550 Metric Tons of “Yellow Cake” Removed from Iraq and Shipped to Canada

Gee, I am so glad that Saddam Hussein didn’t did not have any WMD’s… Yup, that would be a BIG problem…

Since I’m doing my best to avoid using Associated Press articles, and this is an AP exclusive, I’ll just link you to the article HERE.  Note:  I linked GlobeAndMail.com instead of the AP’s website.  Ain’t I stinker?

Notice how the author of the article tries to convince the reader that “yellow cake” makes a piss-poor “dirty bomb,” yet, a few paragraphs later, he quotes Doug Brugge as saying, “The big problem comes with any inhalation of any of the yellowcake dust.”

Well, duh! That’s pretty much exactly how a dirty bomb is suppose to work…

Oops! Well, now I’ve gone and done it… I posted a “snippet” from an AP article… Yup, it’s kind of hard to avoid…

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2 Comments on “550 Metric Tons of “Yellow Cake” Removed from Iraq and Shipped to Canada”

  1. Jabrwock Says:

    Notice how the article points out that the UN inspectors have known about this batch since 1991, and it’s been sitting at the same facility that Israel bombed in 1981.

    If Saddam had taken any yellowcake for processing from that facility, the UN would have noticed, because like other “known” stockpiles, it was supervised. Yes he delayed and interfered with inspections. But I’ll bet someone like Israel would have bombed him again had any of the yellowcake gone missing from that facility.

    But it didn’t. The same amount they counted in 1991, was the same amount they found in 2003…

    The whole WMD claim was that Saddam was trying to acquire MORE yellowcake from Nigeria, secretly, to build a bomb, which turned out to be false.

    This is no different than the “piles” of nerve gas, that were sitting in the middle of compounds, since 1991, that the UN also knew about.

    Gulf War I didn’t force Saddam to remove all his WMDs, but to dismantle them. Burn off the chemical weapons, pile up the yellowcake under IAEA supervision, dismantle processing facilities, etc.

  2. Ronin Says:

    The unreported story is why is it finally safe to remove it at all? Something changed, did we buy it, make concessions or did the Iraqi government want it gone to protect them selves?

    Saddam was a monster and no matter if we went on bad intelligence or not the world would be better off without such men and if anything, we should have taken him out years earlier.

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