Saudis – Deadly Allies

Saudi Arabian Tyranny Prepares A Terrorist Nuclear Holocaust
by Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis
November 13, 2008
American Chronicle

In a previous article under the title “Saudi Arabia – Focal Point of Tyranny, Terrorism and Fallacious Interpretation of Islam” (, I illustrated how the Saudi Arabia-based, Wahhabi Islamic extremists desire to make the entire world look like; to do so, I republished a recently released Report which was elaborated by the venerated Institute for Gulf Affairs.

In the present article, I complete the republication of the Report which unambiguously describes the situation that prevails in the Wahhabis´ exemplary society, the inhuman and anti-Islamic state of “Saudi” Arabia. In addition, I republish from the State Department website excerpts of a discussion between Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood and journalist focused on the UN Interfaith Conference, headed by Saudi Arabia. In this excerpt, a highly placed American administrator calls the villainous, mendacious, and evil state of Islamic Terrorism “friend” and “ally” of America.

This shows the extent of the fabricated misinformation which has been deliberately diffused among Western nations – by criminal mass media – in order to totally confuse the masses and effectively keep them inactive and lethargic while the next hit, nuclear of nature, is being prepared by the evil friends of the pathetic Freemasonic establishments of the West.

The Crisis of Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia

The Hadi Al-Mutif Project for Human Rights Institute for Gulf Affairs

King Faisal´s Prize in Bigotry

Another example of Saudi official religious bias is King Faisal Foundation, owned by the foreign minister Saud Al-Faisal´s family, that awards annual prizes in several categories such as service to Islam, medicine and literature. While its recipients include over 200 people from approximately 30 countries worldwide, it has never recognized a single Jew or Shia Muslim scientist, writer, or philanthropist in its entire 30-year history.

Christians and Jews

Symbols of Christianity are banned by the Saudi government. This includes Bibles, crucifixes, crosses and other holy symbols even for personal use. The Saudi government bans the construction of churches in Saudi Arabia. Non Muslims cannot beburied in Saudi Arabia and must be sent to their home country for burial as they are considered unclean unbelievers by the Saudi government religious establishment.

Christians are often subject to arrest and detention by Saudi forces, when they are caught privately worshipping according to their religion. Some of these prisoners of conscience have even been deported by the authorities for practicing their beliefs.

Christian, Jewish and non Muslim prisoners are not allowed to receive religious

counseling according to their faith.

Shia Arabs

The Saudi government has the dubious honor of being recognized as the most anti-Shia government in the world. Shia Muslims who make up around 20% (over 4 million) of the people of Saudi Arabia are severely discriminated against and are considered heretics by the Saudi government official religious establishment. They are not allowed to play any political, social, and religious role in the country, or to serve in the army and other security services. The government bans Shia books, education, music, and art. Shia testimony is not allowed in Saudi courts.

Shia’s in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to hold any senior government positions. There are no Shia ministers, diplomats, security officers, army commanders, air force pilots, religion teachers, head of government agencies, judges, mayors, official imams, royal advisors, heads of public companies, and many senior governments positions. There is not a single Shia Muslim from Saudi Arabia among the ranks of the huge Saudi delegation traveling to the United States with King Abdullah.

The Fatimid Shia (Ismailis) of Najran, an ancient indigenous community with a 1200-year history, are severely treated by the Saudi government. Over 3000 members of their community have been forcibly transferred from their homes to other cities around the country. In September Human Rights Watch issued a damning report on the status of the Ismaili communities of Najran and the threat to their survival. Dozens of religious prisoners from that community remains in prison, among them is Hadi Saeed Al-Mutif who was arrested in 1993 and is currently on death row in Najran Mabhith prison.

