Islamic “Scientist” Claims Bayer Uses Fly Wings to Treat AIDS

Yup, Muzzies will say anything to make Islam look legitimate:


Hamas TV Scientist Dr. Ahmad Al-Muzain: Bayer Derived Its Treatment for AIDS From Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith About the Wings of Flies


Following are excerpts from a program featuring Dr. Ahmad Al-Muzain, a Palestinian expert on Koranic science, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on September 19, 2008:

To view the MEMRI TV clip, visit

“The Prophet Muhammad Said: ‘If a Fly Falls Into Your Drink, You Should Dip It in the Drink, And Then Dispose of the Fly – Because One of its Wings Bears a Disease, and the Other Bears the Cure”

Ahmad Al-Muzain: “The Prophet Muhammad said: ‘If a fly falls into your drink, you should dip it in the drink, and then dispose of the fly, because one of its wings bears a disease, and the other wing bears the cure.’ This hadith was included in the Al-Bukhari collection. This hadith makes it absolutely clear that the Prophet Muhammad confirmed a clear scientific fact: If a fly falls into a vessel – before a person drinks from this vessel, he should dip the fly in his drink, before disposing of it. Then he should drink the beverage, because it won’t do him any harm. Why? Because one of the fly’s wings bears the disease, and the other one bears the cure.


“In Germany, the Church paid a very large sum of money to two scientists to disprove this hadith. Since this hadith appears in the Al-Bukhari collection, we cannot claim that it is unreliable or anything, and so they thought that if they could prove that this hadith contradicts science, they would be dealing a devastating blow to Islam.” […]

“The Truth Was Devastating, And It Backfired” on Scientists Commissioned By Church to Disprove Hadith

“The scientists took samples from the wings of flies, and began to examine them, analyze them, and take samples from their surface, in order to expose what existed on each wing. The devastating result constituted a slap in the face. The truth was devastating, and it backfired on them. The two scientists reached an astounding conclusion. They said that on one of its wings, the fly carries a huge amount of different types of bacteria, which adhere to it when it lands on rotting pieces of food that it eats. As for the other wing, Allah has given the fly the great ability to carry antidotes to these microbes.


“Bayer… Derived Great Benefit from [This Study]… To Treat AIDS”

“When Bayer, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, learned about this study, it derived great benefit from it. It established biological breeding farms, where they raised flies and extracted antibiotics from their wings – the strongest antibiotics in the whole world. This antibiotic was made into a course of five pills, which is given to the patients, and it is used – believe it or not, my brothers – to treat AIDS patients. It strengthens their immune system, and destroys all types of microbes with which they are afflicted. This is all thanks to the power of this antibiotic. Obviously, this antibiotic is very expensive, and one course costs more than $500, but it is very strong and effective. How did they discover it? From this hadith.” […]

“This Science Was Revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by The Creator”

“Did the Prophet Muhammad have labs to carry out research? Did Abu Bakr know anything about entomology, parasitology, or bacteriology? Of course not. Absolutely not. So how did they make all these scientific accomplishments? The only logical conclusion is that this science was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by the Creator.”

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76 Comments on “Islamic “Scientist” Claims Bayer Uses Fly Wings to Treat AIDS”

  1. balony Says:

    Monster “Alien” Human Bot Fly Removal 0n Mellowvision/MellowGlen youtube it perhaps you want parasitic infections from flys as well

    youtube it perhaps satan has many eyes like a fly for his many lies.

  2. bugman Says:

    “The Bugman” – March Biological Control – What are Fly Parasites? ~ …

    Youtube it

  3. Pardon me ‘balony’? Islam allows its followers to beat thier wives.

    Or dont you know anything about islam?

    I will assume you dont.

    I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1992. So your assumptions dont mean much to me.


    “Islam is not for me” who told that islam told us to beat our wives u idiot????? before the prophet dies he said take of women, 3 times not once but 3 times………..and in qu’ran also promote us to treat women kindly and gently……study first and then talk don’t just repeat after ur POPES

  5. Why thank you for the insults ‘moslem and proud’…

    Perhaps you should check in with islamonlines fatwas…. before you call me names…

    And by the way the pope is like muhammad full of sh**…

  6. Leatherneck Says:

    Islam is loved by the world, because it is of the world.

  7. Oh so you want a reading list fahd.


    Book list: quran, hadiths

    Online: answering christianity, ahmed deedat youtube vids, radio islam, islam online etc.

    See… Everything I know about islam comes from you moslems.

    • Okay don’t follow me, I am not a good Muslim but at least you can try to read the Quran, because every religion has book Right ? So read the book you will understand Islam. There is always a source.

  8. LOL! Yes. I figured out your a secular or liberal moslem fahd by looking up your facebook account.

    But thats not all bad. At least your modern compaired to some of the brain dead drones we’ve had come through this blog.

    And by the way I HAVE read the quran and taken MANY Notes on it.

    As for trying to ‘understand’ islam by reading the quran. Then since I have read the quran its a mess like islam.

    Lets use some examples.

    Allah is supposed to be the same God as Jews or Christians. But by muhammads words ‘it’ rejects Jews.

    Examples I noticed.

    Allah is assumed to be the God of Israel.

    (Quran) 2:40-103

    2:104-112 Abrogation of the Torah

    And more:

    19:1-104 Moses story

    26:1-227 Moses

    27:1-14 Moses history

    27:15-44 History of solomon

    27:45-58 Salith and Lot

    28:1-42 History of moses

    28:43-50 a prophet like moses

    29:14-22 Noah and Abraham

    29:23-30 Abraham and Lot

    37:75-113 Noah and Abraham

    37:114-138 Moses Aaron Elias and Lot

    All of which are not proved by archeology or history.

  9. Next the quran rejects Christians.


    The Cow Al-Baqarah

    2:104-112 Torah and Gospels Abrogated

    The family of Amran Al-Imran

    3:42-63 Various stories about Isa or Jesus in the Quran

    Are all changed not because they are true. But because they offended muhammads ‘religion’.

    More examples:

    The food Al-Idah

    5:12-19 Christian violation of the covenant

    5:44-50 the quran and previous scriptures

    5:65-77 Christian deviation from the truth

    5:78-86 Christian nearness to islam

    5:109-115 Christian love of this life

    5:116-120 False doctrines introduced after Jesus death

    All of which are non sence to Christians when we know the difference between the Bible or the quran or even the book of mormon.

    Sorry fahd but the quran is man made. Its a mess and the qurans translations are totally poorly written.

  10. salma Says:

    asalamu aliukum
    i would like to ask you about this treatment can you please give me more information where can i get this antibiotic pills. jazaka allah khayr..

    • Well, you could just catch a fly: pull off both wings; swallow both wings. The wing with the disease will be counteracted by the wing with the cure. Thus, you will have complete assurance of always being cured of any ills that may befall you.



      DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor, I’m a Ph.d. If you are stupid enough to believe Muhammad, you are stupid enough to eat a fly. I assume no responsibility nor liability for your own actions. You’re on your own. Good luck!

  11. Syed Says:

    So what is the name of the medicine .. I m from USA houston and how can get it

  12. batuhitamjini Says:

    When the fly eats shit that may be a very strong antibiotics.

  13. batuhitamjini Says:

    Then why don’t make antibiotics from human shit.

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