Founder of Islamic American University Caught on Video Threatening Destruction of America

And, he is currently pursuing U.S. Citizenship…  Maybe we should all contact the Department of Homeland Security (since they are in charge of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) ) and forward the following information:

Top American Islamic Cleric Threatens U.S. on Egyptian TV

Pajamas Media – Patrick Poole

Islamic cleric Salah Sultan appeared on Egypt’s Al-Nas TV last week and delivered a warning of death and destruction for America. Not only did he attack the U.S. for its military support of Israel in its fight against the Hamas terrorist organization, but he vowed retaliation such that more Americans would be killed than those Palestinians (and, presumably, Hamas terrorists) killed in the present conflict in Gaza, emphasizing that this would take place “soon”:

America, which gave [Israel] everything it needed in these battles, will suffer economic stagnation, ruin, destruction, and crime, which will surpass what is happening in Gaza. One of these days, the U.S. will suffer more deaths than all those killed in this third Gaza holocaust. This will happen soon.

He also invoked a notorious Islamic hadith on the inevitable annihilation of the Jews by Muslims:

The stone, which is thrown at the Jews, hates these Jews, these Zionists, because Allah foretold, via His Prophet Muhammad, that Judgment Day will not come before the Jew and the Muslim fight. The Jew will hide behind stones and trees, and the stone and the tree will speak, saying: “Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.” The only exception will be the Gharqad tree.

This harangue would be nothing new on television in the Islamic world; in fact, it is commonplace. What is unique about Sultan’s threats against America is that he holds U.S. permanent residency status and, according to one federal law enforcement official, travels regularly on a U.S. passport. And as I have reported elsewhere, Sultan is pursuing U.S. citizenship (the status of his application is unknown due to federal privacy laws). Thus, Salah Sultan has lived quite comfortably for more than a decade under the protections of the very country he now threatens with death and destruction.

It should be noted that Salah Sultan is not some obscure figure in the American Islamic world. He serves as a member of the Fiqh Council of North America. Touted as the top Islamic governing body in the U.S., the Fiqh Council is an arm of the Islamic Society of North America. Sultan founded and served as president of the Islamic American University in Southfield, Michigan; he was the national director of tarbiyah (Islamic instruction) for the Muslim American Society; and he continues to operate the American Council for Islamic Research, based in my hometown of Hilliard, Ohio.

Sultan’s Al-Nas TV appearance last week was recorded and translated by the indispensable Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). Curiously, as soon as MEMRI published the video clips of Sultan’s harangue, references to Sultan’s membership with the Fiqh Council were scrubbed from its website. His name has been removed from its list of council members, even though he appeared there as recently as early last week. However, Sultan is still listed as a member on the Fiqh Council’s brochure posted online (no doubt that will be remedied as soon as they are informed of this report).

This is not the first time that Sultan has been the subject of a MEMRI report for his statements made and activities conducted outside of the U.S. In July 2007, MEMRI reported on a conference held in Doha, Qatar, in honor of Hamas spiritual leader Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, who has been banned from the U.S. since 1999 for his active support of Islamic terrorism. One of the conference’s keynote speakers was Hamas head Khaled Mash’al, a “specially designated global terrorist” by the U.S. government who praised the terror cleric for his fatwa endorsing Hamas suicide bombings against Israeli civilians. Sitting beside Mash’al and Qaradawi on the speaker’s dais was none other than Salah Sultan, who gave two separate addresses during the conference honoring his mentor, Qaradawi.

This appearance by Sultan with two terrorist leaders directly violates the much-ballyhooed 2005 anti-terrorism fatwa issued by the Fiqh Council and signed by Sultan himself prohibiting such contact. Sultan also spoke at a July 2006 pro-Hamas rally in Istanbul held by the extremist Saadet Party, which also featured an address by Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh — again, a glaring violation of the Fiqh Council’s terrorism fatwa.

