Osama bin Laden Declares Jihad on Israel

What?  I thought he had already declared a Jihad on Israel.  I guess he’s getting senile in his old age…

BTW – As I post this, I’m getting word that Hamas is agreeing to an unconditional surrender…  I’ll check into it.

UPDATE:  It was NOT an unconditional surrender, it was a proposal for a ceasefire, i.e.- a ruse to re-arm and regroup.

– Doc

P.S. – Since I’m sick and tired of listening to Osama bin Moron, the blatherskite, I thought I’d entertain you with eye-candy photos of his niece, Wafah bin Laden:


Osama Bin Laden Calls For Jihad On Israel Over Gaza Attacks

wafah-dufour-photo(RTTNews) –  In a new audio message posted in an Islamic website on Wednesday, al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden declared “Jihad” on Israel over its ongoing offensive on the Gaza Strip and invited Muslims from all over the world to participate in the holy war against the Jewish state.

“Muslim nation, you are capable of defeating the Zionist entity with your popular capabilities and your great hidden strength — without the support of Arab leaders, most of who stand in the barracks of the Crusader-Zionist alliance,” he said.

In his 22-minute long audio message, the al-Qaeda leader also said that that the ongoing global financial crisis reflected the declining U.S. influence in world affairs.

wafah-bin-laden-gqThe message was posted in a radical Islamic website that has posted other messages from Bin Laden in the past. Though the authenticity of the audio message could not be confirmed, it sounded similar to past messages credited to Bin Laden.

Meanwhile, the White House said in a statement that Laden’s message shows his “isolation,” adding that it comes at a time when his ideology and mission are being questioned around the globe.

Bin Laden has been in hiding ever since the U.S. led coalition force invaded Afghanistan in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. He believed to be in the lawless region of northwestern Pakistan and his capture still remains one of the top priorities of the U.S. government.

by RTT Staff Writer


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70 Comments on “Osama bin Laden Declares Jihad on Israel”

  1. Mullah Lodabullah Says:

    I hope it is an unconditional surrender, and not a “cease fire” with strings
    attached for Israel. But I read it first here – thanks, Dr B 🙂

  2. Mullah,

    Unfortunately, my source misspoke. FOX News had flashed a ticker headline that said Hamas had agreed to an “Unconditional Ceasefire.” My “source” telephoned me and relayed it as an “Unconditional Surrender.”

    Obviously, it’s NOT a surrender, but an attempt by Hamas to broker a timeout to reload and re-arm via a ceasefire proposal.

    I’m sure the “unconditional” part means that Israel can’t set any conditions on it…

    Sorry about that.


  3. Bob Says:

    love the feathered burkha, where can I get one for my wife?
    I personally believe that if more muzzie women looked like that and dressed like that, the muzzie men would have less interest in blowing people and stuff up, and tell the clerics to STFU!

    • The Intellectual - period Says:

      First off, you’re name is an oxy moron- its a paradox, therefore you are not allowed to say anything about our President. Second off, what do you know anyway? You’re not sitting in the white house, you did graduate from Harvard- PUT A SOCK IN IT

  4. Bb Says:

    Is Barack Obama really not going to hang OSAMA BIN LADEN? That makes me believe this rumor email I read. That Barack Hussein Obama was or IS a Muslim!!! I never wanted Obama to win. Why doesn’t he want to hang Bin Laden? I would SO kill him or hang him for what he has done. Obama if you don’t want me to believe those things people are saying about you being a muslim. THAN KILL OSAMA WHEN WE CATCH HIM!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey did you ever think that MAYBE Osama Bin Laden is already dead? Maybe he died of old age. Or maybe he died of a sickness.
    But I don’t know. It’s just that no one has found him for like EIGHT YEARS!!!!!

    • jkjkjkkkkk Says:

      if you are so unhappy about Obama in regards to bin laden, you should look up stuff about the BUSH family and bin laden! on 9/11/01 G.Bush Sr. was attending the annual meeting of the Carlyle group, also in attendance was Osama bin Laden’s brother. The US govt. started funding bin laden and the taliban in 1980…..the taliban recieved millions of $ from the us for destroying the opium crop in afghanistan, not long before 9/11/01 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THERE IS LOTS MORE.

  5. mahirane Says:

    Osama is not an animal but is a man and was raised by the US peaple .so Obama doesnot have to hang him because is a negociator

    • Leatherneck Says:

      Allah is a false moon god, and Mohamed liked little boys, and girls. It’s all in the Koran.