Hadi, a Saudi Arabian man who has been imprisoned for nearly 15 years because of his religious beliefs. Hadi was 18 years old when he was arrested in 1993 after making a comment during prayer at his mosque. Because he is a member of the Ismaili Shia’s, a sect of Islam persecuted by the intolerant Saudi policies, he was sentenced to death. This harsh sentence was a direct form of persecution for his religious beliefs by the Wahhabi extremists running the Saudi government.1

Hadi was denied access to legal representation and his sentencing showed a distressing degree of bias toward the rights of religious minorities. After nearly 16 years in prison, solitary confinement and little contact with his family, Hadi urgently needs medical care. He has been hospitalized several times after his hunger strike last year in an effort to bring attention to his plight. His case was the focus of efforts of international human rights organizations, including the Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, as well as the United Nations and the U.S. Dept. of State. However, he remains in prison facing death by the sword.

The government builds most mosques in the country, but even privately built ones must be turned over to the government for control. It is impossible for Shia and non-Wahhabi Sunni Muslims to build their own mosques. For example, there have been instances where Saudi authorities refused to issue the necessary permit for mosques or cut off power and utilities to mosques they reject. There are very few Shia mosques in the country; the first time one obtained a government permit to be built was in 2001.

Sufi Muslims

Another community that faces discrimination from Saudi Arabia is the followers of Sufi Islam, often portrayed as heretical by the Saudi authorities. They have been essentially forced underground by the Saudi authorities until very recently. Wahhabi Muslims routinely harass Sufis, and damage and destroy their shrines and the Saudi government still bans Sufi literature from being printed or possessed.

Religious Oppression Linked to Terrorism

The religious policies of the Saudi government have contributed to the rise of extremism and terror groups worldwide, including Al-Qaeda and others. Saudis are leading contributors of money and support to international terrorist groups and make up the highest numbers of suicide bombers around the world, which often occurs with either the direct support or the tacit approval of Saudi authorities.

Leading Saudi religious officials routinely issue fatwas that advocate violence and hatred toward followers of other religions. In July 2007 it became known that Saudis made up the majority of foreign fighters in Iraq and conducted most of the horrific suicide bombings. The Saudi government has not taken any meaningful actions to stop the flow of Saudis into Iraq.

Senior Wahhabi clerics appointed by King Abdullah such as Sheik Saleh al Luhaidan, the chief of the Saudi judiciary, approved the transfer of men and money to Al-Zarqawi from Saudi Arabia. Luhaidan’s job is to prosecute terrorists – but he was caught encouraging them. In April 2005, the Institute for Gulf Affairs (then called the Saudi Institute) gave NBC a tape of Luhaidan instructing Saudis to send money and men to Iraq in order to aid Zarqawi. NBC confirmed the authenticity of the tape by calling Luhaidan.

Yet Luhaidan remains at his position to date, with no action ever being taken against him by the Saudi government. Instead, Luhaidan meets with King Abdullah frequently. In recent month Luhaidan issued a fatwa broadcast by the government radio calling for execution of owners of “immoral” satellite TV stations.

The current Saudi Mufti Sheikh AbdulAziz Al-Sheikh issued a fatwa on May 11, 2000 approving cyber terrorism by hacking, destroying and sending viruses to websites and email accounts “used for immoral purposes.” 2

Saudi School Textbooks

The Saudi educational system provides an ideological foundation for violence and future jihadists. The textbooks currently used in Saudi schools, including those in the U.S. and Europe, preach hatred toward other Christians, Jews, other religions, and even most Muslims.

A 2006 investigation by the Institute for Gulf Affairs and Freedom House´s Center for Religious Freedom found that the textbooks teach the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as fact and implicitly endorse slavery of non-believers. The constant theme of these books is that those who do not follow Islam exactly as the Salafi clerics dictate are not worthy of respect by “good” Muslims.

The Saudi Academies in Washington DC, Berlin, Bonn, Rome, Madrid, London, and Ankara among others are using these same textbooks to teach both Saudi and local students hatred against others, contradicting the morals and values children are expected to learn in the European countries. Many of these teachings clash with the European criminal and civil codes on xenophobia, racism, and hate.

These textbooks teach that Muslims are engaged in permanent battle with Christians and Jews until the Day of Judgment. Thus, these textbooks are breeding a new generation of terrorists. Saudi government schoolbooks encouraged extreme hatred against the Jewish people and its faith. It also encourages the annihilation of Jews, in the famous talking tree narration.