But with several former Fiqh Council members in prison on terrorism-related charges (former council trustee Abdurahman Alamoudi, currently serving a 23-year prison sentence), deported for concealing their terrorism ties (Fawaz Damra), fingered in illegal terrorist fundraising (current member Muhammad Al-Hanooti), and named as unindicted co-conspirators in terrorism trials (former chairman Taha Jaber Al-Awani), it should be apparent that the group is not rigorous in the fatwa’s enforcement. The Investigative Project has published a dossier on the extensive roster of Fiqh Council members tied to the international Islamic terrorist network.

May 2006 saw Salah Sultan’s first starring role in a MEMRI report when he was recorded on Al-Risala TV saying the U.S. government was behind the 9/11 terror attacks, which he claimed were then used to declare war on Muslims worldwide, and also praising Osama bin Laden mentor and “specially designated global terrorist” Abd-al-Magid Al-Zindani (see the MEMRI video clip and transcript of Sultan’s Al-Risala interview). These comments were made just two weeks after the Columbus Dispatch published a lengthy defense of Sultan as a moderate and the Central Ohio Islamic school that he was religious director of at the time.

Sultan’s Middle East media appearances also caught the eye of the Los Angeles Times in July 2007. The paper cited him by name in an article by Borzou Daragahi on a group of Islamic clerics who “share the outlook of al-Qaeda” and who were “glorifying holy war” on Bahraini TV. Sultan was a regular guest on a program hosted by Muslim Brotherhood cleric Wagdi Ghoneim, who was expelled from the U.S. in December 2004 and banned from reentering for his ties to Islamic terrorism. As noted by Bahraini blogger and journalist Mahmoud Al-Yousif, their television program was shut down by the Bahraini government after extensive criticism by members of parliament and the media.

Considering Salah Sultan’s lengthy résumé of Islamic extremism and regular association with designated terrorist leaders — much of it captured on video — you might think that the Department of Homeland Security would take some action with respect to his permanent residency status (despite owning a home in Ohio, he spends most of his time in Bahrain, disqualifying him for permanent residency), if not ban him completely from the country. You would be wrong, however. In fact, Sultan spent most of December touring mosques in Central Ohio before jetting off to Egypt last weekend for his Al-Nas interview.

But now that Salah Sultan is publicly inciting violence against the U.S. and predicting the deaths of hundreds or even thousands of our citizens through foreign media outlets, on what basis can Homeland Security officials continue to ignore this very real and extensively documented terror threat, his connections to leading U.S. Islamic groups notwithstanding? That remains to be seen.

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40 Comments on “Founder of Islamic American University Caught on Video Threatening Destruction of America”

  1. Leatherneck Says:

    Salah Sultan, and the rest of the Muslim brotherhood are not here to be Americans. They should be rounded up, searched for weapons, terror contacts, and hate speech towards America.

    Then shot at dawn for Treason.


    • Diane3667 Says:

      Bravo! I am outraged at the Salah Sultan and all of the muslim brotherhood. I am outraged that they are even allowed to speak bad towards America. Why are they in America. WHy? Why does America feel they owe any respect to these bad people who only talk evil, lies and want Americans dead? I am so sad for the future of the American people. I was born in America raised in America and was proud of America. But the USA has to stop allowing this nation to be taken over by immigrants who come here to do bad and say bad. If you are allowed to live in america respect it. Stand by her. Protect her and do not allow any evil to speak about her. This was once a great nation. but now the muslims are destroying it. GOD BLESS AMERICA! God that is! Because this is still America

      • Isa Al'Mumin MuslimUmmah Says:

        Let’s see.

        1. America is destroying America. Muslims have been in America for centuries and until 9/11 did you even know where Iraq or Afghanistan were on a map? More than likely NOT. Search Pearl Harbor and 9/11 and you’ll see the truth about 9/11 and every other tactic used to stir simple minded people like yourself up into believing whatever the media tells you to believe.

        Now let’s see.

        2. How many wars has America been in??? LOTS! All of a sudden it’s the Muslims though who are causing all the problems in the world simply because they are defending their lands that are being invaded. Wake up already and seriously think before you attempt to write something that has no real substance to it.

