onto Europe by a variety of primates from multiple countries.

    IF the West doesnt push back and force islamic populations to liberalize thier ‘religion’ as you call it. We will no doubt wind up with either more ‘no go’ zones or World war 3 in our efforts to remove islam as a political threat.

  9. Darren Deane Says:

    Gays are being forced out of Amsterdam and Europe in general. It is because Gay people are Sic liberals. They are Brainwashed just like Trade Unionists, Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Feminists and so many others. The Left makes these strange alliances Between Trade Unionists-Rich Billion and Trillion aires-Poor People in Public assistance, Council Housing cases the Wine and Cheese crowd and so on and so forth.As aresult GAYS ARE VOTING THEMSELVES INTO CONCENTRATION CAMPS just like the way Jews did in 1933.

  10. gaysian chung Says:

    Can’t belive this is happening…
    Pleaseeeeeee save amsterdam!!
    Thank god we rarely have muslims..(even if there is no gay rights in my country….)
    But i think this whole muslims thing is just process for them to be civilized.
    Only time will tell..

  11. […] ηθικής. Ανάλογα περιστατικά γίνονται στην Ολλανδία. Ομάδα 10 νεαρών μουσουλμάνων είχε επιτεθεί στο μοντέλο Mike Du Pree, μετά από μία […]

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