Thieving groups of saudi muslims steal from the faithful

I have to admit it. I only posted this because it made me laugh.

Galal Fakkar, 20 December 2008, Arab News
JEDDAH: Some tour operators have reportedly cheated thousands of Egyptian pilgrims during the current Haj season by making them donate to a nonexistent charity fund.
-You might think if anyone knew not to trust muslims it would be other muslims but they are not bright creatures. The thieves behind this scam will skim a few bucks off and give them to an imam for the global jihad and receive instant forgiveness and praise. The victims well, they get it right up the rear.

A large number of Egyptian pilgrims, who were not included in the 70,000 people selected by the government for Haj this year, sought the service of private Haj and Umrah operators to travel to the Kingdom for pilgrimage.
-This is the part I like, they win a lottery that allows them to travel to saudi arabia just to be robbed by an organized saudi criminal enterprise.

Some of the tour operators forced each pilgrim to pay a donation of SR10,000 to a phony charitable organization for helping the victims of calamities.
-The calamity was probably a 5.56mm enema in iraq.

Two separate committees concerning religious affairs and tourism at the Egyptian People’s Assembly, said it was unfair to charge pilgrims anything other than the costs associated only with the performance of Haj.
-I always get a chuckle when a muslim whines about “fairness”.

A number of victims of the scam said they would sue the tour operators if they did not return the money.
-Sue???? I thought they were muslims. Get your sorry asses in gear and burn something. What kind of whimpy muslims are these sissies? I think they picked their victims well. I expected at least a small riot.   Pansies.

Muhammad Al-Saeed, an Egyptian pilgrim who arrived in Makkah by road told Arab News, “This year I had to pay an equivalent of SR20,000 for the pilgrimage because my tour operator would not process my application for Haj without a donation to a fund called the National Calamity Fund.” He said the expenses for Haj were SR10,000 and the rest was for a charity fund.
-Sniffle, this is so sad.

“If the Haj operator refuses to return the extra amount I and my co-travelers paid, we will sue the company for cheating,” Al-Saeed said.
-Check back next year, dumbass ,and you will see the company is not only still in business but they are also lining up more victims.

Another pilgrim, Muntaser Al-Fayumi, said that since he was not among the pilgrims selected by the government for Haj, he had to seek the help of a private tour company that demanded an extra payment of SR10,000 as a donation.
-Like I said, an organized Saudi criminal group controls this scam. They rip off muslims who ask for nothing except a trip around a small rock.   And, these idiots ask themselves “why me”.

“Unscrupulous tour operators exploit the religious sentiments of people who dream of visiting the two holiest places in the world. Sometimes they charge four to five times higher than the actual cost,” said Al-Fayumi.
-We could debate the definition of “holy place.”   I wouldn’t go to mecca to piss on mohammed rock.

“This is one of the several forms of swindling ploys resorted to by unscrupulous Haj and Umrah operators in the country.

“It is extremely unfortunate that some people exploit religion to line their pockets,” said Abdul Hakim Al-Maraghi, who is a practicing lawyer in Giza, Egypt
-Geeze, get over it, you are an idiot who trusted another minion, shame on you. Man up and declare jihad on the saudis. Destroy something of value like a good muslim, or shut the hell up.

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One Comment on “Thieving groups of saudi muslims steal from the faithful”

  1. will the islamaphobe Says:

    The next great scam….


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