Al Qaeda Threatens to Slit the Throats of Christians if they Do Not Leave Iraq

More of that “interfaith dialogue” from the religion of peace:


Al Qaeda-linked group orders Iraqi Christians to leave country or have throats slit

Baghdad, Nov 19, 2008 / 04:07 am (CNA).- A Christian bishop in Iraq has received a threatening letter from an Islamic extremist group belonging to Al Qaeda which orders Christians to leave the country “immediately and permanently.”

The text of the letter, reportedly written by the Islamic extremist group Ansar al-Islam, was published in Arabic on the website of Al-Ittihad, an online daily news service, SIR reports.

The letter reads:

“The Secretary General of the members of the Islamic Brigade decided to give the Christian crusader infidels of Baghdad and the other provinces the last warning, to leave Iraq immediately and permanently and join Benedict XVI and his followers, who have trampled on the greatest symbols of humanity and Islam.”

“There’ll be no room in Iraq for the Christian infidels from now on,” the letter continues, threatening that those who remain will have their throats slit as “it is happening to the Christians of Mosul.” This is more than likely a reference to a recent attack on two sisters who were killed by Muslim extremists.

Iraqi Christians have faced severe persecutions in recent years, with some being forced to pay the “jizya” or protection money and some women being made to wear a headscarf, which is known as the hijab. The Christian community has also suffered forced conversion to Islam, rapes, murders and the destruction of homes.

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13 Comments on “Al Qaeda Threatens to Slit the Throats of Christians if they Do Not Leave Iraq”

  1. az_conservative Says:

    This is what our soldiers are dying for, and our nation has spent billions on? So a bunch of wacked out Islamic fanatics can continue to unleash their intolerance and hatred as they pursue world domination by their Satanic cult? Are we idiots? (rhetorical question)

    America and Christians (i.e., western civilization) are projecting weakness. Weakness invites aggression. The only thing bullies understand is overwhelming force of arms. We used to learn that in grade school.

  2. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    They are occupying lands covenanted to Abraham and his descendants – from
    the river of Egypt, to the great river Euphrates. Genesis 15:18

    When God is ready, he will “bring it on” and destroy them, and they will know that
    he (not “allah”) is the Lord.

  3. az_conservative Says:

    I suppose you’re right, but it just enrages me that so many people turn a blind eye to the gross injustices and actually defend these maggots. Our laws now protect every piece of filth who screams “racist, bigot!” and the people those laws were supposed to protect are now the oppressed. Infuriating.

  4. Mullah Lodabullah: All God has to do is whistle and it will happen. He did it before and will do it again. Just pray that people see it for what it is and that is God not some act of nature, false god, etc.

  5. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    You are quite correct, az_conservative – the laws are protecting the oppressors, and
    have become a joke, but people have turned from the truth to a belief that all religions
    are equally valid & worth protecting – “Islam is Peace”; “Defender of Faith”;
    “Interfaith Dialogue” and all the rest of the arsenal of self-destruction the politicians
    and “human rights” set have unleashed. On the one hand, they will win, but on the
    other hand, God will destroy them. Armageddon is not a fairy tale.

  6. CavMom Says:

    Perhaps we can make a deal with Iraq and trade their Christians for our Muslims.

    win/win in my book

  7. Leatherneck Says:

    Get off your arse! Line of fire, and single envelopment. Shift fire left on white smoke! Secure your perimeter, and run four man patrols. Weapons the same, and a 126 rounds of ammo.

    Gather Intelligence, then move to destroy the enemy.

    MOVE IT!


  8. notalldum Says:

    That’s what I was thinking. While these “killers” are in a bunch with their signs, etc. shoot them. If someone threatens to slit my throat, or my family and friend’ throats, I won’t hesitate to use every available means I have to destroy the “monsters”
    Wondering what the new Iraqi government thinks about these creeps?

    One very important revelation. We believers know what our Holy Bible says, and we know Christians are going to be persecuted, but we do know the end of the story – and believers also know that “to die in Christ is to have life eternal with Him”. My own prayeer is that I do not weaken or lose faith if that time comes for me. It’s true God can strike the evil ones down in one fell swoop, but He also needs to know who among us are willing to stand up to evil and stay faithful to Him.
    We all need to pray fervently for those now in harm’s way, and ask that God keep a “hedge of protection around His people”.

  9. will Says:

    I agree…. we should gather our Brother and Sister Christians and get them here to America.

    If they choose to go back to Babylon… ER Iraq we train them to defend thier lives & families with many varied weapons.

  10. Leatherneck Says:

    I say my prayers every day, and clean my weapons once a week unless I use them, then I clean them after use.

    They can stay where they are, and fight. Or, they can become Amish, get their hands tied, watch their females raped in front of them, then get their heads cut off on the Internet.

    There is no need to come here, and get on the sugar tit.


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  12. az_conservative Says:

    Man, I’m starting to get concerned that all this hostility you are bottling up may be harmful to your health. Don’t keep it in, brother! let it out!


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