      • peaceonearth Says:

        thats disgusting behaviour. how can you say that? the quran is a holy book and it shouold be valued and respected. no wonder the world is the way it is…i know… because of people like you.


        • Ronin Says:

          The only thing that makes the koran a holy book is the word of a murderer and pedophile. Piss on the koran and mohammeds memory; I tend to think he was both a fool and a liar. I mean that with the utmost respect.

      • I-respect-those-who-foloow-peace- Says:

        No its not, Im sick and tired of seeing people like you ridicule my religion. When judgement day comes no one would have mercy on you because you ignorant and foolish. Do you what im not even angry at you I pitty you, coz right now you might be on top pf the world but let me tell you sooner or later youll find out the truth and lets see who you will ridicule then. If you think that Islma is still a myth well then your just blind, but I can convince you go to You tube and write ‘Allah’s mIRACLES’.

        • Ronin Says:

          Placing multiple posts under different names to agree with yourself is just sad and it automatically gets at least one post modified and you banned.. If you seriously dislike our low opinion of islam then stop wasting my time and start a revolution to change islam. Bring it out of its seventh century prison and help your people, otherwise, you are part of the problem. When we see muslims acting like adults trust me, we will notice the change.

        • izlams not for me Says:

          ah yes dhimmitube

          And islams fake miracles…

          Have allah raise the dead, cure cancer or cure AIDS and people MIGHT listen…

        • Leatherneck Says:

          STFU, and die moon god worshiper.

        • Anonymous Says:

          “If you think that Islma is still a myth well then your just blind”
          OMG you people seriously do make me laugh.
          IM the blind one am I??
          Or prehaps you are just to wrapped up in your happy little belief that you will be rewarded for all the ‘good’ you do hmmmm.
          well all people do ‘bad’ tings anyway.
          I just think that prehaps you are just afraid to face what i see as the truth that there simply is no God. Or if there is then it is no God i would worship as my life is a downward spiral and so why would a worship a child with a magnifying glass that is burning me alive??

          • Ronin Says:

            Pick one sign on name.

            Multiple posts under different names make it impossible to know which comments you are responding to.

          • izlams not for me Says:

            And your form of atheism does what for society kiddo?

          • Anonymous Says:

            Its not that im an atheist. I would object to being labed as one as an atheist is dead set against belief in God.
            For me i just dont care if God exists or not. my attitude remains the same

          • Anonymous Says:

            And as for what it does for society, from my point of view nothing matters anyway so ultimately it doesnt matter what it does for society.
            Why does it matter what influence ive had once im dead?
            From a reletive point of view of what is best for society, I would say that religious view do not matter.
            Everyone is a cog and should be fitted into society though education.
            If you want an efficient society then people should be cogs in a machine and not stress opinions of there own.
            I am open to accept either of the extreams. Either freedom of speech and nothing matters as everyone can say anything, or we are not individuals but meerly parts in the machine of society.
            Anything inbetween is, reletivly, completely illogical.

    • mahirane,

      From Kenya, eh?

      You wouldn’t happen to know anything about this, would you?:


      • CavMom Says:

        on who’s watch?

      • peaceonearth Says:

        just because she is from kenya? your disgusting too.

        we are all humans and should love one another because of not what we are but who we are. 😦

        why does everybody blame muslims for tradgedies? why do you class a majority from a minority?

  6. izlams not for me Says:

    Osama was trained by the CIA to fight the russians. And he turned on us.

    Obama was born to an American mom but whether he is for us is debateable…

  7. izlams not for me Says:

    peace on earth

    Have you read the end of the quran?

    They hardly “Respect” or “Value” non muslims in muslim countries. So your silly propiganda doesnt work here.

    • peaceonearth Says:

      excuse me but i hve read the end of the quran. and it states that non muslims should be treated with the kindest respect as long as they respect the laws of the islamic country, you dont have to become a muslim just respect their beliefs. go dig a hole and bury yourself in it.

      • Ronin Says:

        Respect their law? Do you really believe that? Send one your 6 year old daughter then, you freak. How about your son as long as he is still a child you can rent him out. Don’t like your wife, trade her too. yepper you are going to get a ton of respect. Islamic law doesn’t sound like so much fun when you are yours are the victim does it sicko? I guess you probably think you can pick out only a few of their laws to respect but not so, give an inch lose a child. How about let them suffer in their own country and when in western lands they respect our laws and violate no one-how about that?

  8. izlams not for me Says:

    Im supposed… according to you to ‘respect’ thier beliefs.

    And yet mujahedeen islam kills non muslims and muslims alike.

