Riots break out in two Greek cities after teenager killed in police shooting

The islamic connection to this story is being totally ignored, yes, I know you are all shocked. Hooded youths around the time of the hajj, burning stuff and raising hell, one is shot in the gut and thousands of masked idiots riot. Now where have I seen this pattern before? Carefully watch the videos on TV and liveleak and you will see large numbers of “youths” accompanied by women wearing dishrags on their heads. Now just because I already know the Greeks have had massive problems with pissed off muslim immigrants doesn’t mean that I think they are solely responsible but they are participating and in large numbers. Unlike the MSM we call it like we see it.

By ELENA BECATOROS, 7 December, 2008, (AP)
ATHENS, Greece – Rioters rampaged through Athens and the northern city of Thessaloniki Sunday, hurling Molotov cocktails, burning stores and blocking city streets with flaming barricades after protests against the fatal police shooting of a teenager erupted into chaos.
-Shoot them down like dogs. Once Greeks were warriors; now they are getting punked by immigrants attempting to drive them out of their homes. Take back your nation or lose it.

Youths wearing hoods smashed storefronts and cars in Athens. Riot police responded with tear gas while the fire department rushed to extinguish blazes. Several bank branches, stores and at least one building were on fire on a major street leading to the capital’s police headquarters. Clashes also broke out near Parliament.

Streets quickly emptied as word of the violence spread. Local media reported several people sought treatment for breathing problems.

Violence often breaks out during demonstrations in Greece between riot police and anarchists, who attack banks, high-end shops, diplomatic vehicles and foreign car dealerships in late-night fire-bombings that rarely cause injuries.
-Enforce the law or a further decay of society is ensured.

Some believe the anarchist movement has its roots in the resistance to the military dictatorship that ruled Greece from 1967-74. The anarchists often take refuge inside university buildings or campuses, where police are barred under Greek law.

The shooting of the 16-year-old boy that set off the first riots took place Saturday night in Exarchia, a downtown Athens district of bars, music clubs and restaurants that is seen as the anarchists’ home base.

The circumstances surrounding the shooting were initially unclear. Police said the two officers involved claimed they were attacked by a group of youths, and that three gunshots and a stun grenade were fired in response.
-The only mistake the officers made was not shooting them all and arresting their parents for allowing them to commit criminal acts. It is not like the parents of these kids do not realize their loving children are not at home. They should have asked a few questions like “honey where are you going with that mask and gallon of gas?”

Youths burning shops, set up flaming barricades and torched cars in cities around the country overnight. At dawn crews cleaned up streets littered with the burned debris of businesses and cars. Tear gas hung in the air.
-These “youths” are just baby jihadi wannabes and need to be stepped on like the cockroaches they are.

Sunday’s riots broke out during demonstrations moving toward the police headquarters in Thessaloniki and Athens. Protesters in the northern city attacked City Hall, two police precincts, several shops and a bank, as well as vans and cars belonging to several Greek television channels.

In Athens, violence broke out as more than two thousand protesters marched to the police headquarters. Youths fought with riot police for about two hours before groups split off into different parts of the city. More violence was reported in Exarchia.

Interior Minister Prokopis Pavlopoulos promised there would be a thorough investigation into the teenager’s death and pledged to punish anyone found responsible.
-Nice, condemn the police without finishing the investigation.

“It is inconceivable for there not to be punishment when a person loses their life, particularly when it is a child,” Pavlopoulos said. “The taking of life is something that is not excusable in a democracy.”
-What an idiot, these darling children were attacking police and burning personal property, they got what they deserved.

He and Deputy Minister Panagiotis Chinofotis submitted their resignations, which were not accepted by the prime minister.
-The prime minister is another idiot, he should have sent them packing and encouraged them to riot with their new found buddies. Hopefully, they would have been found lifeless among the casualties when this is over.

The two officers involved in the shooting have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, as has the police chief in the Exarchia precinct.

Police said the Saturday night riots left 24 policemen injured, with one remaining hospitalized Sunday morning. Rioters damaged or burned 31 stores, nine bank branches and 25 cars, including six police cars, police said in a statement. Six people were arrested, five of them for theft from damaged stores and one for carrying a weapon, it said.

Full details for damage from Sunday afternoon’s riots were not immediately available.

