Muslim Woman Punches Christian Preacher For Telling the Truth About the Pedophile Prophet

Sorry for the low resolution video, but it is worth watching. BTW – she DID commit a “Hate Crime” by punching him and saying, “Don’t talk about my prophet, I’ll kill you” (at 1 minute 42 seconds into the video). But I doubt the MSM will say a word about this…

Also, the original version was uploaded by user komakazzi and is available on LiveLeak HERE.

P.S. – We’re trying to get some info as to when and where this happened. If anyone knows, please leave a note. Thanks

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10 Comments on “Muslim Woman Punches Christian Preacher For Telling the Truth About the Pedophile Prophet”

  1. Ronin Says:

    I can honestly say I would have struck her back without hesitation and laughed as she fell.


    That is called a debate-you present a Koranist with the facts and they counter with violence. Typica, because they know that the facts speak for themselves and they can’t defend against them except with a right hook.

  3. Leatherneck Says:

    When she hit the ground after you struck her, I would have kicked her ribs in, then I would have jumped down to head butt her a few times.

    Of course, I’m a lover, not a fighter.

  4. shaitan Says:

    Im not gonna watch this for fear Ill punch out my computer screen…

    However her words in triyng to figure out how God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit are one God and 3 persons is a toughie…

    However her so called ‘teaching’ is typical of Most moslems who cant figure things out themselves.

    She is wrong to use violence to try to silence a Christian preacher and it just goes to show that her ideals about ‘ilah’ are really not of God but of satan….

  5. Faith Believer Says:

    As you can see my fellow friends, the lady was trying to engage on a debate with the preacher until the preacher insulted her by calling her ignorant. In fact, she was asking for him to explain the root and elaboration of the “trinity” -father, the son and the holy spirit. Instead of getting an explanation on the trinity, she got an insult from the preacher, who probably was unable to explain it further. And when she said that she was a former christian and probably know better than the preacher about christianity, thats when the preacher couldnt handle it anymore and this time instead of insulting her, insulted her prophet – SHAME ON YOUR PREACHER!!

    • You wish that’s how it happened. Unfortunately for you the facts are she was making trouble before asking the question, had already asked over 15 questions without waiting for a reply (“which question do you want me to answer” “all of them”) then she started grabbing private property and would love to go to jail, she was a ghetto rat savage, that’s all, typical of that cult.

  6. Faith Believer,

    No, the intent of the Muslim woman was clearly to create a scene. But, you are right in that the street preacher should have immediately answered her accusations.

    As such, let me answer the question for him.

    The accusation was that Jesus is not God and there is no trinity.

    Hebrews 1:1-2 clearly states:

    “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, Hath in these last days spoken unto us by his Son, whom he hath appointed heir of all things by whom also he made the worlds;”

    In other words, God spoke to us through His Son, who is His heir, or EQUAL to God the Father, AND Jesus also made the Universe – something attributed to GOD…

    So, it’s pretty clear that Jesus and God are operating as ONE.

    Just because the word Trinity doesn’t appear in the Bible, does not mean that the concept of the Trinity is not found in the Bible.

    The same could be said about the Rapture. The word, “Rapture” doesn’t appear in the Bible, but the concept does.

    As for her wanting proof of Jesus’ resurrection, over 500 people saw Christ alive after his death on the Cross.

    And, the Muslim Woman IS IGNORANT of even her own religion, in that Qur’an 3:55 and Qur’an 4:158 both say that God resurrected Jesus from the dead.

    So, obviously, this woman was truly Ignorant, of both Christianity AND Islam to such an extent that she was just trying to stir up trouble.

    If she would have hit me, I would have immediately collapsed her throat – it’s reflexive training, and I have little control over that… So, she should consider herself lucky….

  7. There is a lesson to be learned for Christians:

    Never “debate” the Christian Faith with non-believers. It is a fruitless waste of time.
    Our Lord Jesus doesn’t need us to defend Him. God can surely take care of Himself. Just shake off the dust from your feet and move on. Remember that we are His and the non-believers belong to you-know-who.

    On the other hand, offering the Word to and sharing ideas about faith with open-minded people can be rewarding.

  8. bob Says:

    THe verse about not”casting pearls before swine” can be taken to mean don’t waste your breathe defending your faith to people whose ears are closed to the truth, and are only looking for an altercation.
    I think this incident applies.

  9. The context is that she was asking over 15 questions in a row, she had already been disruptive and finally started grabbing his property. She was detained but was released without identification, usually cops won’t let you go until you are identified especially in an assault. But that’s how it goes, special privileges for them not equal rights.

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