Obama WILL Take Away Your Second Amendment Rights

Don’t take our word for it, listen to someone who actually knows Barack Obama:

An Open Letter to Gun Owners and Sportsmen Everywhere


Fellow Sportsman,

Hello, my name is Rich Pearson and I have been active in the firearm rights movement for over 40 years. For the past 15 years, I have served in the Illinois state capitol as the chief lobbyist for the Illinois State Rifle Association.

I lobbied Barack Obama extensively while he was an Illinois State Senator. As a result of that experience, I know Obama’s attitudes toward guns and gun owners better than anyone. The truth be told, in all my years in the Capitol I have never met a legislator who harbors more contempt for the law-abiding firearm owner than does Barack Obama.

Although Obama claims to be an advocate for the 2nd Amendment, his voting record in the Illinois Senate paints a very different picture. While a state senator, Obama voted for a bill that would ban nearly every hunting rifle, shotgun and target rifle owned by Illinois citizens. That same bill would authorize the state police to raid homes of gun owners to forcibly confiscate banned guns. Obama supported a bill that would shut down law-abiding firearm manufacturers including Springfield Armory, Armalite, Rock River Arms and Les Baer. Obama also voted for a bill that would prohibit law-abiding citizens from purchasing more than one gun per month.

Without a doubt, Barack Obama has proven himself to be an enemy of the law abiding firearm owner. At the same time, Obama has proven himself to be a friend to the hardened criminal. While a state senator, Obama voted 4 times against legislation that would allow a homeowner to use a firearm in defense of home and family.

Does Barack Obama still sound to you like a “friend” of the law-abiding gun owner?

And speaking of friends, you can always tell a person by the company they keep. Obama counts among his friends the Rev. Michael Pfleger – a renegade Chicago priest who has openly called for the murder of gun shop owners and pro-gun legislators. Then there is his buddy Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago who has declared that if it were up to him, nobody would be allowed to own a gun. And let’s not forget Obama’s pal George Soros – the guy who has pumped millions of dollars into the UN’s international effort to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Obama has shown that he is more than willing to use other people’s money to fund his campaign to take your guns away from you. While a board member of the leftist Joyce Foundation, Barack Obama wrote checks for tens of millions of dollars to extremist gun control organizations such as the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and the Violence Policy Center.

Does Barack Obama still sound to you like a “friend” of the law-abiding gun owner?

By now, I’m sure that many of you have received mailings from an organization called “American Hunters and Shooters Association(AHSA)” talking about what a swell fellow Obama is and how he honors the 2nd Amendment and how you will never have to worry about Obama coming to take your guns. Let me make it perfectly clear – everything the AHSA says about Obama is pure hogwash. The AHSA is headed by a group of left-wing elitists who subscribe to the British view of hunting and shooting. That is, a state of affairs where hunting and shooting are reserved for the wealthy upper-crust who can afford guided hunts on exclusive private reserves. The AHSA is not your friend, never will be.

In closing, I’d like to remind you that I’m a guy who has actually gone nose to nose with Obama on gun rights issues. The Obama I know cannot even begin to identify with this nation’s outdoor traditions. The Obama I know sees you, the law abiding gun owner, as nothing but a low-class lummox who is easily swayed by the flash of a smile and a ration of rosy rhetoric. The Obama I know is a stony-faced liar who has honed his skill at getting what he wants – so long as people are willing to give it to him.

That’s the Barack Obama I know.

The ISRA is the state’s leading advocate of safe, lawful and responsible firearms ownership. Founded in 1903, the ISRA has represented the interests of millions of law-abiding Illinois firearm owners.

WEB SITE: http://www.isra.org

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12 Comments on “Obama WILL Take Away Your Second Amendment Rights”

  1. senor doeboy Says:

    Sounds like the Obama I know of too.

  2. teach5 Says:

    But I wonder what his bodyguards carry…pictures of guns? Sticks? Tasers? Maybe they’re the same weapons Rosie’s bodyguards carried when she went to the million-morons march..Hmmm,I’m just sayin’…

  3. LH Says:

    The Obama I know is a stony-faced liar who has honed his skill at getting what he wants – so long as people are willing to give it to him.

    Obama in a nutshell

  4. tgusa Says:

    So Obama is admitting that he knows his supporters are not the kind of people that should be allowed to have guns. They can’t be trusted with that particular right and that’s not the only right they have trouble with. This doesn’t surprise me each time we expand our rights that were written for us by some very wise men so long ago they end up being threatened with revocation. Just as giving rights to foreign islamists may lead us to restrictions or loss of our religious freedoms. You know, similar to the way inviting certain easily offended people in to the American conversation only to find out that they can’t handle the first amendment worked. American rights are not for everyone not all have the responsibility and accountability it takes to live under the constitution and the bill of rights. I wish Barack would do us all a favor and just admit…not qualified! He and they can have my weapons if and when the machete wielding mob chops off my hands, not until.

  5. az_conservative Says:

    He’ll try.

  6. Crmacdo Says:

    I’m glad i live in Ok where guns are still legal

  7. zaqch Says:

    i want guns forever andiwont get ride of them even if he tells me too and that is that. the constiution even says he have the right to bear arms in the second admendment and if he takes that away terrists will have a 100% chance at attaking us and succedeing. SO LETS KEEP OUR SECEOND AMEDMENT RIGHTS

  8. hi Says:

    if the second amendmen t gets taking away aboama will have a greatere chance at getting attacked and crime rates and burgerys will go up

  9. zaqch Says:

    email me if you would like to give comments at soccerstinks@hotmail.com

  10. raul Says:

    ive spoken to a couple cops one of them my neighbor and i asked him would he have the guts to go into sum1 home and take away thier lawful guns he said he would quit b4 he could ever do that what scares law enforcement the most is civil war the 6th amendment right states we have right to militia if are rights are being affinged sorry to say i would take shoots at any person trying to take my guns away.obama im not to shore about but if any body on sum world leader shit world be careful cuz tha will be the time to break out those ARs and take shoots god bless are future cuz every great nation cums to and end and all that matters is surving. GOOD LUCK AMERICA

    • Marcus Irvin Says:

      the goverment wont be happy untill they have cameras on every corner and in our houses they are the biggest enemey of our liberties and freedom every one buy an assualt rifel and get some books on the tactics of the viet cong and prepare for war

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