    And while online muslims trash on Christians, Jews & Atheists but hey its ok have ‘repect’ for loathsome knuckle draggers.

    And by the way Surah 98:1-8 called the clear evidence clearly calls every Christian, Jew & Atheist the worst of creatures. For disbeleving in muhammads imaginary god and his borrowing of other religinos during his lifetime.

    Surahs 99-114 are basically kissing allah the idols butt.

    As for ‘respecting’ islamic laws…

    You mean like this…


    Yes how lovely other Faiths visiting or working in Arabia cant even hold thier own religious books or symbols but must leave them at home or have them taken away as the enter that country.

    Wow peace such lovely ‘tolerance’ from sharia law followers.

  9. yh-well-up-yours-too Says:

    muslims make me sick, islam, is filled with self centered obnoxious beasts, they do not even deserve the title human.

    • tanya katoon Says:

      stop classing a minority as a majority. i cant believe in this developing world, people like YOU still exist.

      • izlams not for me Says:

        And we can’t understand how interfaithers like you proclaim Christ and yet have ‘coexsist’ on your blog as if Islam as a system allows other faiths to live in Islamic Countries in peace.

        Since you mentioned Baihai in your blog check out Islams ‘interfaith dialog’ in Egypt how they classify that religion.

        • tanya katoon Says:

          for gods sake all you have to do is keep your disgusting discrimminationg views to yourself because right now you all are upsetting me.

          😦 😥 😦



          • izlams not for me Says:

            The system of islam Tanya is not about peace but about taking out the ‘kaafir’.

          • doesnt matter Says:

            i find it amusing how one can be so violent towards another over a mere stressing of opinion.
            Is it not slightly hypocritical of you to be preaching how God loves us all in such an agressive manner.
            And as for the whole “God loves us all” point I could write a prolongued argument here and now but i will ask you first start things off with the simple yet magnificent argument and “the problem of evil”.

  10. sara adm Says:

    peace be upon you every one,

    one thing i know: what you are doing now disrespecting god and his prophet? it happened before and the men who did it fill on there knees and cried out load: we wish we were never born when they saw allah the almighty my lord….
    i can only bitty you people, and just so you know muslims are not e same as islam!
    islam is a huge treasure of kindness to man kind, when muslims: are helpless men who follow the words of god… they might do it right and they might miss but that does not mean that god is bad or islam is bad!
    bad people do bad things and bring sham upon them selfs and bad muslims do bad things and bring sham to their believes!

    osama is a black box that only god can see through so wait and we shall all see… america failed to catch a man! one man! do you think it can destroy a blessed ever lasting religion!?

    boy go play outside you are losing!!!!!!!!!

    • izlams not for me Says:

      Really Sara?

      Hussien didnt escapre and died.

      Osama is next…

      Allah is not God but a idol.

      As long as muslims use jihad for thier bad behaviour it is a black mark upon the soul of islam.

      Islam was made by muhammad copied from other religions the quran tells us so.

      The real loosers are those in the mujahedeen who kill thier own fellow muslims because of allah.

      You say Im loosing sara but none of my family are converts to islam and will never do so. Thats because I have read from islamic sources and I saw the greater truth. Islam is like Mormons (LDS), Jehovahs Witnesses and other man made religions. It will fade away and perish.

    • Leatherneck Says:

      allah is a false moon god, and Mohamed enjoyed murder, and rape.

      Islam is a false religion from Lucifer/Satan.


      • Tanya khatoon Says:

        yur so rude. you dont know aything. so stop making things up and inflicting this rude behaviour on others.

    • Tanya khatoon Says:

      i agree with you sara. its so unbelieveable people can say such bad things about their fellow humans. If people have discrimminating views they should just keep it to themselves

      • Ronin Says:


        If islam is the fastest growing religion and the only mainstream ideology that encourages, rape, incest, slavery and murder than we have a moral obligation to speak out. Muslims are always quick to discuss what they see as the positives of islam while ignoring the pain and suffering of their own. Only through exposure will change be brought, islam needs to escape the seventh century and join the rest of the human race. Those struggling for freedom in iran are risking their lives to give their children a future free of the whims of old clerics with backward ass beliefs. You can help them by speaking out and demanding change or you can keep your rose colored glasses on and through your inaction you can help doom them all.

        • tanya Says:

          just because some muslims take things to the extreme and live by 7th cenury rules, doesnt mean every muslim is like that. there is a countless number of muslims that do such good for the world and just because some act out and believe in hating “kaafirs” doesnt mean every muslim thinks this. there are so many muslims marying christians, hindus, jews and more. the world is changing and so are the people. but everyone to see what we want them to see can we?

