A time to fight

This editorial explains the Israeli position in a clear and concise manner. Day two of the offensive has already gotten worldwide attention, with saudi princes begging President Bush to intervene, the Useless Nations and the entire ummah rising hell and of course hamas leadership running to the safety of Syria while attempting to appear to be brave warriors of the pedophile king. While they show defiance in safety, Israel is getting ready to trash their forces and make them pay an extremely high price for their savagery. I wish the Israelis well.

28 December 2008, JPOST.
On Friday, a Hamas spokesman made Israel the following proposal: You keep the stream of humanitarian aid and supplies flowing into Gaza and we will keep launching rockets and mortars at Israeli civilians.
-The people in gaza elected these thugs expecting them to lead and make them stronger. This is where that leads. The responsibility for every dead palestinian rests on hamas.

It was an offer Israel had little choice but to refuse.

For weeks Israel has been imploring Hamas to stop shooting across the border, to stop tunneling in preparation for the next round of violence, and to allow our farmers to tend their fields. The Islamists responded that they were not afraid of the IDF and that they reserved the right to resist “the occupation” – meaning the existence of a Jewish state. They brazenly told Israel to get used to the idea that no amount of humanitarian gestures would stem their behavior.
-What hamas really wants is to distract their people; they get rich while claiming they need even more resource to fight their enemy. They care less about gaza than I do.

At 11:30 a.m. Saturday, Israel finally told Hamas that it would not be bled, slowly, to death. Thanks to excellent intelligence and superb training, a haughty enemy was caught off-guard. Targets up and down the Strip were hit and large numbers of Hamas personnel including senior military figures were killed. Key facilities were turned into rubble; well-camouflaged equipment was destroyed.

In launching “Operation Cast Lead,” Defense Minister Ehud Barak, declared, “There is a time for calm and there is a time for fighting, and now is the time for fighting.” And Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, flanked by Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni, said that Israel had done everything possible to avoid this escalation, but that its entreaties for quiet had been met with disdain.
-Love the name.

The IDF’s mission is not to bring down the Hamas regime, but to bring quiet to the South. In a sense we are asking Hamas to stop being Hamas. The Islamists need to decide whether they want to go down in flames or are prepared to take on the responsibilities that come with control over the Strip. They may give Israel no choice but to topple their administration.
-Hurt them enough and they will beg for peace.

To their credit, Israeli decision makers are avoiding the kind of bombastic rhetoric all of us came to regret in the course of the Second Lebanon War and its aftermath. Now, what ordinary Israelis demand is that their government deliver, as promised, quiet to the South. We do not expect this operation to be fast or easy. We do expect it to succeed.

Israelis must unite and be vigilant. Regrettably, we’ve already seen rioting among some east Jerusalem Palestinians. The possibility of disturbances among our Arab citizens cannot be discounted. Hamas rockets may reach targets heretofore thought to be beyond enemy range; their threats to launch suicide attacks must be taken with utmost seriousness. And Diaspora Jews also need be on alert.
-Just announce that any citizen who supports the enemy will be deported to gaze, problem solved.

ON A quiet post-Christmas weekend, the events in Gaza have captured world attention. From an unsympathetic foreign media, we are already hearing complaints that Israel’s retaliation is “disproportionate” and a form of “collective punishment.” That over 200 Palestinians have been killed compared to only one Israeli leads some journalists to conclude that Israel is inherently in the wrong. One British news anchor wondered why her government had not already demanded that Israel halt its operation. There was a grudging understanding that Hamas uses Palestinian non-combatants as human shields, along with an unreasonable demand that Israel magically find a way not to harm any of them.
-Hamas loves to march children around in military uniforms and suicide vest costumes if they consider them combatants why should Israel show them mercy? Try and miss them but do not worry about them, it is the will of allah that hamas get spanked for hurting the muslims. You are the hand of allah, he will use you to punish hamas.

The formula for purchasing the affection of those who suffer from moral relativism is sickeningly clear: if one Jew is killed, we get very little piety. If, heaven forbid, an Israeli kindergarten was to take a direct hit – Israel might, temporarily, gain the sympathy of news anchors from Paris to London to Madrid.

