Biden Gets Asked REAL Questions!

TGUSA had alerted us earlier to this video.  I was going to post it at the time, but got sidetracked watching a live-stream broadcast of Sarah Palin in Iowa and then forgot to post it.  Sorry about that, tgusa.

Here’s a little snippet from the Orlando Sentinel:

Dems nix WFTV chat with Jill Biden

Why did Barack Obama’s campaign cancel a WFTV-Channel 9 interview with Jill Biden, wife of Sen. Joe Biden? The campaign cited “an unprofessional interview” WFTV’s Barbara West did Thursday with Joe Biden. In a statement Friday, Adrianne Marsh, Florida spokeswoman for Obama’s campaign, said the station, in talking with Sen. Biden, was “both combative and woefully uninformed about simple facts.” Marsh said West’s insistence that Obama was an organizer for ACORN was “100 percent false.” “In a line of questioning that would make Rush Limbaugh proud, West even went as far as to quote Karl Marx, a Communist icon, in a disturbing attempt to associate Barack Obama with socialism,” Marsh wrote. West said, “I think I asked him some pointed questions. . . . I don’t think I was rude or inconsiderate to him.” — HB

And, a little more from the Orlando Sentinel:

WFTV’s Barbara West on her interview with Joe Biden: “I don’t think I was rude or inconsiderate to him”

The Barack Obama campaign called Barbara West’s interview with Sen. Joe Biden unprofessional and combative.

The veteran WFTV-Channel 9 anchor-reporter says she asked pointed questions and respects Sen. Biden, who is Sen. Obama’s running mate.

In a call to me Friday evening, West said of Biden: “I have a great deal of respect for him. I have a great deal of respect for Sen. Obama. We are given four minutes of a satellite window for these interviews. Four precious minutes. I got right down to it and, yes, I think I asked him some pointed questions. These are questions that are rolling about right now and questions that need to be asked. I don’t think I was rude or inconsiderate to him. I think I was probing and maybe tough. I can’t believe that in all of his years in politics, and all of his campaigning and such, that he hasn’t run into some tough questions before. He’s certainly up to it in giving good answers.”

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5 Comments on “Biden Gets Asked REAL Questions!”

  1. memaw Says:

    Good for Ms. West. The questions she asked are those that should be asked. They’re ones the namby pamby MSM won’t ask in order to keep the people in the dark about Obama’s true motives. I say we need more like her on the local channels!!!

  2. Akira Says:

    Why is this woman still working? (Or breathing!?)

    She’d better hope that Jumped-Up Joe doesn’t get into the White House, or she might find herself bundled off in a hood in the middle of the night to Gitmo.

    What does he expect from her, a hand job?

    Re “CHANGE..WE NEED!”: I’ll give them a nickel, if they can sing and dance a jig.

    Or they mean their diapers need to be changed?

    These two are just such bizarre characters.

    I have a better slogan for them than “CHANGE WE NEED”

    How about “GIVE US THE B.J.”

    Of course B.J. means Barack & Joe.

  3. Akira Says:

    Barbara West must be disciplined!

    Send Michelle round to give her a beating. [That’s one bi~~~g woman. I bet she’s smacked Barry round the kitchen a few times. Yes, seriously.]

    If this kind of impertinence goes unchecked, next thing you know they’ll be asking the O-Man, “Are you a socialist?” just because he was a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, or “Was your father an American communist or a African communist?”, or “Was your father a pedophile,” just because Frank Marshall Davis boasted about molesting teenage girls!

    Or “who described you better, Sarah Silverman or Larry Sinclair?”

    No, in the words of Walter & The Dude, “This aggression cannot stand!”

  4. notalldum Says:

    Our “keep American people uniformed about Obama” MSM reporters could take a lesson from Barbara West. She’s what a GOOD reporter should be..

    So now the ‘shoe is on the other foot”, Obama campaign is screaming ‘foul”.
    Didn’t bother them a bit when Charlie Gibson was so combative and rude with Sarah Palin, nor when Katie Couric was rude with her. How about all the trash she’s had to take from the TV and newspapers. NY Times also “trashing” Cindy McCain. As for myself, I think we should start a voting process to vote out the reporters and news people who have failed their duty to the American people during this dirties and most biased presidential campaign in history of the United States.

    Just heard Obama has bought an hou’s time on one station and two 15 minute spots on Wednesday, to give speeches. I hope their electricity goes off so he can’t speak.
    (laryngitis, maybe?)

  5. az_conservative Says:

    Wow! A real reporter still exists! Kudos to Ms. West.

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