        3. America has MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WHO ABSOLUTELY HATE THE GOVERNMENT but you choose to single out Muslims. LET ME TELL YOU WHY… READY… BECAUSE IT IS WHAT IS ON THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are ATHEISTS, ANARCHISTS, CHRISTIANS, JEWS, BUDDHISTS, you name it who spit out HATE MESSAGES about America EVERY DAY. Doesn’t mean it’s okay but where is your logic really???? You say now Muslims are destroying America. You’ve got some serious issues.

        4. People like you are destroying America. People like you who believe whatever the media tells you to believe. When they come for you, who will you call on??? But of course, why would they come for someone like you? Someone will just go along with whatever they tell you to. Doesn’t matter if they’re murdering your neighbor right in front of you because all they have to do is tell you your neighbor is bad or evil and without any mental reservation, you will believe it. Such a sheep.

        5. I was born and raised as an American just like you but don’t you ever tell me you’re ancestors weren’t immigrants just like mine and the majority of “Americans.” But point the fingers. That’s what simple minded people are good at. Never taking responsibility for their own actions or failure there of.

        6. All of you on here who are commenting on Islam based on CNN, Fox, or any other biased media can label yourself a modern day citizen of Nazi Germany. You all are direct reflections of those who lived and were manipulated EXACTLY THE SAME during one of the darkest eras of thinking.

        CONGRATULATIONS. History does repeat itself.

        • Ronin Says:

          I erased your other post and almost erased this one. 9/11 was the most researched attack in the history of humanity. If you believe that it was an inside job then you do not have the intellect to post here.

          You also claimed earlier to have left Christianity, a religion that teaches love, understanding and tolerance for an ideology designed by a murderous pedophile. One that has resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of muslims and non muslims. Not hundreds of years ago, islam continues to spread its evil. Islam is a cancer and anyone that can not see the proof is brainwashed to the point of being just another drone.

          Put simply so you can understand it, you are a fool and not worthy of our time.

  2. Muhamad Says:

    I don’t understand how the stupid world is not tired of all the lies this freaking Muslims keep telling and keep spreadin hate agains Israel and the US and not one is dong any thing to stop it,
    too many stupid peopl in this world Ignorant

  3. Doc Hubbard Says:

    Comment deleted because we do not allow genocidal remarks.
    – DB

  4. islams not for me Says:

    Why is this suprising? Theocratic muslims always love to claim “Allah will destroy the USA, Israel, Europe”.

    But in REALITY…

    If these jihadi / theocratic muslims really believed in God they would put down thier AK 47s and cemtex and wait for allah to ‘destroy’ the USA.

    But since allah is not really a God they try to has ‘his’ hands to destroy non muslim Governments, religions.

    Simply shows that thier ideals are a fake like the quran and its demonic god allah.

    • Appalled By The World Says:

      One really has to question what kind of god theirs really is. Their god is so powerful yet he has to have his followers do all his dirty work. Meanwhile his followers live in some of the worst and poorest areas in the world-what sort of god lets his followers live like that?
      And then their god apparently throws all sorts of quakes, tsunamis, floods and other disasters at them. The topper is their god promises them all sorts of earthly delights-shouldn’t his followers reach a higher plane than that after they die? Last but not least is the Koran-supposedly from their god’s mouth to Mo’s ear yet so poorly constructed and muddled not even the most pious follower can be absolutely certain of its contents (why else do we hear of “misunderstandings” all the time?)-surely a god would know people have limited intellects compared to his and therefore need things clearly and simply expressed. Yeah, Illah is quite the god, isn’t he?

      • Joanna Levin Says:

        You have good questions. What kind of a god would command its followers to kill others? What kind of a god would command his followers to lie, cheat and strike terror in the hearts of other people? I’ll tell you the real name of this god. His name is Satan. I used to think the Muslims are worshipping the same God as Christians until I began to research Islam and its beliefs. I found that many, many of the teachings were directly opposite. The more I studied, the more I came to realized how billions of Muslims have been decieved since the time of Mohammad. I began to see that Allah was none other than Satan.

  5. sean murrey Says:

    we should turn him in for his remarks and make sure he does not get in this country.

