Obama’s Fish Market

While I was scouring the net for articles, I came across the following intelligent comment from a reader over at “The Live Feed” that I just had to share with you all:

Posted by:  Simon

If Barack Hussein Obama is so concerned about giving hungry men fishes, why doesn’t he put his remarkable fundraising skills into that realm? Why does he want to use my money, which is MINE, and destined to those charities I see as worthy? 600 million would buy many a fish. Why not invest that money into ‘social businesses’ which are the only acceptable bastions of socialism in this nation built on capitalism?

And since ‘rich’ people vote for republicans, doesn’t it beg the question: wouldn’t republicans then want more people, and not less, to be wealthy? It seems conservatives have taken true life lessons and applied them in their model of freedom: Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. What twist of bad logic has caused poor people to see the government as being at fault for their own bad choices? Why are liberals so intolerant of people who disagree with them? Why do they call us names when we see sound economic policy for what it is, and vice versa?

Ie- Hating socialism means you are racist. Wanting to keep what you’ve earned and wanting to donate money to charities YOU support is simply too large a responsibility for us dumb americans.
So is deciding when to teach our children sex education, how to eat nutritiously, when to conserve energy or recycle your pop cans. Don’t forget choosing to have medical insurance, wanting your borders enforced or spreading freedom and democracy to a world in dire need of it.

What’s funny about this guy’s particular spin on socialistic policy is this: It’s still about POWER.

Power over your populace. Intimidation of independent press reporters for asking questions, and even private citizens who might have concerns. Power to impose one’s will over others. The very HEART of socialistic policy.

You see- democrats have been in power for eight of the last sixteen years- and yet the poor haven’t ever gotten ‘wealthy.’ They’ve never grown out of their predicaments. The gap between rich and poor has grown worse under each of the last four democratic administrations. Why? Because being wealthy is a CHOICE in this country, certainly not a right. You have to CHOOSE to work two jobs instead of partying- you have to CHOOSE to fall asleep in your textbooks after working two jobs to pay for your education. You have to CHOOSE to stand in the face of adversity and say “[no] matter how difficult this is I’m going to do it.” You have to choose to see failure as a learning experience as opposed to an excuse.

With socialism it’s not about the money directly- it’s about power. Which breeds corruption. When people at the top get to make our decisions for us there is no challenge to authority. Money is simply an indirect avenue to guarantee continued manipulation and continued power.

Whatever you think about government making your decisions for you remember that SOMEONE has to make those decisions. For democrats that means accepting a conservative from time to time. Thus is the nature of power over the people- eventually someone with stupid or bad intentions gets a hold of it.

This is America- designed to be the anti-absolute power. Designed to allow the individual freedom to make their own choices. And many in this nation choose poorly.

My family is well to do. My grandparents worked for the railroad. After 50 hour weeks my grandfather and his brothers started a software company- long through the night, every weekend for six years. My father has continued the tradition, working for the FAA, and earning his masters degree in his SPARE TIME. You know, the time liberals spend hitting their bongs. When I was born he sold his hard earned corvette to invest in the stock market. His brains, and hard work spent away from his family, paid off. I am the oldest of ten children, and he is well past retirement. When my youngest brother wanted to go to a very expensive private college, my father went BACK TO WORK (started a trucking company) to help pay for it, so my brother wouldn’t be saddled by enormous student loans. The deal from him is simple: 50/50. My brother will be working as much as he is at school-at a fast food joint for minimum wage.

Each of my father’s ten children were home schooled. Often from the airport tower over the telephone on breaks and in between shifts. Each of us have graduated at or near the top of our classes- each of us has contributed to our own educations despite our parents wealth.

By the way- my father was a democrat until he broke one hundred thousand in the bank. He laments the loss of the real democratic party- The one in his time that asked “not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

His best friend is a millionaire. A chinese immigrant who came to this country broke and lonely. My dad met him when we were working for St. Vincent DePaul (a catholic charity) when we delivered thanksgiving food to his family so they could eat on the holiday. After that the ‘poor’ man got a job- selling parts to cable boxes door-to-door. Then he got a second job. Waiting tables. And then a third- until I made a good living baby-sitting his five children. He was NEVER home. Now he’s rich, and he’s always home. But it took nearly twenty years to achieve it. To this day he says he did it not for himself, not for luxury, but instead so his family would never have to receive charity again. Thus was his motivation, and surprise- it was greater than his ‘wants.’

As for me- I’m not rich. Don’t intend to be. This is my choice, and I won’t blame my government or my family for giving me opportunities to do so. I have four children and CHOOSE to NOT WORK my ass off- I ensure my family has enough, and like most conservatives give large amounts of our income to charity, and teach our children that hard work, not wishes, is what pays the bills. We also save hard for our retirement- often driving second hand vehicles and shopping at walmart to feed our IRAs.

So I guess what you should ask yourself is this: If liberals want to be rich, why don’t they want to work for it? If liberals are so keen to help the poor, why don’t they DONATE? Polls show conservatives donate 10:1 over liberals when it comes to charitable matters. They are ten times more likely to know their neighbors, and invest in their communities.

They are four times more likely to graduate highschool, and six times more likely to graduate college.

They are twice as likely to not end up in jail or addicted to drugs over their liberal peers. Is that simply because they’re at work? Hmmmm.

Keep our power at home: “There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.” –
— Daniel Webster

Posted by: Simon

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