Calling for jihad beyond the grave.

This article is crap. It should have been about the disgusting distribution of a murderous thugs hate filled call for jihad from beyond the grave. Instead, it is a poorly disguised call to allow muslim extremists a longer life. Doctor Bulldog and I have written many articles about muslims using prisons to convert other prisoners to islam, followed by training and teaching the new recruits to commit terror. All of that goes away if the extremists are executed. This is not as much about capital punishment as resources. Muslims need to fill prisons with terrorists to train even more terrorists. Skip down past “Emotional scenes” that is where this articles real focus can be found.

By Indonesia correspondent Geoff Thompson and wires, 9 Nov 2008
Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says Australia will push for an international moratorium on capital punishment, following the execution of the three Bali bombers in Indonesia.

Islamist militants Mukhlas, Amrozi and Imam Samudra were executed by firing squad in the early hours of Sunday for masterminding the 2002 attacks which killed 202 people, including 88 Australians.

The executions have been met with mixed reactions in Indonesia and Australia.

But Mr Smith told ABC 1’s Insiders that Australia has for a long period of time opposed capital punishment.

“That is essentially a bipartisan view of State and Federal level and at international forums Australia makes that point,” he said.

“So we urge countries who continue to apply capital punishment not to do so.”
-Bite me jerk

“In the near future at the UN General Assembly we will be co-sponsoring a resolution calling effectively on a moratorium on capital punishment and that’s been Australia’s position for some considerable time.”

Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Helen Coonan described the bombings as a “particularly heinous crime”, but said the Coalition backed the Government in its continued opposition to capital punishment.

“From the opposition’s perspective, we don’t support the death penalty,” Senator Coonan told Sky News.

“We do respect other countries’ legal systems, just as we do expect other countries to respect ours.”

Australian Greens leader Bob Brown said the Greens supported the Government’s moves to call for an end to capital punishment.

“I am with the Government and Opposition in saying the death penalty is never warranted,” Senator Brown told reporters in Brisbane.

Emotional scenes

There were emotional scenes in Serang in West Java when the remains of Imam Samudra arrived.

As he was buried his mother collapsed in grief. The terrorist’s will was then handed out to the crowd.
-Notice no one tore them up in disgust. What is up with mom – didn’t that bitch know jihad is the duty of all muslims? The tides turn when it is your kid doesn’t it bitch?

In it Samudra called for his muslim brothers to butcher infidel civilians “because in Islam there’s only two things,” he wrote. “Islam and infidels”.
-Notice where the author decided to mention the murderous thug was filled with hatred even when facing death.

Indonesian police also briefly clashed with supporters of the Bali bombers as Amrozi and Mukhlas were buried in their family village.
-They should have been buried in a secret location so no one could visit their graves.

One of the co-founders of the Jemaah Islamiya terrorist network, Abu Bakar Bashir led the funerals of the brothers in the East Javanese village of Tenggulun.
-We are old friends with the pedophile bastard er blasphemer er basher. (Sometimes I get on a roll and forget to spell check)

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One Comment on “Calling for jihad beyond the grave.”

  1. Appalled By The World Says:

    How’s this for a trade-no capital punishment in exchange for creating a place to exile these cretins? No doubt they’ll reject that deal as well. Basically we should just grin and bear the onslaught by the thinking of these retards.

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