    • Joanna Levin Says:

      It isn’t that you ‘should’. It is that you MUST inform your Immigration Dept. Send them the links for the videos, too.

  6. Lover Of Life Says:

    It truly amazes me how people with hate filled hearts will use any means to express their hatred. Islam is nothing but a cult that allows for the glaring hatred of other people simply for living outside sharia law, and islam.

    Good men need to stand up and fight these bastards. I don’t want my kids subjected to the foul evilness that this religion, nor any other religion like this perpetuates.

  7. FreeWoman Says:

    Thank you for caring, there is so much to say but
    I will quote a born and raised muslim woman: Wafa Sultan, a voice of COURAGE, revealing the real face of Islam during Wilders’ lawsuit:

    “And the Qur’an is the Mein Kampf of a religion that seeks to eliminate others”. Ms. Sultan: To this I agree to some extent. The Qur’an is worse than Mein Kampf, because Mein Kampf is a political book, the Qur’an is a mix of politics and religion. In my opinion, it is easier to overcome a political ideology than a political ideology that is packaged as a religious ideology.”

  8. IslamMustDie Says:

    Perhaps it is time to resurrect the KKK with a new mission…instead of Jews, Catholics, and Blacks, they should target mustlims (men, women, and children). Turn bin laden’s fatwah around…”it is duty of all us infidels to kill muslims wherever they are found…”

    • tgusa Says:

      Perhaps we would except that we are not democrats here. Founder of islamic american university founder calls for destruction of America, cluetards call for the resurrection of the kkk, what a frigging surprise! We don’t want to become like muslims thats why we want them out of our country. Oh and BTW, kkk and Jews Catholics and blacks, modern myth. The kkk cared little about those groups, it was other whites that they feared, just like you I suppose. Take a look around Jews Catholics and blacks are no more a threat to the kkk than they ever were, on the other hand, whites still are. You are missing the point, we don’t want them around us, not as slaves not as neighbors but for you that means we are the new kkk, cluetard. And besides, it is muslims, not us, that have problems with Jews Catholics and blacks.

  9. mona Says:

    The Bible says that the evil one, satan, comes to steal, kill and destroy. This pretty well defines what moslems do.

  10. MountainHome Says:

    Good Lord!! Yes, contact HomeLand Security. I thought maybe we need to contact the State Department so he doesn’t get a visa, but this is the kind of man the State Department encourages to America….or so it seems.

    Thanks for the notice about this man. I will add that everyone needs to read a great book out about American citizens Finally standing up to our govt. of tyranny. It’s a great read for our destiny in history. So I recommend it cause it about each of us.

  11. Marauder Says:

    Mona, you’re exactly right; evil is as evil does. The more they try to convince us that Allah is the same God we worship, the less I believe it. Furthermore, every war we’ve ever fought, from Tripoli under Jefferson to Afghanistan has been nothing more than practice for the coming war against the “sons of Ham.”

  12. Liz Levesque Says:

    changing our government starts with changing our election outcomes. Janet Napalitano–who is Director of Homeland Security-was the Governor of Arizona–which is now held by Jan Brewer–but–while Napalitano was Governor she did NOTHING about the illegals coming into this country from the Mexican border. How did she rise so fast? She was “elected” by the people of Arizona as governor and if the American people don’t start paying attention to elections that start at city council members, then mayors, then senators, then governors, then directors of agencies and then president, we are going to continually be screwed with these liberal policy makers. Sultan is a product of democratic/liberal policies and directors. Vote all these bastards OUT November 2nd already! Get off your asses and get to the polls and vote them all OUT!

  13. islams not for me Says:

    Yup Liz am gonna vote out the fatcats ASAP!

  14. tgusa Says:

    The USA is not the only country where muslims have been allowed in and are now calling for its destruction. Pick a country, any country, any country where muslims are anywhere near other people the same crap starts up. coincidence? I don’t think so. The liberals had better realize the barbarity they are facing or eventually liberal living will look like an episode of survivor. Muslims on one side the rest of the world on the other and liberals in the no mans land in between.

