Thanksgiving Day

Today in the USA, we celebrate our Thanksgiving. It is a day that we gather with relatives, friends, and sometimes we meet new ones. We feast and we give thanks to any and all deities that we felt contributed to our successes and ask for additional blessing for the coming year. The holiday traditions vary by family and sometimes culture but one item common to all is we share, we give thanks and we wish each other well.

Others are hurting, they are hungry, tired, lost and feel forgotten. People are oppressed, depressed, and in real physical danger all over the globe. We are mindful of them, feel for them and want to help them. Today is not our day to reflect on the troubles of this world, we are going to look inwards and not outwards. In each of us, we will find a reason to be thankful.

I am thankful for the friends and relatives who have traveled far to spend time with me. We will end up with a multiethnic, multicultural feast turned celebration that will further bind our ties to each other and that is really, what our Thanksgiving is about. Thank you all for your loyalty to this site, now stop a second to reflect on what is right in your life and give thanks.

Consider this an open thread. If I can get past the ever-growing numbers of people filling my home, I will join you later. To all our readers and to Doctor Bulldog and family I wish you all good fortune, health and offer my continued friendship; you are at the top of my list of reasons to give thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.


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13 Comments on “Thanksgiving Day”

  1. Ronin,

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. Doc' Says:

    Doctor B & Ronnin,

    Thanks for all ya’ll do with this site and I wish you both a Very Happy Thanksgiving.


  3. Smyrna Says:

    My wife and I always listen to National Public Radio, especially on Thanksgiving, since she likes to cook and, of course, likes to hear about the various food people are fixing.
    So they were interviewing Americans who had immigrated to the US and asking them about their TG experiences; and they talked to some guy who had immigrated, as a young child, with his family. He said he really got into the TG thing as a kid, with the plays and activities at school, about Pilgrims; even though he was cast as an indian in the plays because the teacher thought his dark skin was appropriate. He didn’t mind; of course, this was before he learned that the whole Pilgrim thing was nothing, basically, but GENOCIDE and a HOLOCAUST for the indians. And I said, out loud, to myself as I was shaving, “WHAT THE SHIT!” You may ask why I listen to NPR? It’s precisely to hear PRICELESS SOCIALIST CRAP as this. Rest assured I don’t give the suckers any money. Actually, I’m considering encouraging a write-in campaign to de-fund NPR from the PUBLIC MONEY it gets.
    Anyway, for those of you who can stomach eating a great meal on this wonderful day, in spite of the GENOCIDE, HOLOCAUST, YADA, YADA . . . we wish you a great, loving, and, even more important, an INTELLIGENT and WELL READ day!

  4. Eutychus Says:

    No extended family here this year. Just me and my wife and two boys. All blessings beyond compare and luckily not in proportion to what I deserve. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  5. Bob Says:

    To all of you, the Doc and Ronin, valued contributors, I and mine wish you and yours a joyous Thanksgiving.

  6. will Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

    Except the terrorists of course….

  7. teach5 Says:

    Happy politically correct, genocide-free Thanksgiving to all! Don’t go crazy on Friday charging everything you buy or we’ll have to bail you out!Good luck with the wishbone! God (can I say that?) Bless.

  8. Leatherneck Says:

    Amen, and pass the ammo!

  9. notalldum Says:

    Thankful for all the provisions, protection and blessings God has given me all my life. I find it much easier to than Him now than ask for favors. He knows better than I what I really need. I trly am thankful to share my opinions in comments on Doctor Bulldog and Ronin. So nice having wonderful “reader friends” here.
    May each of you and your families and firends have a blessed Thanksgiving Day, and may each day bring something additional to be thankful for.

  10. Gramfan Says:

    Lovely post, Ronin 🙂

    All the best to everyone in the US.
    I think it’s a great idea to have a day where one can just focus on things to be thankful for, whether in the US or not.

    There is still a lot of goodness and grace out there and I suppose we must learn not to take any of it for granted.

    (I am trying not to look at the picture of all the food. I am one of those people who can gain weight by osmosis: I have therefore stopped looking at recipe books 🙂 )

  11. Ronin Says:

    Thanks everyone, for all the kind words and thoughts. Most of my company have departed. Two will stay through Monday. Upon much reflection, we all decided that Americans are the most blessed people on the planet. Petty differences never result in coups or genocide, we have more than we need and share it generously. It is sad in a way that we only allow a single day to reorient ourselves and seek reminders of what is truly important. This holiday is unique because all attempts to tarnish it, brand it and paint it as a religious holiday to be celebrated by a only small select group has failed. This holiday is America. The first thanksgiving celebrated new friends and a fresh start; this one celebrated exactly the same thing. The food, the stories and the location may change but not the spirit. Thanksgiving is more than a reflection of the past it is a reminder that tomorrow will bring more challenges and that we can handle them. I hope you all enjoyed the holiday and the spirit behind it.

  12. CavMom Says:

    Beautiful post Ronin.

    We have a great deal to be thankful for, starting with our families and friends and living in a free country. We are also thankful for those such as Dr. Bulldog and Ronin who keep us ‘in-the-know.’

    *A sad note: Our uncle Mike on passed away Wednesday from kidney failure. Mike was a Marine Vet who served in Vietnam. Though we are saddened by his passing, we were able to draw together as a family and share many happy memories.

    Hugs to all from the J home

  13. Ronin Says:


    Sorry for your loss but he lived, fought and died a free man and that means he lived an outstanding life.


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