At that price we would rather forgo their sympathy.
-You already have mine, when the savages fire arrows into the settlement you can not blame the Cavalry from charging.

Nevertheless, we expect our diplomats to work 24/7 to make Israel’s case to the international community. Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has begun that process. In an English-language address she said, “Enough is enough” – Israel would not continue to absorb rockets, mortars and bullets without retaliating.

At this newspaper, we wonder how an international community that can’t bring itself to explicitly support Israel’s operation against the most intransigent of Muslim fanatics expects to play a positive role in facilitating peace in this region.
-The press will not take Israelis side but the bloggers will and have.

Hamas must be stopped. And the civilized world must help stop it.
-Wrong, Israel you must do this alone the American government will look away but will not help with a new administration just days away.

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13 Comments on “A time to fight”

  1. senor doeboy Says:

    I have only one bone to pick with you Ronin, and that is the fact you said–

    “Hurt them enough and they will beg for peace. ”

    It’s not peace it’s a Hudna, a temporary cease fire while the Mohammedan regroup and rearm. So when they call for a Hudna… HIT THEM HARDER!!! Till they SURRENDER and submit to civilization.

  2. leo Says:

    So, instead of hudna you will have taqiya. Is it better?

  3. teach5 Says:

    I believe the test next to the title of the page says it best…


  4. teach5 Says:

    “text” not test-oops

  5. Weaver Says:

    Senor, I think Ronin is on the right track but I would recommend a little different approach. Just turn Gaza into a smoking crater. Any temporary peace will only serve to give these animals time to regroup. Much like the Terminator, they will not stop, ever. There are only two possible ways that Israel will ever know peace. Kill ALL of them or lay down and die. From what I know of Israel dying is not an option. Once they grow a set and tell the international community to go to hell maybe then they can have peace.

  6. Gramfan Says:

    “That over 200 Palestinians have been killed compared to only one Israeli leads some journalists to conclude that Israel is inherently in the wrong.”

    This argument is a fallacy,IMHO. I have seen it all over the net for years.

    I suggest that a moral compass is not achieved by tallying up the casualties.

    Wars with islamists are not the same as conventional wars. Islamists are not conventional armies.The rules should not be conventional.
    We have seen this in Iraq and Afghanistan also.

    They have taken off the gloves, or rather, they never had any, so we should do the same.
    I call that ‘homeopathic” or fight fire with fire.

    This is the system they understand. Geneva Conventions are a loophole they exploit and if this means “going down to their level” to some extent so be it.
    I never bought that argument either.

    To me it’s an “us or them” situation.

  7. senor doeboy Says:

    Leo, I said Surrender, not Taqqiya. Surrender means no more Mosques no more Imams, no more Koran. That is what they say they are fighting for… that is what they must surrender. A koran, a mosque, or an Imam making their appearance in Gaza would be cause to re-begin the bombings.

  8. Leatherneck Says:

    It is the will of allah the false moon god.

    allah akbar. Which means allah is greater than all other pagan gods.


  9. Ronin Says:

    senor doeboy,

    Your point about the Hudna was correct, thanks for the correction.


  10. leo Says:

    “Surrender means no more Mosques no more Imams, no more Koran.”

    OK, how realistic is that?

  11. CavMom Says:

    leo Says:

    “Surrender means no more Mosques no more Imams, no more Koran.”

    OK, how realistic is that?
    Whether or not it is realistic is not nearly as important as the hope that the suggestion congers. As long as we have hope, we have a reason to continue the good fight.

  12. leo Says:

    Good fight is only good when it is in touch with reality. Otherwise it is just a lot of hot air. If you want to know what I mean take a look at Arabs. They are good at talking big. Probably the best.

  13. Annmarie Says:

    Also good at telling lies about situations..My late father-inlaw used to say, the only good one was a dead one..These Palestinians don’t want to help themselves, form a new state, or do anything to better their lives..Their noses are out of joint, they look at Israel and see how well they are doing there, and want it all without working for it..

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