Never Bring a Textbook to a Gun Fight…

Every time I think the Libtards have hit the bottom of the stupidity barrel, they manage to chew their way through to a whole ‘nother level of stupidity!   Do they really expect our children to put themselves in harm’s way when confronted by a gunman while they, themselves, cower away?

Hey, idiots!  I have a better solution – arm the teachers with guns!  That way,  you’ll kill fewer of our children…

Controversy Erupts Over School Proposal to Teach Kids to Fight Back Against Gunmen

Wednesday, December 10, 2008 – FOX News

A school security expert says a proposal to teach children as young as 10 years old to fight back against a classroom gunman is “scary.”

The Georgetown Public Schools in Georgetown, Mass., are considering whether to teach kids to fend off a gunman with backpacks or textbooks as part of a proposal to revamp their “Code Blue” safety policy.

“To put that expectation on young, emotional, scared, frightened children is really a slippery slope,” says Kenneth Trump, the president of National School Safety and Security Services. “It has a high risk and higher probability of escalating a situation than it would to neutralize the situation.”

Those who support the idea say it may seem extreme, but it could save a child’s life.

Georgetown Police Chief James E. Mulligan told the proposed technique was intended to be a “last ditch” thing to be used in cases where a gunman has been able to thwart police and get inside a classroom alone with students.

The controversy began when the district’s school resource officer, Derek Jones, proposed the training in a memo after hearing it had been used in schools in Florida.

“[He] was starting the conversation with us to say, well, ‘Do we want the kids to sit there and literally have the gunman be able to shoot them one at a time? Or do we want to allow instincts to kick in and basically allow them to protect themselves against the threat?'” Carol Jacobs, the district superintendent, told

[Notice that Carol Jacobs didn’t even consider the third alternative:  Arming the teachers.    Stupid Libtards – they hate guns so much, that they would rather see students die trying to protect themselves with textbooks and backpacks rather than just allowing teachers to carry guns…]

“It might include using a book or hiding behind a backpack or something, some kind of shield.”

Jacobs said the proposal to teach kids in fifth grade and up how to ward off armed attackers in a worst-case scenario created some concern among administrators.

“We had immediate discomfort with all of this because it’s not the way we’ve thought about it in the past, and also, we worry a little bit more about the liability of all of this,” she said.

Jones’ memo was intended only for school officials updating the school safety policy in Georgetown, a coastal community north of Boston, but it was leaked to the media before the district’s safety committee could even discuss it, leading to concern among parents.

“A lot of kids come from unsafe places at home, and school is their only haven, you know, and for them to come into school and have to think about that stuff I think can be scary,” parent Hope Carter told

Barbie Linares, who has three children in the district, including a 10-year-old, said she has confidence in how the school administration deals with proposals.

“If it was going to be implemented, I would hope that it would be implemented in, say, fifth grade and above, or middle school and above,” she told “I do think that it would be better off with the older kids.”

Trump said it makes more sense to train school staff to deal with a gunman.

“We’re asking them to make some quite serious judgments that even trained adults are challenged to make,” he said. “I think that’s an unrealistic and highly risky expectation and burden to put on kids.”

Current policy, Mulligan said, is on par with districts across the country, allowing police to enter a school in lockdown and engage an attacker “to minimize the harm to children and staff in the school.”

[Yeah, good luck with that.  By the time the police arrive, set up, gather information, get coordinated, etc., the shooting spree by a crazed gunman is pretty much already in wind-down mode.  If these freakin’ Libtards in the educational system REALLY wanted to minimize the harm to our children and the staff, they would arm the staff!  I can’t emphasis that point enough!]

Officials say the Georgetown community is safe. The only recent activity was an unfounded bomb threat six months ago that lead to a school evacuation.

The safety committee plans to discuss the Code Blue proposals on Thursday.

“The intention here is just to make sure that we are always on the cutting edge of what we need to do to keep our kids safe and obviously to learn from lessons of tragedies in other places,” Jacobs said.

[Yeah, right…  More like; “always on the bleeding edge.”  Frackin’ Libtards…]

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7 Comments on “Never Bring a Textbook to a Gun Fight…”

  1. teach5 Says:

    “Some kind of shield”, huh? How about this?

    I want one! And so does every teacher thinking about using a book against a nutter trying to kill her kids!!!

  2. CavMom Says:

    N. Texas is already leading the pack in what I hope will be a sweeping decision for schools across the country.

  3. Jon Brooks Says:

    What about a “bigger”..”GUN FREE ZONE” sign to tell the sociopaths that guns are not allowed:) LOLOLOL Or teach the kids the crash drill from the movie “Airplane”.
    At least hoding a book up in front of their face they wont see the bullets coming.
    Actually phone books soaked in water for a day or so do slow down .38’s and .45’s well
    so maybe give junior a big wet heavy phone book every morning. Maybe rubber bands and paper clips like we had as kids could distract the gunman. Maybe all the kids could stand by the door and stare evily like the kids in “Village of the Damned” and scare the gunman away. Okay enough sarcasm..arm the bleeping teachers already.

  4. Bob Says:

    I don’t think it’s a long stretch to compare to this controversy, however, if the libtards want to just roll over and die rather than fight, more power to them.
    Just don’t expect my kid to do the same, his Daddy taught him better than that!

    Fighting Back and Stopping Rape

    70% of women who fight back during an assault avoid rape.
    This statistic, which we used in an education campaign a few years ago, has its’ origins in a U.S. study by Pauline Bart and Patricia O’Brien in Stopping Rape: Successful Survival Strategies (1985). This research has been supported by numerous studies. The most recent of these studies, by Sarah Ullman and Raymond Knight, ‘The Efficacy of Women’s Resistance Strategies in Rape Situations’ (1993) found that women who fought back were more likely to avoid rape than women who did not fight back, regardless of the presence of a weapon. In general, the studies found that strategies such as crying, pleading or reasoning were ineffective. Some studies even indicate that these strategies can cause increased chance of injury.

  5. Jon Brooks Says:

    When I was a kid I remember going to a traveling carnival setup walking up to the shooting range plunking down $0.10 and the carny slipped a full tube of .22 shorts
    into the feed tube of the pump action remington and I cranked away at spinning pipes and bears and ducks etc. Spent most of my money there rather than rides. also at 10 the YMCA bus used to pick us kids up at the corner on Saturdays, I with my golden daisy BB gun and we kids would have shooting competitions all afternoon long. I learned gun safety long before my father taught me to shoot a real one and this is what we are missing with our children. Its fun, its vital to be able to defend yourself , not leave it in the hands of some lakey govt employee (President on down) to decide what you can or cannot do for your own self defense. I would rather die fighting than die cowering and crying in a corner, if you have to die anyways do some damage before you go. if you are forced to God will not hate you, you are trying to destroy evil in the case of suicaidal madmen and that will be rewarded.

  6. hall monitor Says:

    This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools.

  7. az_conservative Says:

    These libs really are insane! Someone get them a straightjacket and put them someplace safe (and away from the rest of us) please.

    If they can’t bear the thought of arming teachers, how about teaching useful self-defense in schools? Like martial arts instead of useless PE? If teachers are not empowered to protect the kids, then teach the kids to do it for themselves–it would serve them well in the future too.

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