Iran: Preparing to murder another Christian.

I am always explaining to people that you should never listen to a muslim. Instead, you watch what they do. In several muslim countries a convert already faces a death sentence. Looks like iran will soon follow suit. You can learn everything you need to know about islam simply by watching the actions of practicing muslims and their leadership.

One of the questions muslim cannot answer is why mohammed was so immature and insecure that he ordered the deaths of converts and those who saw through his entire allah scam. As this article points out there are two crimes here; one is the murder of a person for not surrendering to a fictional deity and the other crime is the silence of Christians. I realize Christians can be martyrs but that doesn’t mean that the others should not at least voice an objection to their fate. You Christians should be on your phones, calling your pastors and your elected representatives. It is not too late to save one of your own.

Tehran, 23 Sept. (AKI) – Iranian Christian convert Ramtin Soudmand faces the death penalty after being jailed for the crime of ‘ertedad’ or abandoning the Muslim faith.
-Any “faith” which cannot stand up to scrutiny is worthless.

Ramtin’s father Hossein Soudmand, a Protestant pastor, was executed almost 20 years ago for converting to Christianity and refusing to deny his new faith.
-This is an important note: he knew his fathers fate and still would rather join him than die a muslim.

Married with two children, Soudmand was detained by security officials in Mashad about a month ago.

“The authorities have not yet charged my brother with any crime, but we fear that his charges will be formalised after the execution of the sentence, like what happened with my father,” said Ramtin’s sister, Rashin in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI).

The Iranian Parliament is currently considering a law to make apostasy or the renunciation of the Muslim faith a crime. It is expected to be passed soon.
-No doubt, iran will do anything to control their populace, old muslims are scared to death the youth will wise up and over through them.

“The thing that bothers us the most is the silence by political and religious authorities of Christian countries, and not the attitude of the Islamic Republic that does not recognise the freedom of its citizens to choose their own faith,” Rashin said.
-For what it is worth Rashin, this blog will bring a little more of a focus on iran and its seventh century values.

Rashin said her brother had been allowed limited contact with his family since his arrest.

“Since Ramtin was taken by some undercover police, he was allowed to talk to his wife and our mother on only two occasions, but never for more than a couple of minutes,” Ramtin’s sister, Rashin, told AKI.
-Makes me wonder why they are so scared, doesn’t it?

Hussein Soudmand, an Assemblies of God pastor and a Muslim convert to Christianity, was executed in December 1990.

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2 Comments on “Iran: Preparing to murder another Christian.”

  1. Ronin Says:

    I should have added the essay by Fjordman. Click on the “Atlas Shrugs” link and see what happenswhen only a few make a stand.

  2. Reminds me of the following:

    Revelation 6:9-12 and Revelation 20:4….

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