Muslims encourage teenage gangs…

The brits still gloss over the rational used by the minions to commit violence and target innocents. Until they recognize the problem, they have no way to solve it. Almost all of these muslim gangs prey on the elderly, handicapped or very young. As I have pointed out muslims are notorious cowards and attack only when they believe the outcome is certain. I have friends living in london who report british police officers driving past these gangs and ignoring them, often even if they are vandalizing something or harassing someone. Maybe it is time for them to get additional cultural sensitivity training (sarcasm)

11 January 2009, the Guardian,
Some of London’s most notorious teenage criminal gangs are being targeted for recruitment by Islamist extremists, according to Special Branch officials.
-Nothing new in that statement we have reported on this pattern for years.

Poverty Driven Children, from Brixton, the Muslim Boys, from Camberwell, and the Money Crew, from Hackney, were three gangs identified at a Scotland Yard meeting last month. All were thought to have members who claimed to be radical converts. The fusion of two such corrosive cultures has increased fears that someone could follow the path of Richard Reid, the “shoe bomber” and former gang member who tried to blow up a plane.
-This type of short-sided thinking is way the brits are doomed. Poverty is not the reason muslims commit violence against infidels. Many cultures have survived almost crime free despite generations of poverty. In addition, there seems to be no difference between the percentages of wealthy and poor muslims who support criminal acts as long as they are committed against infidels and under the banner of the worlds most famous pedophile-mohammed. All practicing muslims support jihad in all its flavors.

A senior officer said the conversion of gang members begins in London prisons such as Brixton and Feltham Young Offenders’ Institution, where some Islamist radicals have been jailed. “Conditions ‘inside’ provide a captive audience. Once outside, the gang members return to their old stomping grounds and their old habits, but take the trappings of their new religion with them.
-If they really believed this crap they would be calling for a ban to practicing any religion in prison and outlaw religious literature like the book of death that we call the koran.

“They might describe themselves as Muslims, but they are anything but. They claim to despise western excesses, but still deal in drugs and indulge in violence,” he said. “The concern is that the youngsters around these gangs are impressionable and violent and would therefore be the perfect recruits for terrorists,” he added.
-Attempting to convince any muslim that they are acting against islam is pointless when senior clerics praise the same muslims for the same violent actions. No one inside the muslim community is identifying these youth and pointing them out to authorities. There are no muslim community watch members patrolling to protect infidels and no one has stepped up with a koran and attempted to show where the koran discourages criminal behavior against infidels.

Poverty Driven Children, or PDC, which began as a teenage gang on the Angell estate in Brixton in the 1980s, grew to control much of the crack dealing in south London. Some senior gang members – including Jaja Soze, a record producer who is a Muslim convert – have renounced violence and criminal activity. However, there is still a core of more than 100 involved in drug dealing and violent crime.
-Those numbers are ridiculously low, the crime rate alone makes it impossible for only a few hundred core members to have committed or even to have just organized the crime wave.

The Muslim Boys, reported in 2005 to have several hundred members aged nine to 25, have since been reduced to a few dozen because so many have been arrested and imprisoned. The gang was said to have been responsible for more than a dozen murders. Two years ago, jailed gang members were accused in an internal memo at the high-security Belmarsh prison of forcing fellow prisoners to convert to Islam.
-And did they ban the practice of islam inside prisons? No of course not, so they are all guilty of passive support and passive support is still support.

The Money Crew, also known as Innit 4 Da Money and Love of Money, is an increasingly influential gang in north-east London that has been blamed for a spate of street robberies. In 2008, one member was convicted of murder and two others of conspiracy to rob in connection with a drug-related murder and robbery in Watford.

Reid, 35, joined the FRF Crew in Brixton as a youth and converted to Islam after being sent to Feltham for a series of petty crimes. He was jailed for life in 2003 in the United States for attempting to set light to explosives hidden in his shoe on an American Airlines flight.
-Which BTW is not the action of a street gang; it is islam that is the problem. No other “street gang” has ever randomly attacked aircraft.

One south London murder detective, who specialises in gang warfare, said he was aware of extremists attaching themselves to established black gangs. “There have been some concerns with gangs in south London such as the Muslim Boys,” he said. He added that extremism typically manifested itself in “posturing” rather than the dedicated lifestyles of radicals. “Gang life tends to be too disorganised for extremists.”
-Spoken like a true dhimmi or he is afraid to speak the truth, islam encourages attacks against the weak and helpless, it always has and always will.

An academic who has studied Britain’s teenage gangs said police concerns may be overblown. Professor John Pitts, author of The Reluctant Gangsters, which deconstructs British gang culture, said some gang members are posing as Islamists to gain street credibility and trade on false perceptions about links to terrorists. “There is no great organisation for extremist organisations to cling to. These gangs are loose affiliations, revolving around casual violence, drugs, rap music and the abuse of women. While there is no doubt that radical Islam has attracted some of those on the fringes of gangs, I would be surprised if there was any kind of wholesale conversion,” he said.
-What a moron, someone send that idiot a koran and pull the tinfoil off of his head.

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One Comment on “Muslims encourage teenage gangs…”

  1. will the islamaphobe Says:

    Reminds me of a story of ‘paki boys’ a gang of kids SUPPOSEDLY muslim in Maine (?)

    but more importantly…

    Islam is so weak that thier kids are resorting to gang life.

    How pathetic!

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