  15. Lucian Says:

    Guess who just appointed two devout Muslims to Homeland security? Freak’n Oboma

    • Loretta Says:


  16. Lucian Says:

    To protect America check out Awesome

  17. Dick Field Says:

    It seems to me that President obama is empathetic to all things Muslim. It is time for Americans to oust him from office. Two more years of his subverting activities cannot be tolerated. War must be waged on Muslim expansion and Jihadists leaders in both the USA and Canada. Mosques must be banned. They are command and control centers for Jihadist indoctrination and political action. Prayers can be conducted elsewhere in private. All liberal ignoramus politicians who won’t acknowledge the evil of the fundamental beliefs being spread by Islam need to be ousted from office as quickly as possible. This is an undeclared religious war.

    • Loretta Says:

      Im thinking the Mosques are markers for thier destruction…yeah our so call ‘president”needs to be out…what is he thinking. he is under the influence of Islam poison!

      • Pathfinder Says:

        Well said Loretta!!!!

        • Connie Says:

          I agree! These Islamic schools teach hate.I’m very worried that this president we have doesn’t care about the average American anymore.Our Christian values are on the outside looking in as more moslems get more rights,we are sidelined.

          • America IS OUT OF CONTROL. I was born and raised as a “Christian” and have converted to Islam. Here is why:

            1. I read THE ENTIRE Qur’an.
            2. There’s more peace, love, wisdom, and absolute knowledge in the Qur’an than ANYWHERE else.
            3. Islam is about peace but it is also about justice.

            The comments and remarks first off made by this Sheikh were not the least threatening and I’ll explain why:

            EVEN AMERICANS know that all of these wars will make America’s economy stagnant and most like collapse. No surprise there. And what do you REALLY KNOW of Hamas besides what the news feeds you. I believe there are MAJOR TRANSGRESSIONS by both Israel and Hamas but you base your decisions about Hamas, Islam, and Muslims on what???

            America is turning into a modern day Nazi Germany who’s being fed lies and false ideals through mass propaganda in an effort to build hate towards groups of people who have contributed GREATLY AND POSITIVELY to our World History.

            There are GOOD AND BAD Muslims just as there are in every other type of group, society, or religious body. SHAME ON ALL HERE who have passed judgement on Islam or Muslims based on what the media has fed them.

            Muslims have hearts, minds, talents, families, and beliefs just as the rest of mankind. May your god protect you on that day when they come for you!

            And people here say that Muslims are always causing problems regardless of what country they’re in but how misguided are you. Muslims are making noise and FIGHTING BACK to the injustices brought to their countries.

            And don’t bring up 9/11 because that was just a reason for you to feel better about invading Iraq who had no ties to the event so what about all the innocent men, women and children who were bombed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan?

            It’s not a big deal right? Because they’re not Americans. What are Americans? Did your ancestors originate here? Point is it doesn’t matter where you’re from, PEOPLE ARE PEOPLE.

            I know FOR A FACT that Islam has made me a better man; more responsible, spending my time more wisely, learning more, loving more, and taking better care of myself and my family.

            It has also made me contemplate more on the state of the world and what is happening to us as a people in this time. How will future generations look back on us?

            MEET SOME MUSLIMS and I promise you they will be the best friends you could ever have. They will teach you about love, wisdom, knowledge, peace and justice.

            Think about the amount of taxes and interest has caused families to crumble with suicides and homicides. Islam forbids interest. Our debt issues would disappear.

            People ask why the Islamic countries are in such disarray. It is not because they’re Islamic. Quite the contrary. It is because foreign powers are trying to corrupt the governments and the people want foreign governments to stay out of their business. We have a history of implanting puppets and as soon as we’ve either used and abused them, or they rebel, we get rid of them.

            AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP. I am not ANTI-AMERICAN in the least bit but it’s no different than the old saying THE TRUTH HURTS. I LOVE THE IDEA that America stands for and even as a Muslim I would love nothing more than to live in a society where EVERYONE can practice their religion freely but when it leads to mass alienation, deception, and even threats or murder, there has to be an HONEST SYSTEM in place to uncover this deception.