          • Mullah Lodabullah Says:

            “Allah” and his false prophet had this to say on muslims taking Christians and Jews as friends (which may include marriage freely entered into):

            “Believers (in allah) take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends” (Sura 5:51)

            Fairly clear, isn’t it.

          • Yeah, and not every German was a Nazi during WWII…

  11. tanya katoon Says:

    i dont know where you get your quotes from mullah lodabullah but i knowin the quran it says to respect everyone and that includes other races such as jews and christians because after all god made everyone.

    times have changed. mybe in the 7th century people would not marry the oppsite religions but now there are millions who do. A PRIME EXAMPLE….ME:

    i am from ireland and am a chrisitan but my husband is from lebanon and is muslim. we get along fine and love each other. and there are many more people around the world who are the same.

    Doctor bulldog:

    what do you mean by not every german was a Nazi? :S

    • Mullah Lodabullah Says:

      Where in the koran does it say to respect everyone?
      do you just make it up on the fly? My quotes are from the Penguin Classics edition, translated with notes by N J Dawood.

      God made everyone and everything, but “allah” is not God, has no son, and cannot save sinners. If you are a Christian, you would know that redemption is found only in Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten son, who died on the cross and was resurrected.

      The koran says, concerning Jesus Christ, “They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him, but they thought they did” (Sura 4:157).

      Further, according to the false prophet Mohammed, reciting on behalf of “allah”: “allah is but one god. allah forbid that he should have a son!”
      (Sura 4:171)

      These are enough blasphemies against Jesus Christ to ensure that islam is satanic in origin, and opposed to God’s plan of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

      • tanya Says:

        try and see things from my point of view please. Jesus christ is actually a significantly important figure in islam. he is “Prophet IIsa” and is very important and valued. no where in the quran does it say anything against christ.

        im sorry if im upsetting you but please consider my view. if you want me to stop posting comments i will. its fine…

        • “no where in the quran does it say anything against christ. “

          Actually, it does. Jesus Christ said:

          “…Why then do you accuse me of blasphemy because I said, ‘I am God’s Son‘?” (John 10:36 NIV)

          Someone said that Muhammad said that Gabriel said that God said:

          “The Jews call ‘Uzair a son of God, and the Christians call Christ the son of God. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah’s curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!” (Qu’ran 9:30)

          So, Jesus Christ Himself said that He was the Son of God; Yet, according to the Qur’an, Allah’s curse is upon those who claim the Christ is the Son of God. Therefore, the Qur’an is cursing Jesus.

        • Mullah Lodabullah Says:

          tanya, the false prophet says that “allah” does not beget (have a child);
          there is no “Father / Son relationship” between “allah” and “prophet iisa”…

          However, it is antichrist to deny that Jesus is the Christ, and the Son of God, as in 1 John 2:22 & 23:

          “Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist–he denies the Father and the Son.

          No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.”

          I can see that from your point view Jesus Christ is downgraded from Son of God to prophet; and while He certainly prophesied, including against false prophets like mohammed who would arise and deceive many, it is His divinity and sonship with God, His sinless perfection, and His sacrificial death on the cross in our place that gains salvation for us lost sinners.

          Muslims reject this sacrifice at their peril. Mo is an inposter; his followers are deceived and doomed, unless they change their minds about Jesus Christ and accept His free gift of salvation and eternal life.

          No need for anyone to “revert” to islam in order to go to hell; all they need to do is … nothing. It is the default choice.

  12. izlams not for me Says:

    When Tonya first got here and listed this blog:


    And yet continues making contradicting statements between it and herself Im wondering why she is bothering to stick around?

    After all she isn’t winning with her arguments she is merely stating her opinion without providing facts on her position.

  13. doesnt matter,

    “And as for the whole “God loves us all” point I could write a prolongued argument here and now but i will ask you first start things off with the simple yet magnificent argument and “the problem of evil”.”

    Let me help you get started:

    God both loves and hates. Here is some hate for you:

    1. (Psalm 5:5) – “The boastful shall not stand before Thine eyes; Thou dost hate all who do iniquity.”

    2. (Psalm 11:5) – “The Lord tests the righteous and the wicked, And the one who loves violence His soul hates.”

    3. (Proverbs 6:16-19) – “There are six things which the Lord hates, yes, seven which are an abomination to Him: 17Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, 18A heart that devises wicked plans, feet that run rapidly to evil, 19A false witness who utters lies, and one who spreads strife among brothers.”

