Obama’s “Truth Squads” Censor Free Speech on BlogTalkRadio?

This is breaking news:  In yet another Orwellian move by the Obamites, Tracy, over at “No Compromise when it Comes to Being Right” was shut down by blogtalkradio tonight when she was interviewing Phil Berg about the lawsuit against Barack Obama!  Here is her post:

Phil Berg is my guest today on No Compromise Radio:

I scheduled a show with Attorney Phil Berg who has filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama for not being a US Citizen therefore he is an illegal alien.

My show was terminated at the beginning of the show.  Why? The BTR assistant Director of Customer Relations, Shannon Dingee-Kramer stated that my show was, “racially or ethnically offensive, defamatory, unreasonably violent, threatening, intimidating or harassing;    2. contains falsehoods or misrepresentations that could damage BlogTalkRadio or any other person;  (BTR red emphasis–not mine!)

In other words,  those who claim to be for free speech are afraid of it when they see it, or hear it in this case! It might offend someone and that’s far more important to protect than the American Principle of exercising the flow of speech in the arena of public ideas.

So I am officially off the air until further notice thanks to the Obamunists and Islamists who support him!


P.S. – We are requesting that all of our readers email BlogTalkRadio and let them know what you think of them for kowtowing to Obama:


Also, please join us in boycotting BlogTalkRadio until “No Compromises” is given her account back and allowed to interview Phillip Berg.


UPDATE: No Compromises has given me permission to post her email address:

UPDATE #2: No Compromises has a list of contacts at BlogTalkRadio that need to hear YOUR voice!!!  CLICK HERE for the links and her latest post on this egregious violation of our rights to Free Speech.

Also, for our fellow bloggers out there, please publicize her story.  The world needs to know what kind of a monster Obama and his thugs are!

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43 Comments on “Obama’s “Truth Squads” Censor Free Speech on BlogTalkRadio?”

  1. Joe the Plumber,

    Then explain to us just who those 39-40 suspicious “guests” were and why did BTR delete No Compromise’s account?

  2. Joe the Plumber Says:

    Umm…perhaps they were just people who came to listen? You had what you considered a notable guest did you not? A lot of people probably came by to hear about the kook who is suing Obama.

    And you posted why BlogTalkRadio deletd the account. Because they thought your show was inflamatory. Given the comments posted here, I believe it. You’re so blind you can’t even see it – but the hate speak is there and it’s offensive.

    There’s no big conspiracy. A black man will be president and it frightens people. He’s not sending his people around to obscure radio shows on the ‘net. That’s just silly.

  3. Joe the Plumber,

    Yeah, sure. Right… Whatever…

    So, why did they show up at BTR, and NOT at No Compromises locale from where she was broadcasting?

    And, they could have just as easily listened to her show on their computers. That certainly didn’t necessitate them showing up at BTR’s control room…

    As to a “black man” as president frightening people, that’s just ridiculous. Maybe the KKK, but then, THEY ARE VOTING for him.

    Nope, it couldn’t have anything to do with his commie Socialist policies or his gutting our military, or his judgment in just who he chooses to pal around with.

    Nope, must be because he’s *gasp* “black.”

    BTW – You are obviously confusing me with a “whitey…”

    I suggest you do some research on my skin color, because your subtle attempts to throw out the race card is just hilarious and makes you look like a fool to my family, friends, and long time readers of this website.


  4. Joe the Plumber Says:

    BlogTalkRadio’s control rooms? Are you kidding me? BlogTalkRadio doesn’t have an office or control rooms it’s a virtual business. There are no control rooms. The BTR workers work out of their respective homes all across the country there is no central control room or office.

  5. Joe the Plumber,

    I misspoke. I meant to type “chat room.” (Have a 1 year old that was getting into trouble and distracting me while I was trying to type).


    You go ahead and believe what you want. But, I suggest you talk to Sistah here:


    And, Tracy at No Compromises here:


    I’m convinced that the Obamites had something to do with this, and no amount of uninformed conversation will dissuade me of that conviction.

    Perhaps your efforts would be better directed at convincing No Compromises or Sistah.

    Or, did you not notice the “?” at the end of the article’s Headline?