            I PROMISE YOU THIS: Islam is not about deception. There are no secret societies in Islam and no secrets about Islam or Allah SWT. Anything which is kept in the dark is NEVER GOOD.

            Bottom line is Muslims in America have to start speaking out against this mass propaganda effort to destroy Islam. This Sheikh has made no threats and only speaks the obvious about how transgression leads to collapse. He didn’t call for any Muslims to act out against anyone. In fact, it is Muslims who can bring this and every other nation back to its feet if they can only unite and put an end to corruption and world wide injustice.

            I promise you that Muslims can be trusted MORE THAN ANYONE to do the right thing. They are the ones who pray 5 times a day IN PUBLIC (not in secret). Muslims are the ones who encourage peace, love, and justice and if you wonder why they always sound so angry when you turn on the news ask yourself exactly that. Why don’t they show you all the good they do around the world, when they are praying, or when they are teaching their lectures that are filled with ABSOLUTE WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE.

            It is only the footage of them outraged after having been bombed, slaughtered, and invaded. Then they show you the footage of them saying “Death to America” as if they just woke up one day and decided to march in such a way.

            There ARE MILLIONS of Muslims in America who love every other member of this world just for being human. In Islam we say love your Brothers in Faith just as you do your Brothers in Humanity.

            WAKE UP ALREADY before it’s too late. Even if they come for us Muslims, we have our Lord who knows best and gives us what we need. Who will you have?

            We do not post taqqya here pedophile worshiper. If you want to spread BS, start your own blog – Ronin

          • Isa Al'Mumin MuslimUmmah Says:

            Double posts are deleted.

          • Gonzo Says:

            Isa, the huge problem with your argument is that Islam is causing problems, and engaging in terrorist attacks, all over the world. The fact that you refuse to recognise that fact suggests that you are either blinded by bias or are purposely acting as an agent of jihad.

  18. Connie Says:

    I don’t believe these “colleges” “schools” are even accredited properly.Any school in our country must be looked into so as it does not profide hate speach to the students.I’m not a moslem so I don’t care to study islam but if somebody does,they should find some moderate school that recognizes Israel and the USA as good countries.

    • Isa Al'Mumin MuslimUmmah Says:

      Funny how my lengthy reply that would actually shed some light on this WHOLE SHADY BLOG got deleted. So much for every story having two sides you narrow minded individuals. Never will you understand the severity of your blind minds until the tables get turned and you are the ones being portrayed in an untruthful “light.” Your minds and hearts have been corrupted with lies, deception, filth, hate, and disgust.

      Shame on you all for being so weak you allow the media to think for you. Have any of you ever met a Muslim? They truly would be the best people to have around you. Of course you’ve already made up your mind though. Pretty much like Nazi Germany. But I’m sure you look back now and wonder how Jews could have been rounded up and exterminated back then. What makes any of you any different???? Ask yourself that!

      Suddenly Islam now is the culprit and destroying Islam is the solution to the world’s problems. Really? Did Islam start America’s revolutionary war, World War 1, WW 2, Korean War, Vietnam, OIF, OEF, ? ABSOLUTELY NOT. So what makes you think Islam started this middle eastern war? 9/11??? Please. 9/11 is just a modern day Pearl Harbor. Something that was used before, worked, so why not use it again. STRAIGHT OUT OF THE WORLD WAR PLAYBOOK. And you all ate it up just like they knew you would. SUCH WEAK MINDS. SHEEP. Absolute sheep. So I write here, a proud Muslim and a proud American (only because I have the freedom to write freely and defend the Islamic community against fear mongering and war mongering going on like in this blog). But I’m not proud of what America is becoming. Literally PLAYING CHECKERS IN THE MIDDLE EAST, while you sit back eating popcorn at your movie theaters without a care in the world because it isn’t your neighborhood getting bombed.

