Hamas’ war against children

Hamas realizes they can never beat Israel. The only hope they have is for enough minions to raise enough hell to increase international pressure enough to force Israel to cease operations. This strategy has worked many times. Hamas by itself is a joke, no real leadership, tactics or even any brave men. Without outside pressure they are nothing.

This article provides information to help dispute the oft seen moral equivalency argument. The Hamas leader has called for muslims to murder Israelis and Jews worldwide, including children. “The Israelis have sentenced their children to death… They have legitimized the killing of their people all over the world,” As I often point out; what muslims do; means much more than what they say. This article exposes past actions of the minions and if it worked once you can count on them to do it again.

ROBERT G. KAUFMAN, 6 January 2009, the Seattle Post Intelligencer
Much of the news coverage on the current Gaza war has focused on the suffering of children, and rightly so. I hold the Palestinian governments and people, as well as their allies, 100 percent responsible for the deaths of both Israeli and Palestinian Arab children. First, they have waged an unprecedented war directed at the children of the Israelis. A few of the most outrageous examples:
-Not relevant to this topic but another way to highlight muslim hypocrisy about protecting children is to expose their support for forced child marriages, honor murders and rampant child abuse.

The massacre of 24 high school students on a field trip in Maalot, 1974. Burning babies in the nursery of Kibbutz Misgav Am, the sniper shooting of 10-month old Shalchevet Pass while being pushed in her stroller, the kidnapping and mutilation of 14-year-olds Kobi Mandel and Yossi Ish-Ran in Tekoa, the bomb planted outside the teen club Dolphinarium, killing 19, and the recent murder of teen students studying in a religious school in Jerusalem, celebrated by the Palestinians handing out candy to their children.

The Jewish National Fund was called in to build security roads in the north, so the Hezbollah militias could no longer fire missiles at school buses filled with children. Ismail Haniya, the leader of Hamas, gleefully boasted last August that they were “looking forward to the start of the Israeli school year.” I challenge the Israel haters to document equivalent acts from the Israeli side.
-They cannot, nor will they find a single example of a Jewish mother parading her child around wearing military clothing and bragging that one day her son will be a martyr.

In Gaza, when the Israelis phoned families to give them 30 minutes warning that their houses were to be bombed, they called Hamas who sent mothers and children up on the roofs and the Israeli bombers veered off. They now give five minutes warning. What would the Palestinian fighters have done with a concentration of Jewish women and babies in their sights?

Yes, Palestinian Arab children have also been casualties. Virtually all of these regrettable deaths were inflicted during attacks on military personnel and facilities, located deliberately in civilian areas. During the intifada, militants picked up schoolchildren before they could get home and placed them in the front lines of violent confrontations. When parents objected, their mutilated bodies were found hanging from telephone poles. An Israeli soldier in Gaza wrote to relatives in Seattle; “The Arabs are firing mortars into civilian settlements. We have located the two mortar positions; one in the courtyard of an orphanage, the other on the playground of a kindergarten.”
-mohammed thought nothing about murdering children. His crimes included the murder and rape of children.

Here is direct testimony from an Israeli soldier. “The first time a terrorist came against me pushing his son in front of him and firing at me over his head, I had two thoughts. The first was, ‘I care more about this man’s son than he does.’ The second was, ‘And he knows it.’ ”

Palestinian media and public schools teach murderous hatred to children as soon as they are old enough to talk. Saudi-financed schoolbooks refer to Jews as “brothers of pigs and monkeys.” Hillary Clinton, our soon-to-be Secretary of State and a lifelong fighter for the rights of children, has seen this information. Her comment; “The incitement of children to hatred and violence by the Palestinian Authority is tantamount to child abuse.”
-She could have worded it with less sugar but she was essentially correct.

We can only hope our new government understands that peace cannot be achieved with a generation poisoned against the other side. Both Hamas and Fatah in their charters call for the total destruction of Israel and promise it to their children. Until they undo this damage and negotiate in good faith, the only outcome of a “two-state solution” will be the next Middle East war.
-No muslim nation really supports a separate palestinian state, they keep the lie going for propaganda purposes. They need the perpetual conflict to build anger and to help indoctrinate a new generation of hate filled brain dead minions. Gaza is just a distraction away from other goals

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4 Comments on “Hamas’ war against children”

  1. Where’s the public outrage over Farfur the Killer Rat or Nahoul the Killer Bee or, most recently, Assud the Killer Rabbit on Palestinian Television, eh? Nope. Not a single word from the idiots that are protesting against Israel. If they really cared about the children, they would be protesting crap like that!

  2. Ronin Says:

    They only want to save palestinian children.

  3. will the islamaphobe Says:

    Or they only want to ‘save’ palestinian children for allahs whore house in ‘paradise’….

  4. And idiots around the world will still call the Palestinians the victims and blame it all on Israel, Rat bastards.

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