Megyn Kelly Puts Obama Spokes-idiot in his Place!

Nothing like FOX News going into attack mode now that the Obama Camp has issued orders to target them!

It makes for good, entertaining television for the whole family!  Now, if I could just get my local cable company to dump one of those shopping network channels and start carrying FOX News!

P.S. – After watching spokes-idiot and butt-munch Bill Burton make all sorts of excuses and outright lying about Obama’s comments and his tax plan that will actually RAISE YOUR TAXES, I can’t see how anyone could vote for Obama knowing that you’re going to have to listen to four or more years of this butt-munch defending Obama’s lunacy and idiocy…

My favorite line is at the end:

“You may have the rest of the media in the tank, but Fox News reports it straight.”

H/T – JammieWearingFool

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12 Comments on “Megyn Kelly Puts Obama Spokes-idiot in his Place!”

  1. Ronin Says:

    If he is going to tap dance he should use a hat and cane.

  2. Gramfan Says:

    Neil Cavuto was pretty good with someone from the Obama campaign this morning (my time) also.

    Mr Gramfan will enjoy this: he’s a big fan of Megyn Kelly 🙂

    OT Doc:
    re that weird email I got yesterday. Apparently it is a joke site. A friend in the US got one also, but she told me she knew who sent it to her whereas I have no idea.

    There’s an interesting piece here, looking a year ahead:

    I have one concern with that article. Rudd isn’t really doing all that well here,IMHO, but the media is still giving him a free pass. He’s rising in the polls and I don’t believe it.

    If what Kelly is on about in this piece, and also considering what happened to the anchor-woman in FLA I can’t see how things are going to change.

  3. Gramfan Says:

    lost my post again:(

    Rescued from our spam filter by your friendly neighborhood Ronin. Rescuing damsels in distress is sort of a hobby with me.


  4. Wow…
    She could talk your ear off underwater.

    Are you certain that Fox news is unbiased?
    Rupert Murdoch and his war profiteering republican friends at Halliburton stand to lose an awful lot if Obama wins.

    There is no such thing as unbiased reporting.
    Everything revolves around the $

  5. yonason Says:

    FOX DIDN’T QUOTE THE MONEY LINE!!! (from the other tape)

    What Obama also said was that the US Constitution was “DEEPLY FLAWED” because the Founding Fathers were “BLIND” and that in order to be able to achieve “ECONOMIC JUSTICE” [a perenial Communist catch-phrase] the “DEEP FLAWS” [which is what he means by America being “BROKEN”] would have to be “FIXED.”

    By not addressing that fundamental point, Fox is allowing O’Bunko’s spokes-puke to spew his lies more convincingly. What are we to do when even the best of them are incompetent? ARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!

  6. StraightDs Says:

    Looks like she is the one that looks like an idiot.
    She gets all angry and bent out of shape while he sits there and answers her questions.
    She must be a relative of Bill ORiley or something.
    Losing your cool on tv when you are supposed to be an unbiased correspondent. How embarrassing for her.
    Yelling at a person trying to answer her questions and she supposedly “doesnt have an agenda”
    Anyone who thinks Fox News is “fair and balanced” has their head in the sand.

  7. Ronin Says:

    What disturbs me more than a single question and answer session is obama and obamas camps pattern of denial. So far they have denied:

    His lack of administrative positions

    His lack of political experience

    His lack of a successful political background at the national level

    His lack of a clear voting record

    His lack of successful legislation

    Questionable associates

    Questionable citizenship

    Questionable funding

    Questionable religious beliefs

    Questionable Marxist beliefs

    And so it goes, this could easily become a longer list.

    The one charge I have yet to see obama or his camp deny is my biggest concern. He has yet to deny his exalted status. He has been called “the one”, “the messiah”, even “the anti Christ” as silly as they sound no comments about them. Does he or they believe them and if so which one?

    And btw, since she was the only reporter willing to ask hard questions cut her some slack, you would have chickened out and went with the same ones everyone else asked.

  8. James H Says:

    Megyn Kelly is lucky that she is attractive, because she’s what most of us people can’t stand: The Annoying Loud Chick In The Room.

    She’s one of those people who thinks that debates are won by talking louder and faster than the other person, rather than actually listening to their comments and responding to them. Her over-hyping of FOX as fair-and-balanced is moronic. I’m a FOX watcher, and even I can see that there IS an agenda, and there has been one for a long time, courtesy of the man at the top. How does she respond to this? By citing biased ‘public surveys’, and attacking other news organizations.

    As usual, neither of these has anything to do with the fact (FACT) that FOX creates news where news does not exist, or spins things in a direction that the GOP subtely recommends. Is she the only person who hasn’t opened her eyes to this yet?? It makes her sound even dumber when she tries to defend it. Oh well…at least she is hot…for now. But that will soon fade away, and she’ll just be another washed-up annoying middle-aged former news chick that some guy is tired of dealing with.

  9. Go watch the Commie News Network, then.

    I’m sure they’re fair and balanced.



  10. James H. is just one example of the kind of person sucked in by misogynistic, pedantic gum-flapping that the kool-aid mainlining mainstream media love to hypnotize people with… that and their little invisible hypnotism contraption they must have embedded in their digital signal that normal, rational people must be immune to.

    He’s the kind of person who erroneously believes:
    1. Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and others of their ilk are just concerned citizens who get a little carried away sometimes. ( I get the thrill too, Chris… only I call it a CHILL and it goes DOWN my spine. I think Chris is on too many prescriptions at once and Keith needs to be on MORE of them.)
    2. 73% positive reporting on Obama really IS a fair number because Obama is the Messiah.
    3. None of the things Obama actually writes, votes on, says or does matters… as long as he’ll sign his name on my butt in indelible ink.
    4. Socialism? No such thing. You’re making that ideology up. I learned THAT in public school.
    5. Bill Ayers is a just college professor living a quiet, law abiding life with his lovely wife, Bernadine in Chicago and who has NO agenda – none.
    6. Flaming liberals have not taken over and do NOT want to make this a socialist nation even though every single program they call for are considered socialistic by definition. Universal Health Care, outrageously high taxation, government levels of regulation, unfair and unconstitutional law making and stupidity not seen since FDR, no, Johnson… wait – Carter…er, uh, Clinton (Who, BTW, did NOT have s*x with THAT WOMAN.)
    7. Liberals are not obnoxious NOR are they loud-mouthed. They’re the most reasonable people I know.

    Yeah, he probably believes that kind of stuff. I betchya.

  11. Robert Frank Says:

    My God, the lot of you are all retarded. Bickering and what not, conveniently leaving out flaws in your presentation of evidence and logic. Fox News is a greater threat to journalism moreso than MSNBC. Maybe. If not, then equal to.

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