Muslims attack Coptic Christians (Again)

More love from the religion of perpetual jealousy.

H/T – TNR for the video link

(ANSAmed) – CAIRO, NOVEMBER 24 – Eight civilians and four policemen have been hurt, two cars have been set ablaze and an unknown number of arrests have been made during fighting in Matareya, a working-class area east of Cairo.
-I have been to Cairo, I had to piss on it to improve the smell.

The fighting was between police and Muslims who were protesting over the rumoured destruction of a half-complete building in order to build a Coptic church in its place.
-So much for the tolerance and interfaith respect we hear so much about. Christians would have helped the muslims build a mosque if asked. The difference between Christianity and islam has always been easier to explain when you compare what they do and stop listening to what they say.

The skirmish took place yesterday evening, after evening prayers. At the exit of a mosque in the area, belonging to the Confraternity of Muslim Brothers, Mohamed Yussef Abu Hussein incited those present to protest against the construction of a church on soil that is not owned by Christians.
-A common lie, because muslims consider the entire world as part of the ummah nothing is technically owned by Christians. Reality is it would not have mattered if the Copts paid cash, had a bill of sale and offered to toss in a massive feast to celebrate interfaith tolerance, they would still have been attacked.

Police troops gathered on the scene and arrested several people, unleashing a violent reaction from the people which eventually culminated in a full blown skirmish.
-The “violent reaction” was because a muslim was arrested. The community saw nothing wrong with attacking Copts.

Since the early hours of the morning the whole area has been watched over by security forces, but there have been no signs of gathering crowds. (ANSAmed).
-They will be back until those pesky Christians learn their place or until they kill them in mohammeds name.

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5 Comments on “Muslims attack Coptic Christians (Again)”

  1. An Egyptian Says:

    thanks for telling the world about our suffering.

  2. Christopher Says:

    All Christians need to see what has been happening to the Coptics of Egypt for centuries. They need to face the fact that Islam is not a religion of peace.

  3. Ronin Says:


    It is the least we can do; I wish we could do more. Every time we expose them they do get weaker but that is a small consolation to those already under their oppression.

  4. az_conservative Says:

    Islam is the “Religion of Peace” all right. Our definition of peace and theirs have nothing in common.

  5. tnr Says:

    Here is a video of the attack :

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