  6. crykiller Says:

    Wow, this blog is more retarded than the last. I want to have a beer with this Joe The Plumber. He’s right. You conspiracy theorists are off your rocker. Why in hell would Barrack Obama’s campaign be listening to a dimwit like Berg? You take yourselves way too seriously. He is a thorn in society. He’s shock value. So of course there’ll be a flood of guests to hear what bat shit had to say. But not Obama. You think Obama is interested in what jew bashing No Compromise has to say about him? He’s not a republican nor an idiot like No Compromise’s audience has turned out to be. And when better to flood into a chatroom then when it just starts? Seriously, you folks have to work a little harder to convince people you are right. Look at your candidate for christ’s sake.

  7. Crykiller,

    You do know that the more you Libtards try to dismiss this, the more credence it gives it, don’t you?

    I may not believe everything that Berg says, but one does wonder why Obama and the DNC have chosen to fight Berg in court, rather than just produce the vault birth certificate and citizenship documents.

    It seems to me that if Obama has nothing to hide, he would save all sorts of time and $$$’s by just producing the documents. Unless, of course, he and the DNC are trying to hide something.

    Obviously, the Obamites shut down No Compromise’s talk show. And, now that you Libtards are showing up here, I’m even more convinced of that…

    Have you talked to the folks at BTR about this? I doubt it.

    I have been waiting for over three days now for a response back from BTR concerning this matter.

    Since they have declined to answer my questions, I am forced to go with the information that I have available. Everything points to the Obamites, like yourself.

    Perhaps I’ll take the question mark off the end of the headline for this article…

  8. Ronin Says:

    Obama has so many things working against him.

    He does not have any military experience but wants to control the most powerful military machine ever made. A military, which he has personally insulted, attacked and for the most part distrust him and the numbers show the vast majority support his opponent. .

    He has no financial experience but wants to repair the (formally) most powerful economy on the planet. What successful business has he started? How many people has he employed? How many people has he helped move out of his friends projects?

    He has zero real political experience (voting “present” and bills that failed do not count). But he wanted the most powerful political office on earth.

    He has never worked a real job but wants to take hard-earned money from those who do have and will. His current job has a 9% approval rating, none of us would still be working if our was that low.

    Some of his associates have proven to have the moral character of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussain and he defended the relationship until it became a political embarrassment (no loyalty).

    He claims to be a religious man but doesn’t know the basic tenets of his religion. A religion which he claims gave him his moral compass.

    Personally, I would not let him cut my grass much less vote for him. He has proven to be a failure in all aspects of life except for one. He is married and appears to be a dedicated father.

  9. Ronin,

    “and appears to be a dedicated father.”

    Nah, he can’t even get that one right. He doesn’t give his kids presents on Christmas nor on their Birthdays!

    Talk about screwing up your kids’ childhood!!!

    So, I guess the only thing he has going for him is that he’s married… But, even that is tenuous as he might have had an affair recently, if the British rags are to be believed…


  10. Joe the Plumber Says:

    You’re right. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Obama stopped his Presidential campaign because he heard a host on an Internet radio station would be talking about him. He sent his goon squad to the chat room to intimidate and shut the place down. He’s a powerful man that Obama.

    How could I have been so blind?

  11. Joe the Plumber,



  12. Katie Says:

    Obama is our savior as he will lead us out from the depths of despair and into the light. We need to praise Obama for what he has done. He will overcome the infidels and render them powerless. He will raise us all up closer to him. Praise Obama! Praise Allah!

  13. Ronin Says:

    Lol, obama is out for himself, when he finishes with us he will take down islam

  14. the word is this Says:

    aside from it’s the obama haters who are the racists and deserve everything they get (ha ha a black guy is gonna be anally raping you for the next 4 years) blogtalkradio are notorios for censoring free speech and have censored the truth about 9/11 being an inside job and also check out this post about them which offers far greater information about them than most people knew http://mashable.com/2008/06/25/blogtalkradio-funding/

    im not referring to the discussion itself but the comment left by geneva wand who is very much on the money

  15. chastidy Says:

    i think cuz your show was shudown he won. you should just make your own radio shw with some of the other free sites.

  16. Psyco Says:

    i don’t believe in that, America censuring programs only because the speech is against Obama. is shameful


  17. Glo Says:

    Know what a bridle does to a pony? The tongue should be bridled – it needs to be under control. The little tongue can be very distructive when unbridled. Used in a positive, a constructive way, there can be forward movement in the right direction. Do not have to destroy others to be heard.

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