UFO Update

NotAllDum just wanted us to remind everyone that the “aliens” are scheduled to arrive tomorrow, the 14th of October, 2008.

I, for one, welcome our new intergalactic masters and overlords.  I would just like to wish them godspeed in cleaning up the mess that is in Congress.  And, might I suggest they start with Nancy Pelosi by fusing her mouth shut.  Afterwards, she will make a most excellent pet rock…

P.S. – No, we do not subscribe to all this nonsense, but we can’t help but poke fun at those idiots who actually believe this stuff.

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4 Comments on “UFO Update”

  1. notalldum Says:

    Only ones I want to see coming down from the heaens is Lord Jesus Christ and the angels,,, cherabims and seraphims at the Rapture.

  2. will the kaafir Says:


    Silly (Theories)

    If aliens did exsist… Then EVERY RELIGION would be proved false. Scarey thought for us Christians.

    And yet it woulda explained (At least at the SCi-Fi level) how we were ‘created’ from apes & various other animal life…

    Meanwhile I Second the motion for the ‘Rapture’ to happen so we can be with Messiah Jesus!

  3. 1389 Says:

    At the rate things are going, I might consider letting myself be abducted by space aliens, but only if they agree not to bring me back here, LOL!

  4. will the kaafir Says:


    Just watch out for those damn anal probes…


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