    4. (Hosea 9:15) – “All their evil is at Gilgal; indeed, I came to hate them there! Because of the wickedness of their deeds I will drive them out of My house! I will love them no more; All their princes are rebels.”

    So, although God’s nature is love (1 John 4:8), He is also righteous (Psalm 7:9) and holy (Isaiah 6:3).

    That which is not righteous and holy, God hates.


  14. Jihad Says:


    Just kidding as a gay muslim i know my brothers are intolerant assholes. I wish I could live in America and not worry that I will be arrested raped and hung.

  15. jihad

    Death to the flawed islamic system!

    So far islam is weak and shall remain so till the end.

    If we Americans are so afraid of bin shithead and his sodomite force known as the taliban why is it so many are dead in its ranks and its leaders hid in the mountains scared of the US Military.

    It seems to me that your precious Bin Laden the overly gay trogltite is inferior, chickenshit to die for his satanic god allah and thier gay fiends.

  16. Burak Says:

    Osama Bin Laden Sucks

  17. fighter Says:

    mos oq rye obama shikara shy osa , wrough .
    heg dugh no cuick noschiki bula ki onada ,noke tro dies crountry huck sho es uh muslime shike bouse anah seakah quorhi.
    dikada shieko modereka shila he ko kiola .
    from :fighter
    yes I am american
    shoot usama bin laden the prince.

  18. Jimm Says:

    k you guys honestly gotta stop all the disses bout Islam.

    The stuff u guys are reading about “allah being against other races and religions” is all made up, writen, and published by people like you who dislike Islam. And same thing about the whole “Muhammad is a pervert that used to rape kids” or watever is NOT tru… Infact, as a Muslim we have to believe n Jesus(Christianity), Moses(Judaism) and ofcourse Muhammed(Islam) because it is said that if we dont believe n all of them, we are not tru Muslims. And the same way all the prophets have a story that made the religion (ex. like wen Jesus was crucified {which we believe n}), so does Muhammad. so the same way we respect all other religions, im asking you to respect Islam even if u have a different point of view, please post it with respect and i will clarify it for you, because obviously wat ur hearing/reading is completely wrong.

    • islams not for me Says:


      Islam makes alot of claims. Like what you are saying of believeing in Moses, Jesus and various other prophets. The problem is that islam only believes in itself. After all you are taught that the ‘people of the book’ CHANGED thier SCriptures but in reality the quran simply changed the messages not the other way around.

      The hadiths clearly show from aishas point of view that muhammad took her as his wife. Therefore he had sex with her while still a child. Therefore the charge of pedphila.

      Respecting anothers religion is done when you know they respect yours. Islam does not respect other religinos or the rights of other religious people. Take a look at islams own websites and come try to tell me they respect others.

  19. islams not for me Says:


    Yes we already know that the mujahedeen were financed in the 1980s to get rid of the soviets.

    Yet Bin Bonehead had his own cash to finance the 9-11 attack.

    As for your ideas that muslims were not behind the 9-11 attack and others go elsewhere we will simply laugh at you.

  20. Well, I believe is ALWAYS Ramadán or ETERNAL Khum Mela.
    Anyhow, new Yihad NOW Israel, to Be.
    Mohammed Belabbes.

  21. islams not for me Says:

    poetry Cristina? How unislamic :-O

  22. Third Eye Says:

    She would have made a much more charismatic leader…

    Particularly when inciting her men to make love and not war *_*!

  23. King_Kong_Cock Says:

    I completely agree with Ronin, the foundations of Islam are out dated and barbarack. Start treating each other (especially women) and other cultures, religions with repsect and it will be reciprocated.

    How come all other cultures and societies have to repsect your laws etc, yet when living, visiting a non islamic country, Muslims expect preferential treatment, anything that upsets Muslims has to be banned, back in 2008, they had the ordasity to complain about Holocaust day!

    Whenever I visit another country for whatever reason, I repsect the laws and customs, why can’t all Muslims visiting the UK etc do the same? What makes you so dam special? Sweet FA that’s what! Dont like it, then leave!

    Here endeth the rant!


    • islams not for me Says:

      Because KKC muslims perfer sharia laws over Western laws. And yet thier own laws keep them poor, uneducated and generally miserable.

  24. Tom Nolan Says:

    I think that Bin Laden’s niece is one pretty babe . She needs to be in Playboy Magazine . It is a pity that she is related to the sick dog Osama Bin Laden .

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