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28 Comments on “Riots break out in two Greek cities after teenager killed in police shooting”

  1. lookout Says:

    i figured they were low-life immigrants called”youths’

  2. yonason Says:


    “The taking of life is something that is not excusable in a democracy.” — Greek fool

    There is no shortage of anti-Semites in Greece

    The Greeks are among those who always vote against Israel in support of Islam’s attempt to destroy her.

    They keep pushing us to fall, as King David says in Psalms. He also says that they will fall into the trap they set for us.

    They bring it on themselves. Until they come to their senses and stop trying to force Israel to capitulate to evil, the evil they planned to consume her will consume them instead.

    But it can’t be otherwise, because the so-called “Palestinians” are the point men for the modern global Jihad, and it is their success that inspires Muslims everywhere. So, when countries push Israel to capitulate to terrorists and to strengthen them, that has world wide repercussions that affect everyone else.

    And the mind set of those who demand capitulation of Israel also demands of themselves that they “lead by example” (or at least appear to) which only makes them behave as they want Israel to. That renders them as vulnerable as they want Israel to be.

    The problem is that they thought they would be immune, but now that they have become infected they are unable to see the connection. It’s a lot like in Egypt when Pharaoh stubbornly refused to give in and let Jews go. It was only when Egypt was destroyed that he finally relented, but then it was too late.

    Will the world come to it’s senses? Or will the destruction continue? Look at how they treat Israel for the answer. As long as they hate her more than they value themselves, the destruction will continue.

  3. Martel Says:

    Why is it that everywhere there are a significant amount of immigrants from a Muslim culture there is always strife and violence?

  4. Here we go again Says:

    As an American, reading this headline on Fox Website; I thought to myself, this sounds like what happened last year in France when Muslim youth were rioting…I knew there was a muslim connection and the sissy press was covering it up. This behavior won’t fly in America. They will meet their match if they start this crap here…looting and burning and destroying everything. And as Obamanation said; “Clinging to our guns and religion” is most American’s right. Most homes in America are stockpiled. Yep, should it come here, once again, American’s will rise to the tast and finish the job.

  5. Appalled By The World Says:

    Shoot all rioters. Once this happens regularly there will be less riots. Few idiots riot when they know they’ll be shot.

  6. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    Absolutely no clue as to the identity or motive of the rioters in Oz news services
    that I have seen, but my Modar is sufficiently tuned to sense a muzz-style
    carbecue (or souvlaki). Keep this up, and Greeks might prefer life under the

  7. kendra Says:

    Thanks for posting this. Obviously, the first thing I thought when I read about the riots is that the Islamist nutcase jihadists are at it again. And, of course, there is no news-service even mentioning Islam. What anarchists do such a thing? I’ve never heard of it and immediately figured this is Islam and their quest for a return of the Caliphate and dar al Islam.

    I will bookmark this site and be back. Thank you!

  8. Akira Says:

    These are almost as bad as the Greek anti-Clinton riots.

    (Yes, that’s right, people hated America even before George W.)

  9. ciccio Says:
    Do not blame the Muslim immigrants this time, it is Muslim assylum seekers. There are about 80,000 of them, Greece only admitted about 200 last year.

  10. will (the islamaphobe) Says:

    This time its anarchists…

    However it wouldnt suprise me that moslems are pushing thier leftist buttons…

  11. […] mean that I think they are solely responsible but they are participating and in large numbers.…   Okay, so from BBC and AFP, and other news sources, I am not seeing the word “Muslim” or […]

  12. […] mean that I think they are solely responsible but they are participating and in large numbers.…   Okay, so from BBC and AFP, and other news sources, I am not seeing the word “Muslim” or […]

  13. Ronin Says:

    We are almost close to seeing the true story in the press. A few are close to admitting that some of the thugs are illegal immigrants from pakistan and demanding a free ride. No mention of the term “muslim” or “islam” yet, very strange. I think it is time to let them in, lock them up and let them work off the damages at about 5 cents a day

  14. az_conservative Says:

    I haven’t seen any outright reports that mention any “forbidden words” yet, but the pictures I’ve seen clearly show Muslims (headscarves, etc.)

    Like any other group acts like this…unless it’s militant gays who do not understand how civilized people act when they lose elections.

  15. Steven Parks Says:

    Another “youth” riot in Greece, where there is around twenty percent unemployment and a large influx of Islamic “freedom fighters” that can fuel their destructive riots by getting subsidized by the Greek taxpayers. People of Greece need to take back their streets from these Muslim invaders and cut off all benefits for these radical allahphiles. Muslims no longer need to conquer by sword; they simply wait and let the indigenous citizenry cow down complacently and hand over their country to a bunch of 8th century time travelers who could be squashed and mocked right out of the Western world. Inhabitants of Greece, Holland, Switzerland, and Spain need to revoke these immigrants rights and deport them to their backwards societies so they can kill eachother off as fast as allah will allow them. Countries don’t die from murder; they die from suicide.

