Dog Walker Shoots Armed Robber

Yup, another news item that the gun-hating, MSM Libtards don’t want you to know about:

[Ryan Scott Patterson’s previous Mug Shot.]

Update: A “Friend” of the ‘Dog Walker’ emailed us to let us know that the attacker who was killed was not Ryan Scott Patterson, but is actually Markee Lamar Johnson.  His widow’s MySpace page is located HERE.

It’s unfortunate, and I certainly sympathize for his family and friends, but it just goes to show that one instance of evilness undoes a lifetime of good.   Life is NOT a video game.


[Markee Lamar Johnson and wife]

Dog Walker Shoots Armed Teen Robber, Police Say

A man walking his dog in Terrell [Texas] on Wednesday shot and critically wounded an armed 17-year-old robber, police said.

The incident happened at about 10:20 p.m. in Ben Gill Park in the 100 block of Lions Club Lane where, police said, a group of teen robbers surrounded the man.

According to investigators, when a boy in the group pulled out a gun, the man, a licensed concealed handgun owner, fired shots.

The teen was apparently struck in the head and was listed in critical condition at Parkland Hospital. His weapon was recovered at the scene and later determined to be stolen during a separate offense in Terrell, according to police.

Three other teen suspects fled the scene in a vehicle that was recovered in the 300 block of S. Park Street, police said.

Police identified the teen gunman and one of the other suspects, and were working to ID the two remaining boys.

The robbery victim was not injured.

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12 Comments on “Dog Walker Shoots Armed Robber”

  1. CavMom Says:

    I just listened to the guy’s 911 call. I am so happy that we have the right to legally carry a concealed weapon and the right to protect ourselves in Texas.

  2. Leatherneck Says:

    Dog walker needs more time at the range. The perp is still alive, and it is going to cost the tax payers hospital fees.

    Get a bigger weapon please, or double tap to the chest with one to the head. Then call 911.

  3. Noah Vaile Says:

    It is always good to hear about citizens defending themselves.

  4. Jon Says:

    Good, only next time kill the robber.

  5. will the islamaphobe Says:

    Too bad he could shoot & hit the other 3…

  6. intellectual heavyweight Says:

    Its always good to hear of the gun problems you yanks suffer there in America.

    Hopefully, the more of you pricks those blacks kill, the better the world will be.

    Win win situation BIATCH!

  7. BB Stacker Says:

    The IDPA teaches a course of fire that will do any of us who carry a lot of value. Multiple targets, multiple situations, with decisions that require split-second thinking. The world is not as it appears, and good can turn into bad in the blink of an eye. Like the old Strategic Air Command motto: Peace Through Eternal Vigilance. Law abiding citizens don’t travel in “packs” attempting to stay safe–we are on our own; the odds are not in our favor in situations like this in most cases. The dog walker had the good sense to be prepared.

  8. BB Stacker Says:

    Hey Intellectually “Challenged”…the threat is a threat. A gang of idiots out to do harm can do some mighty gruesome damage with their shoes if that’s the weapon of choice. It has nothing to do with guns, it’s the mentality that they want something they have no interest in working for by honest means. Knife, brick, stick, rod, rock, butter knife…you want to paint some “cowboy west” picture of America when you have a host of issues no matter where you hail from. Liberal candy-pants have ruined the rules in America to strip the law-abiding of their rights to defend themselves and will put most of the true victims through enough dog squeeze that they will become the “guilty” if they chose to fight back in their attempt to remain alive and unharmed. One of our best and last remaining freedoms separates America from every other nation, and our “problems”, as you put it, are no different than your “problems”, it’s just semantics. There is no land of pink bunnies and chocolate fountains, for your information.

  9. BB Stacker,

    Intellectual featherweight hails from the UK – land of no guns for the citizens, but plenty of guns for the criminals.

    Obviously, the fact that “hot burglaries” have increased in the UK since the guns were taken away from the law-abiding citizens, does not even elicit a flicker of neural connectivity in his muzzie pea-brain.


  10. will the islamaphobe Says:

    I see Lack of intellect lightwegiht has been banned here…

  11. BB Stacker Says:

    Thx DoctorBullDog…I figured as soon as I “pinned” a nationality on our pascifist buddy from overseas, he’d label me a racist or typical American by stereotyping him as a royal subject. You’re right in one big respect…the UK has bowed to the whims and social weight of the muzzie headed minority for fear of evoking some response that usually results in burned vehicles, riots, destruction of businesses and terror in general. There isn’t a moment to lose in America to stop the onslaught of socialism and the loss of the one document that created this nation, The U.S. Constitution. In the UK, there is no turning back from the appeasement that they allowed themselves to become subject to, and the path they are on as a nation to fall to shariah rule eventually.

  12. THS Parent Says:

    Just FYI Markee died. So please think before you “comment”. He was a great young man, not married, but that night was hanging out with the wrong boys. Terrell is a rural town, these boys grew up together. These were kids. This young man’s mother worked nights at a local hospItalian and h I sent parents are very much highly recognized in our community. This could very well have been any of our kids. Markee wasn’t the one with the gun. It rocked our town, our school… please remember not everything you read is true or correct. I’m really sorry that this tragedy to you guys was just another reason to fight over guns.

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