Three Bali Bombers to be Executed by Firing Squad

Good News; Indonesia is granting three wishes:

Bali bombings: Indonesia to execute three remorseless bombers by firing squad
By Thomas Bell, South East Asia Correspondent

Three Bali bombers have exhausted their appeals and will soon be executed by firing squad, according to Indonesia’s attorney general.

Imam Samudra and the brothers Amrozi and Ali Ghufron have never shown any remorse for the 2002 bombings and have repeatedly said that they embrace death and wish to be martyrs.

Indonesia’s attorney general Henderman Supanji, in announcing that no further legal avenues are available to the condemned men, said, “the process would not be drawn out”.

The bombers’ lawyer, Fahmi Bachmid, said afterwards: “All of them have repeatedly said they will only ask pardon from God, not the president. This is their faith.”

Indonesia does not announce the exact timing of executions before they are carried out.

The sentence will be carried out on or near the island of Java, overseen by the Bali prosecutor, Dewa Putu Alit Adnyana.

“I’ve already prepared the team to deal with the execution. We’re ready whenever,” he said.

Co-ordinated car bombs near nightclubs created an inferno killing 202 people in 2002. Australians, 88 of whom died, were the largest national group among the victims. The dead also included 24 Britons.

Thirty people were convicted in connection with the attack, perpetrated by Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), a mostly Indonesian terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda.

However, a the father of one of their victims on Friday pleaded for their lives.

“Nothing will return my son to me, to his mother, his family and his friends,” Brian Deegan, an Australian lawyer, wrote in an open letter to Indonesian authorities. His son Joshua was among the dead.

“I see that no good will come from their execution. I see only harm.”

He said that both he and Joshua opposed the death penalty in all cases.

The government of Indonesia – the world’s most populous Muslim country- has been widely praised for its success in suppressing the group.

JI has not struck since 2005 when suicide bombs killed 20 people, once again on Bali.

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7 Comments on “Three Bali Bombers to be Executed by Firing Squad”

  1. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    * they will only ask pardon from God, not the president

    God will pardon them, if they repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ
    as saviour and lord, but if they choose to reject this gift of eternal life, they
    will remain under the curse of sin and death and hell. “Allah” can do nothing
    for them.


    Hasn’t happened yet. Til it does, I won’t believe it.


    The thud you heard was me collapsing from the shock. I’m OK now. I think.

  4. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    I’m not the judge, but my guess is that they have gone to be with Mo, forever …

    Go straight to Hell. Do not pass Go to Heaven. Do not collect 72 Virgin frequent
    flyer points.

  5. bob Says:

    I sincerely hope that the two on the right had those same big smiles on their faces as they were sent to hell.
    But I somehow doubt it. They were probably crying and pissing their pants, as cowards do.

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