  16. I read a piece written by a young women who lives in Greece. She broke down the rioters into three groups: the anarchists (nut jobs), the Communists (commies) and the sheep who don’t know why they are rioting but riot for the fun of it (idiots). Nut jobs, commies and idiots… I have no doubt that there is a contingent of Islamofascists as well. Who could tell them apart?

  17. Lorraine Says:

    Just wondered if someone had more info from the Greek press or people in the know who could verify the above comment. I mean it is what we all first suspected, but, we sure would like some more reliable info…if you know what I mean. Thanks

  18. az_conservative Says:

    Stephen Parks:
    “Countries don’t die from murder; they die from suicide.”

    Absolutely right. But the suicide prevention hotlines have all been outsourced to Pakistan. When you call them, they ask if you can drive a truck.

  19. The only non-racist here Says:

    You are a racist dick. This had NOTHING to do with muslims or immigrants. The 15 year old boy who was shot was shot BEFORE any of the riots happened. That incident was the last straw. The youths, mainly students, where angry about the nepotism and cronyism in businesses. There was an 8.9%, about 5% being students.
    So screw you ad your racist blog. Get your facts straight, and go to hell

    Just kidding, I hate muslims, they suck and mohammed was a pedophile, we all know it. I was raped by an imam and now I hate muslims. well except for the imam he was kind of cute.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      Follow Mohammed, and wage Jehad! There, now my facts are stright.

      The first thing I going to do in hell, is kick Mohammed’s arse.

    • Very colorful language coming from an ignoramus.

      Read the article by Ioannis Michaletos at

      Here are some pertinent excerpts if you are not a registered user and unable to access the page (I’m registered, so my browser automatically logs me in and I have no idea if the article is viewable to the general public or not—nor am I going to waste my time trying to find out):


      The riots were orchestrated since late summer 2008. There were reports within the Greek police that the riots would commence by the Christmas period at the latest; the location and the justification was not known, but any event could have caused them. This is a copycat case of what happened in France in October 2005.

      The culprits in the higher level are Islamic networks in the Middle East, hand-in-hand with corrupted Western officials that are selling their services for the highest bidder.

      The purpose is to destabilize Greece, since it is the “Weakest link” of the Eurozone countries. The ultimate goal is the creation of a European space suitable for expansion of the Middle Eastern networks. For the moment the latter use a variety of techniques to bolster their aims:

      Terrorism, disinformation, Psy Ops, bribing officials. They are trying to throw USA against Russia from one side and disintegrate the bonds between EU-USA from the other side. They are the ones that burned Greek forests in summer 2007, in an operation some call “Ibrahim Project”, thus reminding of the same damages in the same region by Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt during the Greek revolution in the summer of 1827.

      Quite a few Greek “radical groups” have adopted Arabic “Noms de Guerre”, promote illegal immigration of Muslims into Europe and call in for the destruction of Western civilization. They are part of an almost global network that acts as a “Soft power” element of the hard one as envisaged by Al Qaeda.


      So, get your facts straight. The students are just a pawn in a much bigger game and haven’t a clue as to how or why they’re being manipulated.

  20. tgusa Says:

    I don’t think Dr. Bulldogs name is Dick. As for hell, well thanks to you youthtards we are living it right now. Now go practice putting a condom on a carrot.

    We here embrace others of all stripes based on values. You on the other hand stick up for the racists at the expense of values. No doubt if you were to try this stuff around responsible people of any sort they would kick your @#$. You are racecentric, that is all you see is color, you are one of the reasons that minority kids are more likely to join gangs than become productive members of our society.

    They say men can be judged by the company they keep so im afraind its time for us to part company. Racist!

  21. islams not for me Says:

    According to you:

    ‘the only non racist here’

    This was about anarchists…

    Well the full story is found here:

    Still with muslim riots in other parts of europe it is not suprising that we considered these violent actions part of the same ideological group.

    However what good are these anarchists when thier beliefs will not bring about a orderly society or culture.

    Lastly islam is not a race despite what lefties are telling you and should you ever have to be a dhimmi under Sharia laws you will regret not fighting for your rights!

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