Ninth Grade Saudi textbook on Hadith says “Narrated by Abu Hurayrah: The Prophet said, The hour [of judgment] will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them. [It will not come] until the Jew hides behind rocks and trees. [It will not come] until the rocks or the trees say, ‘O Muslim! O servant of God! There is a Jew behind me. Come and kill him.´ Except for the gharqad, which is a tree of the Jews.”

Tenth Grade textbook on Monotheism contains a lengthy discussion condemning as “polytheists” other Islamic traditions that interpret the Qur´an differently, alluding to other Sunnis, Shiites and Sufis, who together comprise the majority of Muslims residing in Saudi Arabia, as well as in the world at large. The followers of the Asharite doctrine (Sunni Muslims found throughout the world) and the Maturidi doctrine (Sunni Muslims found primarily in Pakistan and India), who comprise hundreds of millions of Sunni Muslims in the world, are referenced by name as “polytheists,” or idol worshipers.

Public Executions

There are over 2000 people currently on death row in Saudi jails. All executions are carried out in public using the medieval method of beheading. The Saudi government continues to refuse to use modern methods for executions, or to carry them out inside prisons.

Children as young as 12 years old have been sentenced to death by beheading. A recent report by a Saudi-owned news channel revealed that at least 126 children under age 17 are on death row in Saudi Arabia.3

The justice system is primitive and sectarian in nature. Only Muslims following the official state religion (Wahhabi Islam) are allowed to be judges, which excludes the majority of Saudi citizens, and is especially harmful to religious minorities. Judges are not independent arbiters but rather follow the ruling family and its supporters. Criminal trials are closed to the public, creating a lack of accountability in the justice system. Witnesses are not allowed to participate in trials, which is a violation of due process. The accused have very limited rights to counsel, and are not permitted to participate in their own defense.



2. Al-Dawa Magazine issue 1741 May 11, 2000


The Hadi Al-Mutif Project for Human Rights Institute for Gulf Affairs

1900 L Street NW, Suite 309

Washington DC 20036, USA

Tell: 202-466-9500


Near East: Daily Press Briefing – November 12

Wed, 12 Nov 2008 15:44:43 -0600

Daily Press Briefing

Robert Wood, Deputy Spokesman

Washington, DC

November 12, 2008

MR. WOOD: Don´t know. We´ll look – we´ll see if we can get you an answer to that.

QUESTION: One quick one, Robert. The next two days, Saudi Arabia will head Interfaith Conference, a religious tolerance conference in the United Nations. But they don´t really respect human rights or other religious faith, religious faith in their country, and also the rights of the woman. So what do you feel or how does the Secretary feel that somebody who doesn’t respect

MR. WOOD: Well, look, we have, on many occasions, talked to our Saudi friends about some of our concerns with regard to freedom of expression, women´s rights, and other issues related to democracy, and we´ll continue to do that. And this is an ongoing discussion we have with Saudi Arabia. They´re our friends, close allies, and we do raise these issues with them because they are of concern to us.


Picture: Saudi Arabia. A state plunged in Ignorance, Barbarism, Idiocy, and ed of Culture, Knowledge, Philosophy and Art. A typical representative: Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais an-Najdi

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4 Comments on “Saudis – Deadly Allies”

  1. ciccio Says:

    One the sites I read on a daily basis is Arab News, semi-official Saudi site. The true gems are always hidden in “community”, “local news”, “Islam” ect. , there is also an “arts and culture” page. I have never seen an entry on that page, seemingly proof it does not exist in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Appalled By The World Says:

    If the West ever gets smart and gets off oil it needs to foment a war between these pigs and the Iranian dogs. Until then if there’s a nuke attack by this bunch then Mecca, Medina and Riyadh should all be hit in a retaliatory strike.

  3. blackdog Says:

    I am all about encouraging the war between islam sects. They need to fight to the last heretic standing.

  4. az_conservative Says:

    Good thinking. Why fight them when you can get them to fight each other? Now, if only we had a government to represent us….

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