      I too attend movies, go to the park, spend time with my family, and enjoy life but don’t think for a second that I’m not aware of what is happening in the world. I often cringe just thinking about what may be happening at the very moment I drink my coke and eat my popcorn. HOWEVER, I also pray five times a day, read, study, learn, and research and I am preparing for the Day of Judgment. In the meantime I will defend True Goodness, Peace, and Justice until the end InshaAllah.

      May Allah have mercy on ALL OF US.

      In Islam we say:


  19. What moslems fail to understand is that when they go on moslem run media outside of the USA and speak foolishness like this they really destroy thier cause.

    The more moslem ‘talking heads’ that do this the easier it is for we ‘islamaphobes’ to laugh at thier stupidity and counter thier propaganda with data and facts.

    Since islam is a theocracy it will never be accepted as a governing body in the West and its religion will eventually be shown to be the farce it really is.

    To quote some slang…

    “EPIC FAIL” on Salah Sultan!!

  20. So let me get this straight ‘isa’.

    Its OK by you and other moslems to spew your Jew hate and Anti semitism against Israel and its people…

    But we lowly -non muslims- are the ‘real’ bigots, intolerant, racists for noticing your fellow moslem media-ites and thier commentary against America and its allies..

    Are you that silly or sarcastic that you cant figure out we can go buy a quran, download it online and read its content. The quran is nothing more than a document that outlines the death and destruction of all other non muslim religions and the death and destruction of the West.

    But hell your ok with that.

    The problem isnt with we non muslims. Its with you reverts and your ‘arab’ cousins who make absurd claims and to gloss over 1400 years of bloodshed.

    Meanwhile we arent the only ones on this lowly blog to figure out you are full of your own satanic sh**…

    Backgrounder: Muslim American Society,DB7611A2-02CD-43AF-8147-649E26813571,frameless.htm

  21. Drat I missed looking at your facebook page isa. Im sure I would have found out plenty more about you and taken note of the deceptions that brought you here.

    Lets use a numbering system to answer your comments.

    1 By claiming to be both American and moslem. You make the following mistakes. Islam is a Theocratic system that has destroyed the middle east by removing all other religons and governments and replacing them with only islam. Being American means to be under the Gov of the USA. You are either one or another.

    2 Your 9-11 rants dont mean much. It was planned and carried out by muslims. If you cant disprove it dont comment.

    3 Americas Government is only 200+ years old and had no meaningful relationship to muslims or islamic Theocracy. I have yet to hear how muslims came to this country and built a mosque and did thier dahwah to the American indians with success before 1776.

    4 Americas wars such as the Revolution, Civil war were for specific purposes. The Revolution was to break free of Britian. The civil was to force the South back under the US Gov. The later wars such as World war 1 and 2 were because of the German invasions.

    The next series of wars such as Korea, Vietnam were because our Gov was fighting communism.

    Now lets deal briefly with islams wars against America.

    Im sure you’ve heard of this. ‘Barbary corsairs’ they were islamic pirates. And through islamic expansion they caused much pain to Europe and America. But your ok with that.

    5 How many groups hate the American Gov? ALOT. While moslems are discussed in the article you are correct that many other groups have similar goals. Does that still justify the moslem clerics commentary? No it doesnt.

  22. For isa pt 2

    6 Americas systems are falling apart because no one group knows how to fix them. This is not merely issue of blame gaming but a realization that no one group can fix this mess we are in. I hav researched islam and its systmes would take too much away from what we have. Until I see how muslims take care of thier own poor, financial, social issues why the hell do I want a sharia run Theocracy here in the States?

    7 We commenters learned about islam NOT for American media but by READING the quran, hadiths, islamic blogs, islamic websites and more. We learned the lessons from those who previously lived under islamic Thoecracy and noted how it destroyed thier lives. Claiming to be American and then trying to sandblast us with your bluster doesnt mean jack sh** when islam cant even solve its own problems.

    To conclude.

    Your tactic of defending islam by ignoring the article means that you somehow choose to support such a fiend. Which makes you less of a American and more of a traitor. Maybe you should bother to research islams wars and criminaity before you make a fool of yourself agian.

  23. It cleanses the physique and makes the dieter really feel healthier.

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