Bush’s Wiretapping and E-Mail Intercepts Ruled LEGAL

Gee, it seems that now Bush is on the way out, the courts are falling all over themselves to correct the record.  Obviously, they are trying to unshackle the government and pave the way for the Obamessiah:

Intelligence Court: Illegal Wiretapping Legal
January 15th, 2009 By: Michael van der Galien – PoliGazette

A federal intelligence court is expected to disclose a ruling Thursday saying that the program implemented by the Bush administration to wiretap international phone calls and intercept e-mail messages without a court order, even when Americans’ private communications may be involved, is legal.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review has only disclosed two other rulings in history. The far majority of the court’s decisions, then, are secret.

If the report at the New York Times about the matter is correct, ruling about the wiretapping program, which was made in December 2008, will give a major boost to the Bush administration while its most aggressive critics will be delivered a massive blow. Bush et al. were criticized for years; most liberals assumed the program to be illegal. It now seems that the only court that reviewed the matter disagrees.

And so the debate among historians will kick off; perhaps Bush will be justified nonetheless, or at least seen in less bad light than his most passionate critics thought and hoped for years. History may not judge Bush as kindly as he hopes, but it may not be as unkind to him as liberals hope either. At least when this particular subject is concerned, Bush and Congress did not overreach.

The war on terrorism in the tools used to fight it will be up to debate for years to come. This particular program, however, may very well be used by the U.S. government for years to come; if the program is legal, and the court says it is, there is no reason to abolish it, especially not if it helped protect Americans and saved American lives. History may yet vindicate Bush, at least partially. And if history doesn’t, perhaps courts will.

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9 Comments on “Bush’s Wiretapping and E-Mail Intercepts Ruled LEGAL”

  1. memaw Says:

    Well it’s about time they agree that intercepting e mails and wiretapping the terrorist, the terrorist cells, sympathizers, etc etc is legal. Bush has no reason to regret any of this!!!

    Doc I don’t show up on your web page when I go to the comments. Could it had been wiped out when I was messing around with Mozilla to try to get my Wal Mart photos back in the group room??????? Can you get my little picture back too that represents you as a baby and me?

    By the way, I have some copies of Christmas pix to give to you of you, Mrs. Doc, and your little Princess (monkey that she can be) along with the family. When the below 0 degree weather lifts, come on over to get them to add to your collection.
    Love, Memaw

  2. MeMaw,


    BTW – Yes, wiping out the cookies in Mozilla deleted your personal settings for the comments section.

    I changed your email address from msn.com to live.com and the “little picture” returned.

    So, change that on your personal info screen that appears when you get set to post a comment here.


  3. memaw Says:

    Just checking to see if it works…. 🙂

  4. az_conservative Says:

    In a way, this isn’t a good thing. It is too likely to be abused now. Who do you suppose Eric Holder will use this to spy on? Terrorists? They believe patriotic right-wing pro-2A Americans are terrorists. This ruling may bite US.

  5. Of course they’re legal, because they’re not really “Bush’s Wiretapping and E-Mail Intercepts “. They’re “Washington’s Wiretapping and E-Mail Intercepts.”

    And the Dear Leader now needs to keep track of your communications!

  6. az_conservative Says:

    Excellent point. There’s more rats in DC than just the President. And there is a HUGE double-standard.

    It was a good tool used to demonize Bush, but they never intended to let go of that power. Typical DC rats, use the Constitution when it’s convenient and have a judge modify/nullify it by judicial diktat when it isn’t.

  7. Akira Says:

    When Barack reads my emails, will he discover who his kids’ real father is?

    [I know. It’s terrible. Shame. In my defense, her face was buried in the pillow both times. She’s not so bad from behind.]

    [Forgive me…]

  8. shaun Says:

    Why are you against us gays? I think muslim men are cute.

  9. Akira Says:

    Shaun, could you possibly elucidate upon your contribution?

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